I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 31

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Little Victory

The weather was a little chilly today. As Miaomiao was leaving the classroom with her friends, she saw a boy blocking the entrance to the classroom. With one hand, he pulled Miaomiao away, and with the finger of another hand, he pointed at her and said, “Come with me for a moment.”

Miaomiao recognized the boy. He was the same one she saw the day before at their house. He didn’t care about hygiene, and he liked spitting on people.

Zhou Yuan pulled Miaomiao towards him and then looked at the boy, “Is there something wrong?”

Hua Jun replied, “It’s none of your business.”

Miaomiao grasped Zhou Yuan’s hand and whispered to him, “I’ll talk to him.”

As soon as Zhou Yuan processed her words, he was astonished. He thought Miaomiao wouldn’t dare talk to that boy.

“Why are you looking for me?” Miaomiao began conversing with him.

In her mind, she simply wanted to live with her parents. Similarly, this person had to have his own parents as well; he should also have the desire to live with his own parents.

Hua Jun was a head taller than Miaomiao. He threatened her imperiously, “Since this is the first time we’ve met, I’ll just warn you today. Don’t think that just because your surname is Hua that you’re a member of the Hua family. In the future, if you don’t obey my orders, I’ll drive you out of the house. You’ll rot in jail with your parents.”

Miaomiao pondered over his words seriously for a while. Then, she asked him with a sincere tone that was simultaneously tinctured with pity, “Did your parents kick you out of the house because you weren’t obedient?” 

Based on Miaomiao’s understanding, if his parents didn’t drive him out of the house, then why would he decide to live with her parents?

Miaomiao thought that it was pitiful. She couldn’t imagine the sadness she would feel if her mother drove her away one day and declared that she didn’t want her anymore. So, she said in earnest, “You have to be obedient from now on so that your parents will accept you back into their lives.”

Jingjing chimed in, “Miaomiao, don’t say that. His parents just abandoned him. It isn’t nice to lie to our classmate like that.”

Hua Jun was fuming with anger when he digested her words. He raised his hand in rage. He wanted to hit someone. Clearly, their words struck a nerve with him.

Zhou Yuan quickly grabbed his hand, “Didn’t your parents teach you that a gentleman moves his mouth, not his hands?”

Jingjing immediately added, “Zhouzhou. Like I said just now, it isn’t the same. His parents don’t want him anymore. He’s going to steal other people’s parents now. Of course, no one taught him anything. Oh my God, I need to call my parents now. I need to tell them not to come pick me up this afternoon. I’ll go home by myself; otherwise, he’ll steal my parents too.”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

This kid’s mouth is so vicious; she likes to wield her words like a blade. It’s impossible to do anything about it.

Miaomiao conjectured that Jingjing was worried about Hua Jun snatching her parents away. So, she whispered, “I’ll help hide your mother when the time comes.”

Meanwhile, Deng Feng stood behind, acting like her bodyguard.

Because Hua Jun wasn’t able to beat anyone up, he became even angrier, “You were abandoned by your parents, and I’ll send your parents to jail.”

Miaomiao froze when she heard his words. All of a sudden, she jumped onto Hua Jun and bit his hand.

Jingjing followed Miaomiao’s lead and also began biting Hua Jun’s hand. Deng Feng saw them and didn’t want to be left behind, so he also rushed over and began biting Hua Jun.

Due to the pain, Hua Jun howled loudly.

Hearing his howling, the teachers, who were surveying the corridor, all gathered at the scene one by one. Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan quickly tried to pull the three little ones off Hua Jun.

After Zhou Yuan pulled Miaomiao back, she stood by his side in silence. Tears began to flow down her cheeks like little rivulets of grief.

Simultaneously, Jingjing sat directly on the ground and wailed out loud, “I won’t let you steal my mother…ahhh…I won’t have a mother anymore…I’m not a boy…”

Deng Feng also wailed out loud, “Why…why…would you…steal my mother…I…I…didn’t…intend… to stutter…”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

When Hua Jun’s teacher appeared on the scene, the new transfer student grabbed her, and then he began to curse, “****” and “****”.

Seeing Jingjing and Deng Feng heartbroken and crying, Miaomiao, who had always been sensible and obedient, also started crying loudly.

The scene became very chaotic.

The only person who could clarify what had happened was Zhou Yuan. Some teachers hurriedly pulled the children into their arms and consoled them. They asked, “What happened, Zhou Yuan?”

These teachers believed that Zhou Yuan wouldn’t lie. From their viewpoint, his IQ was above average, and he treated children with care.

Zhou Yuan responded, “This person rushed out of nowhere and said he would take their parents and incarcerate them…”

Teachers: “…”

Three conspicuous bite marks were on Hua Jun’s arms. He was crying and cursing. Even in the presence of teachers, he was still yelling aloud, “****, I’m going to tell grandma, and then I’ll destroy you all!”

After all, anything that offended or harmed Hua Jun would incur the wrath of his grandma. In fact, every time he fell on the ground, his grandma would seek vengeance, kick the ground and yell out loud, “How dare you cause my grandson to fall!”

The first-grade teachers instantly formed a negative opinion of the new student. The teachers from the second and third-grade classrooms were also present at the scene. The second-grade headteacher arrived at the scene as soon as she had gotten word of the scuffle between four first-year students and a student from her class. 

As soon as she stepped inside the classroom, she noticed three weeping children and a student from her class cursing and trying to hit the other children. 

The headteacher declared, “Classmates. Go to the flag-raising ceremony now.”

Every student, who was watching this scene, hurried to the playground at once. Then, the first-grade teachers came over to hug the three students who were still weeping.

The second-grade headteacher who taught Class 3 also approached them and wanted to console Hua Jun who was from her class.

Hua Jun had never felt such humiliation before. He couldn’t bear with this loss. He couldn’t even save his face.

The second-grade headteacher from Class 3 was a young woman in her 20s. She saw Hua Jun cursing angrily. When she noticed his bite marks, the headteacher wanted to hug him to mollify his anger and relieve his pain.

When she was about to draw him into a hug, Hua Jun suddenly grabbed her and gnawed violently on her hand.

The headteacher screamed in pain. The other teachers diverted their attention away from the weeping Jingjing and Deng Feng who were on the ground, and then they rushed over to pull Hua Jun away from the headteacher.

The bite was severe, and blood flowed from the wound.

Jingjing nudged Miaomiao’s shoulder and whispered, “Miaomiao. This kid, I’m a little sympathetic for him…”

After biting him, Miaomiao felt regret for her actions, so she nodded her head in agreement…

Although, in truth, the two peoples’ sympathies arose from different sources. Jingjing was gloating at his situation. She was like an undercover agent, who had succeeded in his mission, whereas Miaomiao felt that she was only causing trouble for everyone. She felt she was dragging her friends into the fray…

Every child, who was involved in this incident, was sent to the Academic Affairs Office.

Inside the office, Jingjing narrated in a low voice, “We were going to the playground when he ran over and said he was going to take our parents and drive us out of our house…”

The dean: “…”

Is the transfer student sick in the head?

“I want my mommy. I want to go home…hiccup…hiccup…,” Jingjing uttered with a sad, crestfallen voice.

While crying, Miaomiao began wiping away her streaming tears. She felt guilty.

It’s all my fault why mom and dad are getting divorced. It’s all my fault why Jingjing and Deng Feng are being bullied.

In her mind, she assumed that they were being bullied, and that was why they were crying. Rivulets of tears streamed down their little faces. 

The more Miaomiao mulled over it, the more her sadness assailed her. It was almost as if her sorrow was wrapping itself around her like a blanket. So, she cried even more, to the point where she had trouble breathing. 

At first, Zhou Yuan surmised that all three children were merely pretending. But when he noticed that Miaomiao was crying for real, he realized that her condition was terrible. He quickly stroked her back, “He’s gone. Don’t be afraid.”

The headteacher of Grade 1 was also anxious and quickly tried to allay Miaomiao’s worries with a gentle voice, “It’s okay, everything is alright now.” 

Currently, the adults could only beseech Zhou Yuan for an explanation about what had happened.

Zhou Yuan said, “We were heading for the playground when we heard him calling us over for a moment.”

What he told them was the truth.

“When we went up to him, he said that he would drive us out of our houses and send us to jail if we didn’t follow his commands. I disagreed with him, so he struck me and grabbed my shirt. A button even came off my shirt during the scuffle. Then, Miaomiao and the rest decided to bite him…”

At first, the dean thought it was illogical, but one of the teachers whispered to him that Hua Jun also bit the teacher of Grade 2 Class 3.

The dean: “…”

Teacher Li alleviated the children’s concerns, and then brought them back to their classroom.

As soon as Teacher Li left, Jingjing and Deng Feng dropped their act and approached Zhou Yuan, “What should we do now?”

“Don’t worry. First, he has to answer for biting the teacher himself.”

The headteacher of Grade 2 Class 3 was very popular within her own classroom. But one of her students had bitten her and left a very conspicuous wound on her palm. All of her students could clearly see the bite mark with a single glance.

The school called the parents. 

Not the parents of the four of them, but the parents of Hua Jun.

His grandmother was supposed to go, but Hua Jun refused to allow her to come. He felt that the elderly would embarrass him.

So, Father Hua didn’t have a choice. He asked for a break from his work in order to go to the school. After his arrival, he immediately apologized to the headteacher.

He was already cognizant of the entire matter, especially the phrase, “I will send your parents to jail…”

He never doubted this. He immediately realized that Hua Jun had said this on purpose. After all, he did learn of Miaomiao’s history from his parents at home. Miaomiao’s real parents abused her severely, and thus, were imprisoned.

He was fuming with anger as he seized Hua Jun, who had just returned from the infirmary. He threw him into the car and drove back home.

This turn of events happened in the dean’s office, and Deng Feng quietly and discretely witnessed its unfolding. He rushed back to his friends, “Won!…We won!”

Deng Feng recounted the entire conversation that he overheard in the office.

Jingjing declared in triumph, “I’m going to write about this in my memoirs!”

Miaomiao hugged Jingjing.  

Deng Feng decided to join in and also hugged Miaomiao.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

I’m not a child. I won’t feel jealous just because Miaomiao didn’t hug me.

During the afternoon, Mother Hua arrived to pick up Miaomiao from school. After hearing about what had happened from Teacher Li, she felt angry and distressed. 

It wasn’t until they reached home that Miaomiao admitted her mistakes. She confessed that she was in the wrong and that she shouldn’t have bitten him…and also she didn’t know why Mother Hua wasn’t called by the teacher afterwards. 

At that time, Miaomiao was crying so much that she was incognizant of what the other children were saying…

Mother Hua: “…”

Wait…Why is this version of the story different?

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