When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 74

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That fox

Question: If one day, your love rival suddenly rushes up to hug your thigh and calls you father, what will you do at this time?

The answer for Kongbao is: 

He hesitates for a moment, then reacts quickly.

So he looks at Kong Ba, and with Kong Wuying’s mannerisms he says. “Little Ba… how did you recognize me?”

Kong Ba receives an affirmative reply, with the same tone father uses, and his IQ is tossed away. With a shy, hopeful voice that fits the nice impression that Kong Wuying has of him, Kong Ba says, “No matter what my father becomes, I will recognize him!”

Kongbao laughs madly on the inside, but he pretends to be very moved on the outside. He reaches out and pets Kong Ba, praising with the usual idiomatic tone: “You are good.”


Kong Ba has no doubt about the identity of “father”, so he asks with a smile on his face: “Father, how did you become like this? Why did you come here?”

Kongbao explains, “It is very lucky to be able to resurrect from death. It doesn’t matter what I look like, I am still me!” His dark eyes are firm, showing a little domineering belonging to the master, and then gentle, “As for why I came here? For one person.”

Kongbao’s eyes soften, thinking about the master, and the inexplicable attachment and admiration comes through in his voice. “This monarch fell in love with a person, and until the moment I met him, I didn’t know what grandeur and domineering power were. I can’t compare a single thing to the man’s slight smile.”


Like a torrential, freezing cold rain pouring from the sky, Kong Ba is frozen.

Fell in love-!

Kongbao seems to think that he hasn’t gone far enough, and slowly says, “Now I am living again, I no longer care about what power and strength are, as long as I can go hand in hand with him. For me, the rest of my life is enough. Little Ba, don’t tell anyone that I am dead and risen again. The Yeying Monarch is dead, let his name stay on the tombstone forever. From now on, I will travel with this man. You can come to me if you miss your father, I am sure he will like you very much.”

Kong Ba: “… Father, you…”

Kongbao frowns. “I should go to him, Little Ba, let’s talk later.”

Kong Ba watches his ‘father’s’ figure quickly leave. There are only three words in my heart!

Why? Why? Why?

Although father in the past did not have any feelings beyond that of father-son, at least his father did not have any feelings for anyone. Kong Ba believed that as long as he worked hard enough, he would be able to impress his father with his tenderness and win his heart!


It is natural to be happy that his father was able to come back to life. But what?! Like others? You’ll give up the country for him!? Why this… why?!

Which slut, in the end, confused his father with tricks?! 

The flame of hatred is burning.

At the same time, the real daddy Kong walking by the stream suddenly sneezes. He rubs his nose, which turns it red, and makes it look a little cute.

Looking around, Kong Wuying searches hard for traces of herbs. The first level of Chu Huang Tai introduced the elimination system.

In this virtual space, they need to find at least one golden herb within one day to pass the first pass assessment. The more golden grasses are found, the higher the points. In the other competitions, the winners are determined by the points.

He searches for a long time until his eyes are spent, and still doesn’t see anything with a gold rim.

Then a herb suddenly pokes up in front of him, a beautiful boy holding it and looking at him with a smile.

Kong Wuying: “… Please go away.”

Kongbao shakes the gold grass in his hand. “I’m here to sell herbs, don’t you want one? Just a kiss as payment if you want.”

Kong Wuying looks at the grass he couldn’t find, without being moved. “Do you think I can’t find it eventually?”

Kongbao looks helpless at the indifferent master.

Three hours later.

Looking at the sun in the sky, with two empty hands, the designer of this game has been scolded in Kong Wuying’s mind a hundred times.

Kongbao follows him step by step, saying nothing, looking very well behaved.

Kong Wuying turns his head violently, gives a quick brush against Kongbao’s fair and tender face, and then wipes his mouth expressionlessly. “Give it.”

Suddenly, Kongbao who is kissed, is stunned. He looks at the cold and ruthless master, and smiles as if he could blind the sun, obediently giving the golden grass.

Kong Wuying puts the dried grass in his medicine basket, and glares at Kongbao, saying very coldly: “You can leave now.”

Kongbao doesn’t take the master’s order seriously, and says sweetly, “Master, do you want more herbs?”

“What do you mean?”

Kongbao giggles. “Don’t worry, I won’t raise the price. Only one per plant.”


And, from a distance, a pair of eyes burn, looking at the flirtatious man – the jealousy in the eyes can burn everything! He’s going to kill this vixen!

The day passes quickly. When night falls, all 175 contestants are out of the virtual space and they start counting results.

Standing blankly at the counter with no expression, although he looks a little embarrassed, Kong Wuying shocks the audience when he dumps out a whole lot of herbs.

With such a large number, did he pull all the grass in the virtual space? Players who didn’t find any grass glare at him. It was the kid who pulled up all the grass that caused them to be eliminated.

In the eyes of envy or admiration or disgust, Kong Wuying’s expression is very calm. Kongbao standing next to him is also very calm, and the performance of the two people alone could not give away what kind of ridiculous trade they had done.

And Kong Ba: “Hmm…”

With the ability of Kong Ba, although he puts most of his energy into jealousy, jealousy and jealousy, he found a lot of grass. 

But the second place is not him, it’s a strong man named Hong Ling with a straightforward personality.

The result of the final counting was: a total of 153 people successfully passed the first round, and 22 were eliminated.

Among them, the highest score, that is, the first place, was Ning Zhao of the Daqing Empire, with 378 points.

The second place, Hong Ling of the Nanhai Empire, eighty-three points.

Third place, Datong Kingdom Aba, eighty-two points.

This was the end of the first day of the competition, and the eliminated contestants regretted having to leave. The rest of the contestants, after enjoying a wonderful dinner, went back to each room to rest fully.

Kong Wuying stares blankly at his son and roommate. 

Although Kong Ba let him down, because of a father’s mind, Kong Wuying still asks, “What are you…?”

Kong Ba sneers at him coldly. “I smell a fox in this room, don’t you?”


Kong Wuying sniffs carefully: “No.”

Although the room is broken, the ventilation is therefore better. He doesn’t smell anything, though perhaps flowers from outside. What’s wrong with Kong Ba? Is it uncomfortable?

Kong Wuying never thought that his son would ridicule him, so he was at a loss.

Instead, the system pipes up with: “Master, he sounds like he is scolding you.”

Kong Wuying rolls his eyes. “How is this possible?”

Kong Ba is shocked. How can my father like this stupidity? Does father like stupid people?

Kong Ba storms off to the bed angrily.

Looking at Kong Ba, who occupies their only bed, Kong Wuying is a little puzzled. Why is his son so odd? Forget it, no matter how many adolescent sons end up crooked, this is normal now.

It’s the next day.

The second contest is about to begin. The competition is not in the simulation space, but a small space was separated by the matrix method, so that the participants entered one by one for evaluation.

This game is sorted by yesterday’s points, so Kong Wuying is the first. He walks into the square array, and hears a voice sound in his ear: “Please find the difference between the two pictures on the left and right. The time limit is ten minutes.”

Kong Wuying looks at the two pictures that slowly appear under his feet. To the naked eyes, it looked exactly the same. He falls into a deep silence.

Master Huang Tang is really some kind of ghost.

The system expresses excitement: “This is my favorite game with Chu Chu back then!”

Quest activated!


Tutorial quest activated: Have 5 people comment on the newest chapter.

Reward: Extra chapter on Tuesday.

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