When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 75

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Kneel down

Kong Wuying: “…”

He feels sorry for the soul puppet who was sacrificed to kill Chu Liying at the time. Such a waste.

The system does not feel the hostile disappointment at all, but instead chatters away. “This tests focus and attention. You don’t see it because it’s so small, but there are many different places that are different. There are very few people who can find them all, but this system is not the same. You can rest assured, I will definitely help you.”

Kong Wuying: “Shut up.”

System: “…”

At this time, on the high platform, the Sword King stands high and looks at the game below with interest, more precisely, watching Kong Wuying play. He says to the elder of Huang Tang Mountain who is accompanying him: “This game is a bit interesting. There should be one hundred and… thirty-two differences?”

The elder wiping away sweat beside him can’t help but double-take. With only a glance, all the details are clear! This control and mental power are simply amazing!

Because of the inner admiration, the Huang Tang Mountain elder can’t help but praise a bit. “Sword King, this level is carefully designed by us. Generally speaking, if you can find five places, you will be qualified, and if you can find twenty, you will be excellent. If you can find fifteen places you are extraordinary. I don’t know how many places the players this time can find.”

The Sword King looks at Kong Wuying and smiles softly. “I’m very optimistic about him, but if there is no strong spiritual power he can use to focus, he won’t be able to find any.”

The elder laughs and says, “But how can anyone be as powerful as the Sword King?”

“It’s 1,508 in total,” Kong Wuying says.

Elder: “…”

Sword King: “…”

The Sword King asked the elder somewhat uncertainly. “He shouldn’t be able to find that many, right?”

The elder says angrily, “Of course it’s nonsense! This boy dares to speculate trying to fool us!”

Another judge calls down, “You bullshit! Where are there so many? Do you want to be disqualified?”

Frowning, Kong Wuying is getting pissed off. This is your game! What do you mean disqualify me?

“Don’t believe it?” Kong Wuying asks. 

“Fine. The fluff of the rabbit ears, the 72nd hair root of the rabbit ear on the left is slightly curled compared to the right by one millimeter. The one hundred and seventy-eighth piece of gravel on the left is 0.5 millimeters smaller than the right. The woman’s clothes, although the two materials have the same color and pattern, they have different textures on the body. Then there’s… “

After another 182 differences are pointed out, Kong Wuying hears a shriek that can pierce the eardrum! The whole array starts trembling.

Honestly, this feels quite familiar, a bit like when he was assessed in Danta.

Then… no!

The facts tell him, yes, really. This is happening.

After shaking the mountain for a while, the whole formation shatters and the graphics on the ground crack. The black floor tiles underneath are exposed, as if laughing at Kong Wuying.

Kong Wuying: “…”

After a period of being speechless, an old man doesn’t know where to jump out, and frantically holds his neckline. “What did you do?!”

Kong Wuying puts on an innocent expression. “Aren’t those my lines? Why is your test like this? That could have hurt someone.”

Only ghosts know why that formation is so fragile!

The old man’s heart seems to fluctuate. “Will the matrix be damaged by answering the questions as usual? This is left by Chu Liying. Tell me, how will you pay for it?”

The contestants present at the scene watch the old man quietly. At this time, hearing the name of Chu Liying could not help but cast an abomination on the sky.

For an alchemist, Emperor Chu is their god. Even though the Lord Lin Jingying is more famous now, it is not as good as the Emperor Chu in their minds.

Now this kid has broken Chu Huang Competition’s relic, how can this be tolerated?!

As the true murderer of Chu Liying, Kong Wuying feels no pressure from these kinds of eyes. “But why are you blaming me?”

“Well, in my opinion, although the matrix method has collapsed, it is also being repaired. It can be used again after a few hundred years. No one wanted this to happen, you don’t have to be too harsh.” A second elder comes up to the field, his temper obviously much milder than No. 1.

Elder No. 1 exclaims, “Regardless, the matrix still broke! Today’s people are all qualified. As for you…” His gaze is cast on Kong Wuying. “Disqualified, leave the testing.” 

The elder has been tolerant enough, Chu Huang left the formation, and it is a priceless treasure that is now broken, being disqualified as a punishment is very light. He personally thought that he was very magnanimous, but obviously the contestant did not think so.

Although Kong Wuying was reluctant to come here to participate in this broken game from the beginning, that unwillingness to participate is one thing, and his inexplicable expulsion is another.

Kong Wuying looks at the elder with a displeased expression and says, “Why? I just answered the question. It’s because your formation is too shit to bear the true correct answer, and it collapsed. You can’t reflect on your shortcomings? Oh, it’s no wonder that nowadays, Huang Tang Mountain is fading, and your enlightenment is like a shame to the truly bright alchemists!”

1st Elder: “…”

2nd Elder: “…”

Elder No. 3, 4567, “…”

Sword King: “…”

Contestants: “…”

It was not that his words are too powerful, just that everyone thinks; this kid, this kid dares to abuse the elders of Huang Tang! Is he… is he crazy?

When these words come out, it is not just being eliminated that will follow, it is more likely to be resented by the entire Huang Tang, and it may even affect its own country.

Everyone is stunned.

For a long time, the most irritable Elder No. 1, reacts, and is furious. “What did you say, boy?!”

Elder No. 2, who has more of a temper, is also really angry. “You just don’t know what to do, talking like that!”

Elder No. 1 glares. “You, which country do you belong to? From now on, your country will be disqualified from participating in the Chu Huang Competition!”

Quietly blank, Kong Wuying asks subconsciously, “Can this competition still run anyway?”

Elders: “…” I really want to kill him!

Elder No. 1 sneers. “Everyone who insults me is the enemy of Huang Tang Mountain. From now on, all alchemists in Ru country will not be recognized by my Huang Tang!”

After listening to this sentence, all the contestants cast their eyes with various sympathy, compassion, gloating, and apathy. This kid dares to mess with Huang Tang, now he’s being punished. 

You know that this is not an ordinary punishment. Without the recognition of Huang Tang, the name of an alchemist isn’t recognised. From now on, there will be no more alchemists in his country, which is a huge blow to the strength of a country. 

This kid who pretends to be a fool, I am afraid that he will be run down by the angry people in their country!

No one knows how the people of the Daqing Empire will react, but Pill Master Qin who was watching from the audience almost felt dizzy. At this time, he didn’t care about the principle that none other than contestants must enter the competition platform. 

Pill Master Qin squeezes in hard and apologises to the elders again and again. “Elders, forgive his sins, this person has a problem in his mind, he is not from our country. He pretended to be our contestant, our competitor had diarrhea and was eventually replaced by this madman! Please don’t take it seriously, this person must have been sent to trouble us by another country, and they must be punished. I just ask you not to be angry at us in Daqing, our country is innocent!”

Kong Wuying: “…”

The elders sneer. They didn’t believe what Pill Master Qin said. If something goes wrong, it means that this person is not ours, they are all temporary workers. It’s an old routine!

Elder No. 1 says, “Not yours? Why did you come out when he took the first place? I don’t care if he is yours, but since he is competing in your name, then if something happens, you will be held accountable to the end! What I have said will never be taken back!”

When Pill Master Qin hears it, he’s anxious, and quickly glares in anger at Kong Wuying. “Kneel down and plead guilty to the elders! Let them let our country off!” He thinks that the emperor might really have a bit of a brain issue.

Kong Wuying: “… Crazy.”

Elder No. 1 scoffs. “Even if he kneels down and asks for forgiveness, it is useless. Whoever insults me, I will never forgive him!”

At this time, everyone hears a chuckle. “But this contestant is telling the truth? The test really is rubbish.”

Another one wants to be thrown out of the alchemy world!

Everyone looks for the owner of that voice and sees a silver-haired beauty coming out of nowhere.

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