Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 15

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

White Dragon’s Calamity 

My name is Hakua.

I’m a Hakuryuu, a species of Dragons.

I’m really strong, you know. By the way, it’s difficult to move around inside the dungeon when I’m in my dragon form, so I’m usually in the human form.

Did you know, I’m managing this dungeon because Creation God-sama, the most important deity ever, commanded me.

Originally, Uncle Sekiryuu was the warden — Dungeon Master here, but a hero came around a hundred years ago, and slayed him.

Well, Uncle Sekiryuu’s job was to be defeated by him, since this dungeon was created to train those heroes, see.

Of course, Uncle Sekiryuu didn’t purposely lose, you know. He fought with all he had, but he still lost. The hero was strong, he said.

By the way, Uncle Sekiryuu was revived by Creator God-sama, and he’s currently serving him. Serving directly under Creator God-sama is reallllyyyy an honor for us dragons, you know.

So, because there’s no Dungeon Master anymore here, I was chosen by the Creator God to do that role.

Well, Dungeon Masters don’t really do anything much, though; just assigning the monsters that spontaneously pop out because of the dungeon’s mana to their floors, ordering my minion monsters to put items inside the treasure boxes….

Ah, I also go out of the dungeon from time to time, kidnapping strong looking monsters and magical beasts — no, I mean, scouting them, then stationing them as bosses of each floor,  that about sums it up.

We’re prepared so the hero can come anytime. But normal adventurers can’t enter the dungeon, so we got nothing to do, really.

Monsters won’t increase if they’re not slain. But if a person defeated the monsters, new ones could be born.

That’s why there’s really no need to fix the monster’s stations. Of course, the items inside the box don’t decrease, so they remain ju~st the way they are.

By the way, there’s a spell casted inside the treasure boxes so that the items in there won’t degrade. So, when the heroes come to take them out, they’re still in brand new condition. Awesome, right!

Well, it’s thanks to Creation God-sama’s powers.

Sooo, it was really boring.

Until today, that is. 

Today, I sensed people entering the dungeon for the first time in a loooong while. I’m so excited, you know! It’s my first job,after all.

Will they reach the last floor?

It’s my dream to transform into a white dragon and saying ‘Guahahahaha, you heroes did well in coming here. Let me see you defeat me and conquer this dungeon!’ — things like that.

Honestly, I’m way stronger than Uncle Sekiryuu, you know. We’re known as the divine dragons among the dragon race, after all.

Ah, but when the Creation God revived Uncle Sekiryuu, his existence also leveled up and now he’s a divine dragon, so I probably won’t win against him.

That maybe the case, but I’m stronger than Uncle Sekiryuu when he was a Dungeon Master, so there’s no way I’m gonna lose against people.

My expectation is quite high, since the people entering here must have been recognized by the King of Vestier, land of the beastkin.

Alright, show me what you got.



W, wait!

Wait wait wait wait wait!!

The goblin on the first floor was instantly killed. Well, there’s nothing to be surprised about that, though.

The problem is, those guys went through the second floor to fifth floor, no sweat, and they’ve been killing all the bosses like ants!

And they don’t even step inside the boss room —

W, what’s going onnn!!??

That boss on the fifth floor, that’s the werewolf, you know!?

Those guys are reaaalllyyy fast, you know?

They’re coordinations are perfect even if there are dozens of them, you know?

I also fought with the werewolves when I led them to this dungeon to become the boss, and it had been tough…..

And yet, these dungeon challengers annihilated them with just a few shots.

This is so impossible.

What’s with their attack speed….

I was anxious so, I’m currently inside this dungeon’s master room, fiddling with the info terminal. This info terminal can check the information about the monsters and people inside the dungeon, and only the Dungeon Master can use this.

After checking that….

L, level 250!?

Eh, ‘Tina’, don’t tell me —

B, bingo! She’s that Half- Elf that conquered this dungeon a century ago!

What’s she doing here!?

I’m shocked that Tina the Half-Elf came again even though she already cleared this dungeon, but that’s not all.

W, what’s happening here?

There are three more people who’re over Level 100…

Sage apprentice human, a dragonoid, and that woman…

Nine-tailed fox!?

What is a Calamity doing, walking around with people and entering this dungeon!?

My head’s whirling already.

And among them —

Eh? This Halt guy…he’s Level 1.

There was one Level 1 male among the humans.

Isn’t this dungeon too intense for a Level 1 guy… Maybe he formed a party with the people around him?

They already reached the sixth floor boss’ room while I was busy thinking about this.

Ah, they’re attacking!

Level 1 Halt attacked the Maho Gnome and Crenu, the bosses of the sixth floor, together with Tina and the rest. But —

Ahh, see, only Tina’s attack hit them. Halt’s level didn’t go up.

Well, Level 1 magic attacks definitely won’t do any damage to the Maho Gnome, so it’s impossible for him to get EXP points….Eh, he’s kinda pitiful.

I was scared because of this group’s extraordinary power, but I calmed down because of Halt’s existence. Halt was just Level 1, yet he’s still going all out, firing spells beside Tina, who got Level 250, alongside the rest of them. Looking at him doing his best healed me a bit.

If this continues on, they’ll reach the last floor within today, right? In that case, I have to use all I got and fight with Tina…but I don’t want to involve Halt, if possible.

I know it’s just part of a fight, but there’s a huge possibility that Level 1 Halt will die. And since he’s not levelling up, he probably didn’t form a party with the others.

Then, his comrades might not revive him even if he got wounded, right?

That’s why… I plan to let him escape before the battle begins.

And I have to advise him to pick monsters suitable for his level so he can go up.

He shouldn’t misunderstand that sticking to strong people would make him stronger!

He must work hard to become stronger so he can protect himself — just like that!


I want to hit myself for having such stupid thoughts.

Halt — no, Halt-sama is suuuupppper strong.

He’s totally unbelievable.

Honestly, he’s a monster compared to Tina.

Rather than that, Tina Ernol and Halt Ernol, maybe they’re married to each other?

There’s no way an ordinary Level 1 human can marry a Level 250 Half- Elf, right?

Yup, Halt-sama is not an ordinary human.

He’s a genuine MONSTER.

See, he conjured magical knights that I wasn’t sure I can defeat even with all of my power, and 100 at that.

Impossible, right?

Not to mention 100, I’ll probably lose to just three, you know?

Those 100 knights overruned the eight floor.

Just a few minutes, and all the monsters were annihilated.

And now, those knights were forming files in front of the eight floor boss’ room. 

I was observing them from the master room’s terminal, when the eight floor’s ogre boss contacted me.

‘Save meeee’ — he said.

Thanks to the Creation God-sama’s power, the bosses of each dungeon floor are revived even if they’re slain. But that’s only if they got that will, saying ‘I don’t wanna die’.

If they were defeated while being content with their life, or if they felt hopeless from living, then they wouldn’t be revived as the boss.

If the ogre was assaulted by those hundred knights, he would easily give up his life, that’s what he said.

….It can’t be helped, right.

I’ll probably be the same.

That’s why, I decided to surrender to Halt-sama.


T/N: Hakua’s name is read as, but Ha-ku-a, short vowels, not Hakwah 🙂

And in this chapter, she’s not doing baby talk, probably because this is not a ‘speech’ done in the lingo of humans hehe.

Hakuryuu, white dragon. Sekiryuu, red dragon ~ Akatsuki no Yona feels ~

And finally, the girl in the cover has a name! 😀 Here’s a pic of Hakua surrendering, from the LN! 😀

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  1. LMAO the eight boss really threatened the loli by saying that it would be satisfied with its death by 100 magic knight thingys

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t get this, at first they said that the 1 flaming knight might even defeat Tina, then suddenly ryushin can defeat ten of them alone, and now thos loli divine dragon says that she will lose to only three of them… so does Halt just adjust their strength depending on the opponent without telling anybody or what?!!!

    1. Mmm, maybe because Ryuushin had undergone Halt’s training with these knights, but the other two didn’t..

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