The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 49

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49. Katariona Is Impressed by the Snowflakes

A year has passed since I’ve received my god’s trials. 

Let me make this clear.

Everyone has become stronger than anyone else in the entire country.

Our family’s lounge was always lively and had become a place where we would talk about whatever we wanted.  

“Iya. Ifreeto-dono has such a sweet mouth.”

“Human sake is good.”

The man sitting in the lounge with father, drinking harmoniously, is the fire spirit, Ifreet.

He has a magnificent physique over two rirudo (meters). He’s got fiery red hair and blazing eyes, which are tough and firm. However, he possesses a kind heart. Incidentally, he’s just recently learned to speak the human language.

Ifreet is Laura the Goddess of Fire’s ward. He became friends with my father while accompanying him on his trials. 

There is a hot spring resort to the east of the Marquis de Grandeur. Father was tested by Laura at the volcano there. Ifreet lived in the crater and offered to be Father’s partner.

If Father and Ifreet were working together, what was Laura doing?

“While your Father and Ifreet were busy, I was at the hot springs, which were at the foot of the mountain, pursuing beauty. Ah! I’ve been checking on Alexis every once in a while.”

She said. 

The hot spring resort was probably her main goal. 

The hot springs in our territory are popular tourist destinations, regardless of their status. It’s said that the quality of the hot springs water is good for the skin, which is why it’s very popular amongst women.

Laura, who works to make people beautiful, is also always eager to try to improve herself. 

While working with Ifreet in the volcano, Father learned to use the fire spell and blaze spell, higher levels of magic. 

Listening to my mother’s and Toruka-sama’s conversation, I overheard this.

“That’s it. We found some ruins on the seafloor. I think it might be the remains of the ancient magical ruins that the archeology department of the Magic Academy has been looking for. Since it’s in our territory, we can make a fortune. Isn’t that so, Toruka-sama” 


Eh? My mother looks like the epitome of a lady…… Was she always such a tough woman?

Undersea ruins? How’d they find it?

I questioned my mother.

“I manipulated the water to freeze it.”

Mother was tested by Toruka-sama at his villa in the south. Ice magic is a derivative of water magic, so the trials weren’t that severe. She manipulated the water in such a way that it wouldn’t affect the sea creatures. And when she froze it, what seemed to be like some ancient ruins appeared. During the investigation, she concluded that it was most likely the remains of some ancient magic based on the inscriptions engraved onto the remains. By the way, it seems that she mastered her ice magic to the degree of going to absolute zero after making full use of it every day. 

“According to Toruka-sama, 60% of the human body is made up of water. If I can control water, then doesn’t that mean I can also control the water inside the human body? In the case the said human should do something, can’t we just do something about the water content in their body?”

A dark smile surfaced upon my mother’s beautiful face. Scary! My mother has turned into a scary person!

This time, I listened in to the head butler who was currently talking to Daaku-sama. 

“Rufus. Give Marie to me as my wife.”

“This……it’s up to Marie. If my daughter accepts Daaku-sama’s offer, I shall have no objections.”

Rufus is the first name of the head butler. 

Daaku-sama really wants to marry Marie, but she seems to think it’s a joke. I give my approval because I want Marie to be happy. 

“Say, Marie. Once everything is over, I want you to become my Bride of God.”

“It’s a death flag!”

Flare-sama shouted, suddenly popping up from the space.

“Daaku! That line about doing something when this is over is a death flag! You must endure for now!”

“What? What strange flag? Have you gotten addicted to those strange romance novels again?”

I don’t think that flag will be set as gods are immortal, but Flare-sama is desperately trying to stop it. 

“Well, okay. I’ll be patient and convince Marie to be mine.”

The head butler and Marie have been training daily in the dark space created by Daaku-sama. It’s a great way to get used to fighting in the dark, by completely cutting off all signs of life. I can’t help but think that they’re being tested to specialize in assassination.

What’s more, it’s amazing how he is still able to perform his daily duties at work while undergoing the trials.

On the other hand, the three who have undergone Lyle the God of Wind’s trial, are now able to use Wind spells and Storm spells. It’s said that storm spells are disaster-grade magic, which few people can master. 

“If the need arises, we can blow Charlotte away along with my brother.”

“That’s good. After that, we’d also have to escape.”

“If that happens, you can live in Hinoshima. We were originally related to your family. I’m sure my father and the family would be happy to have you.”

Listening quietly, there were many noisy conversations going on.

Speaking of which, I have received higher-level magic of creation magic and sacred magic directly from god. 

But that doesn’t mean I was just making rice paddies or listening to Flare-sama’s speeches. I believe I was steadily progressing through the trials.

However, neither creation magic, which can create something from scratch, nor sacred magic, which is a higher-level of light magic, specialize in attack. In the case of an emergency, just having high defensive power is useless.

Both Leon and Flare-sama praise me for my extraordinary amount of magical power, but I don’t feel it. 

I’m probably the only one who hasn’t been able to improve.


Walking along the forest path, careful not to slip on the snow-covered forest. 

Leon had offered to give me a ride on his back, but I declined. I like to walk on snowy paths. 

I especially like to walk on fresh snow, devoid of any footprints. And whilst I hummed a song, I made my way down the snowy path. 

“Looks fun. Do you like the snow, Rio?”

“Yes, I do.”

We were walking side by side. Leon’s fur shining a silvery-white, just like the snow. 

“Do you know what snowflakes are?”

“I’ve read about them in a book, but I’ve never actually seen them in person.”

In my previous life, I had lived in the townhouse in the royal capital until I was ten years old, so I never got to return to the territory to play in the snow. 

It didn’t snow much in the capital, so I could only see the flickering of snow from my window. I had spent the winter before I turned ten inside the mansion. Sometimes my brother and I would make snow bunnies and play with them, but…….

As Leon’s mane glistened a silvery-white light, beautiful white objects shaped in a hexagonal pattern danced around. 

“These are snowflakes. Each one has a different shape.”

Looking closely, I could see that the shapes were indeed different. I thought they were all beautifully shaped.

“These are snowflakes. It’s beautiful.”

Snowflakes are beautiful. They’re shaped in a way that women would be fond of. Can it be made into an accessory?

That’s it! I’ll talk to Laura about it next time.

“You’re staring at me with a strange look, Rio. What are you thinking about?”

(TL: Money ) 

I probably looked as if I were planning something. 

I just thought that it would sell well if I made it into an accessory…….

“Don’t you think the shape of the snowflakes would make a good accessory?”

“You’re going to make an accessory with this shape? That’s going to be difficult.”

The first attempt at anything will always be difficult.

However, Laura’s skill as a jeweler is very good, so she might be able to pull it off.

“This is going to be a great product.”

“……you have a strong business spirit.”  (TL: she’s an entrepreneur, duh!) 

Leon chuckled, as he muttered to himself. 

“By the way, why did you decide to go to the snowy forest?”

“I have something I want to show you.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll see when you get there.”

TL: ….I think by now, you might be used to me being late T.T…..this time I was just late due to shopping for way too long after my recital. I have no excuses. Anyway, you may overlook (or ask me to delete) the commentary near the end. It was the first thing that popped up as I TL’d. (probably something I would’ve shouted 😛 ) Also, Ifreet is known as Ifrit, it’s a mythological term for a fire spirit. At least, that’s what I looked up. Also, I might interchange between magic and spell, I’m still not too clear on it. And, lastly, thanks for reading~!


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