Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 14

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Capitulation of the Dungeon Lord 

We finally reached the room of the eighth floor’s boss.

The knights, who had finished hunting all the monsters in this floor, stood alert in a file on both sides of the door, waiting to open it.

Around 50 ice knights flanked the right side facing us, and around 50 wind knights stood on the left. The scene was really spectacular.

“Thanks for the hard work, guys.”

The knights worked hard for me.

They were  my magic, but they were fully automated so I didn’t  really see them as plain spells. That was  why I called out to them like this. I’m not sure why but they seemed happy when I did this.

Besides, although they were created in the same way, they had their own individual differences. Strong attackers, speedy ones and some  were great at hunting.There were also some  who did  not participate that much in assaults, and so on.

It was  not intentional, though. They weren’t like that before. Not sure when it started, but later on, knights that had their own individuality started to appear.

For example, that  guy standing foremost in front of the troops — the  knight that had one part of his helmet crushed — always appeared for some reason whenever I created ice knights.

I was  pretty sure none of the ice knights had damage when I conjured them, but there was  always one that returned with it’s helmet partly destroyed after they accomplished their mission. Even if the knights fought with monsters that were overwhelmingly weaker than them, he  would always return with a damaged helmet.

And then, he would always, always stand right in front. As if saying ‘look at me, notice me’…..

I was really bothered, so I tailed them one time. To make it easier to follow them, I made the target into one monster and just conjured 4 knights.

That was  when I saw it.

One of the four knights went to a spot far from where I conjured my magic, and he started to punch his own helmet.

I never commanded him  to do that.

A knight that would arbitrarily do things I didn’t order it to do, appeared. It bothered me a bit.

I didn’t have a problem with the fact that they followed my orders, and they could  differentiate their foes from their allies on their own.

But doing something I never told them to do — I did think that becoming autonomous might lead to them going on a rampage.

However, these knights were really convenient for me, and they were  liberating magic. That was  why I didn’t stop using them. 

I made a spell that could instantly deal with them even if they went on a rampage — if the fire knights were the ones who behaved recklessly, I created a vacuum space that would extinguish their fire — something like that.

The individualistic knights were also closely monitored.

I treated them as potential hazards, but contrary to my worries, they did not revolt against me. 

They were more flexible in executing my commands, and when I called out to them, they would happily practice-swing their swords.

Yup, it was  confirmed. The knights who showed off their individualism had their own clear purpose  —

That was  why instead of orders, I would just talk to them normally.

“Any treasure box?”

The ice knight with the crushed helmet made a signal to its fellow knights when it heard what I said. A few knights appeared from the ranks behind, and they were carrying various items. They put those before us.

“These knights can also retrieve items?”

“… Aren’t they too capable?”

Ryuushin and Ryuka’s jaws dropped. The damaged helmet wearing  ice knight looked so proud when he  saw their reactions.

“Pretty convenient, isn’t it?”

“No, this magic is way past the level of convenience though…”

Tina had a complicated expression for some reason.

“It’s Master we’re talking about, so that can’t be helped.”

“It’s Halt-sama’s magic, after all.”

Youko, Mai and Mei seemed to be used to this. Recently, I started thinking that I should create a way more awesome spell if I wanted to impress these girls. 

“Anyway, let’s divide this floor’s items after we get out of this dungeon.”

“Is that okay? Aren’t we following the finder’s keepers rule for all the items outside the boss’s room?”

Luke was telling me that since these items were gathered using my magic, I had  the rights over them.

“Luke, you can also tackle this entire floor on your own if you wanted, right? In that case, all the items should have been yours. But since you let me do this for Luna and Ryuka’s EXP points, I thought they should be divided among everyone.”

“R-really? ….W-well, thanks dude.”

Almost all the items were recovery stuff, and there were very few weapons and equipment.

I didn’t  need recovery items.

Tina and the rest of my family needed those items, but since almost half of the class were a part of my family, it was  pretty much enough if we divided it for everyone.

I created an air space teleportation circle in the room we were  staying in at Vestier’s castle, and chucked all the items in there.

There were itembags in this world that could hold infinite amounts of objects, but I haven’t got one yet, neither did my classmates, so this temporary measure was  enough for the meantime.

I wanted to get one asap.

“For a day to come when the legendary teleportation circle is being used as an item bag….”

Leaffa mumbled.

By the way, my teleportation magic consumed minimum 3000 mana just to open a tiny airspace enough to fit one hand.

So it wasn’t really a convenient thing that could  be used as an item bag. It was  just possible because my mana never decreased.

I was  sending things over, so maybe it was  not teleportation but transfer? I finished transferring all of the items.

“Alright, let’s go challenge that boss!”

I said that to everyone then turned around to face the boss’s room —


The boss room’s door suddenly opened just a tiny bit.

Usually, doors like that open when a person touches it. Nobody did so this time, but it still opened on its own.

And suddenly, a pole with a white cloth tied on top poked out of the gap, and was waved up and down.

“Gonna churrender so no attacks pleaseee.”

A girl with snow-white hair came out, waving that white flag.

Seemed like she didn’t have the slightest intention to attack.

I made the combat ready knights back away. The girl was extremely scared as she stared at the knights.

“Are you the boss that protects this room?”

She came out of the boss room so that was  only natural, right. She was  doing some kind of broken, baby talk, but since she could  understand and speak the human language, maybe it was  a high-ranking monster or a magical beast that transformed into a shape-shifted human.

“Non, I’m the warden here.”

I thought it was the eighth floor boss, yet it turned out that she was  the master of this dungeon.


T/N: Plot twist, those creepy helmet-destroying knights were actually the Evil God’s spies made from his curse but just pretending to be Halt’s magic..lol. Is that even possible? Or maybe they were originally evil ones created by Halt’s stronger alter ego sleeping inside him and that ego is the true strongest sage, but they liked Halt better.. haha.. Too far-fetched? Any theories, guys? Just for fun 😀

E/N: I pray that this baby demon boss doesn’t become the loli of the harem. It seems likely though lol.

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