Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 16

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Monster Extermination  

“Oh, so the Dungeon Boss also revives huh.”

“Yup…But Halt-sama’s attacks, no-no. They-not revive.”

We were  currently asking this white-haired girl why she surrendered. This girl was  the Dungeon Master here, apparently.

Hakua looked like a little girl, but the  mana within her was overwhelmingly huge. Her being a dragon was  also probably true.

She rarely had the opportunity to speak in the human language, so her way of speaking was  quite awkward.

The reason they surrendered was because Hakua and the ogre boss of this floor witnessed how my knights annihilated the monsters in the eighth floor, and they were scared out of their wits.

Dungeon bosses revive infinitely, as long as they have the desire to live. However, when they  saw the destruction of all the eighth floor monsters, they  were  so terrified that they almost lost their  will to live.

By the way, the bosses from the first to the seventh floor managed to revive, because they were killed before they felt fear from my attacks — they didn’t even know what happened to them.

“I know you surrendered, but does that mean we can’t slay the monsters anymore? I wanted to raise the level of my friends, though…”

“If not floor boss then-ich…okay.”

The bosses of the floors were monsters taken in from the outside world, so they have a telepathic link with Hakua. That’s why she wanted us to stop because they were pitiful.

On the other hand, all the monsters aside from the boss were spontaneously generated, so it was okay even if we defeated them.

I was relieved when Hakua told me that. Especially since I wanted to hunt and exterminate all the monsters from the ninth floor up for the sake of Luna and Ryuka’s leveling. 

“Hakua, I wanted to request something… is it okay?’

“ What-ich it?”

“Can you open the door of the ninth floor boss for us? And I wanted my knights to freely roam the floors, too.”


And so, Hakua conjured a translucent board that looked like a status board, then she worked on it. 

After a while —

“Done, ninth floor boss already escaped from the boss room. Door already open. Magic can move between floors when touch-teleporch stone.”

That meant we could  now go through the ninth boss’ room. The knights could  also go to the 10th floor ahead of us.

“Thanks. Alright…Go!”

I commanded the ice and wind knights. They rushed away as soon as they received my order.

The teleportation stone was located at the furthermost corner of the boss room of the eight floor. The knights crowded over there, and one by one they disappeared as they touched the stone. They probably teleported to the ninth floor.

 I thought of the possibility that Hakua might be deceiving us in order to eliminate part of our power, so I checked the location of the knights.

….They seemed okay.

 They properly reached the ninth floor.

Besides, when Hakua showed herself to us earlier, she was really trembling, and she looked like she was  totally scared. She probably wouldn’t  use underhanded means.

A few seconds passed by after the knights vanished —

Just like that time on the eighth floor, Luna and Ryuka’s bodies started to glow with a whitish blue light.  Their levels were rising up.

As I thought, the monsters in the ninth floor were  more powerful than the ones here at the eighth floor, so Luna and Ryuka only glowed for a short time.

“Can’t believe ninth floor monsters defeated so fast.”

Hakua mumbled as she stared at the translucent board.

That board was used to manage this dungeon, and she could  check the information about the people who were  fighting against the monsters.

When she raised the white flag earlier, she had already grasped our  abilities, since Hakua already knew my name. 

She also knew our level, but Hakua never mentioned that I’m still at Level 1.

I haven’t told Luke and Ryuushin yet about my Level 1 status, so I was  grateful.

The minutes ticked by —

It seemed like the monster annihilation was already over.

Luna and Ryuka’s bodies also stopped flickering.

As expected, the monsters on the  ninth floor really were  strong, they even managed to KO a few of my knights, leaving around 80 who could  still fight.

“What’s your  level now, you two?”

“I-I’m ninety-two.”

“Mine is Level 95!”

Great, both of them already got past Level 90.

“No way… they passed me.”

Leaffa looked a bit sad.

That was  only natural. She had been efficiently working on raising her level in the dungeons guarded by the royal family, and she had been doing it with her own effort.

Well, no need to fret.

My target was  for my entire family to have tertiary occupations — in short, Level 150 up.

Of course, I’d also help out in Leaffa’s leveling.

“N-no way. All, all monsters of eighth floor and above…all killed….N-no one left.”

Hakua was aghast as she stared at the control board. 

Sorry about that. Thanks for letting us gain plenty of EXP points.

Anyway, I finally achieved one of my goals for tackling this dungeon. My comrades’ level finally increased.

The other goal was to get information related to Tina’s memory. I’d probably find it on the last floor.

“When you clear the dungeon, your name is recorded on the last floor’s stone monument, right?”

“Yup, you right.”

There was  a stone monument on the last floor of the dungeon, and the people who defeated the last boss would have their names engraved on it — I read about this a long time ago.

Tina lost her memories about the hero she went on the adventure with, but this dungeon would surely have his name engraved on that stone monument.

I needed to know that hero’s name, but I was  not really sure what was  with this urge. But I got the  feeling that it would result in Tina’s memories coming back — it was  because of this  that I’ve come this far.


E/N: I ask justice for the monsters in the dungeons. Poor Hakua. Seeing her comrades die…. I don’t like this…..ooof

So, Tina is half-elf eh…so, he captured an elf already. The loli is acquired…..

What else is left?

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