Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 38

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Editor: Totoro

Arm Wrestling (2)

 Gerda comes down from the living room to the mud room. He’s big, so when they lie down facing each other, a part of his body sticks out from the dirt floor. That’s when the arm-wrestling with Gerda begins.

(Well, can I win?)

 This is Allen’s current status.

 [Name] Allen


 [Talent] Summoner

 [Level] 6

    [Strength] 115 (165) + 150

 [Mana] 154 (220)

 [Attack Power] 56 (80) +150

 [Endurance] 56 (80)

 [Agility] 108 (155)

 [Intelligence] 161 (230)

 [Luck] 108 (155)


 Summon <3>, Create <3>, Synthesis<3>, Strengthening <3>, Grimoire Expansion <2>, Delete, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>

 [Experience] 0 / 6,000

Skill Level

 [Summon] 3

 [Create] 3

 [Synthesis] 3

 [Strengthening] 3

Skill experience

 [Create] 60,652/100,000

 [Synthesis] 60,628/100,000

 [Strengthening] 60,640/100,000

Summoned beasts that can be acquired

 [Insect] FGH

 [Beast] FGH

 [Bird] FG

 [Grass] F



 [Beast] 30 F-ranks



 For this day, I changed all the cards to F-rank beasts. I have also raised my level to 6.

 Thanks to the hunt of dozens of Albaherons, there is no one in this village who doesn’t know Allen. He completely stood out.

 I also watched all the boar hunting. Of course, I didn’t just watch but observe. Now I also instruct serfs and commoners on how to hunt. The new armor for hunt will be ready this fall under my supervision.

 Allen thinks, “There are only two options for survival.”

  He can either raise his level and live.


     Live in the Hell Mode world as a low-level, weakest player.

 In this world, only Allen was living in the HellMode. Even if he did as well as other people, he’ll get a grade E. Only if he worked a hundred times harder will he be able to attain the Summoner’s ability as informed by the Gods through the Grimoire.

 He thinks it’s important to raise the level because it makes him stronger. Rodan’s serious injury has confirmed the importance of him leveling up.

 He doesn’t mind if he stands out a little, as long as he doesn’t stand out and get adopted by Royalty or Nobility. This should not be a problem since he has been evaluated as an E in all abilities with no talent.

 (I will hunt the Boar with my own hands), with strong belief, I look at Gerda. Gerda looks back at me, wondering if that’s it. Apparently, Gerda is also serious about this challenge.

“Is this how it’s going to be?”

 Gerda lies down with Allen, his elbows on the dirt floor and his hands folded.



 He puts his hand perpendicular to the ground.

 (I’ve already explained the rules. So all that’s left is…)


 With Kurena’s signal, both of them put their strength into it at once. The muscles in Gerda’s thick arms seemed to be tearing.



Allen and Gerda both turn red and give it their all.


 Gerda couldn’t help but squeal, this was not the kind of power a seven year old boy should be exerting.

 Rodan looks on as if he is watching the game unfold. Of course, Theresia and Mithilda are surprised to see Allen’s strength. 

 Allen was pushing. Very slowly, but little by little, he  was approaching victory.

 ”Oh, no, no, no, no, no! I lost!”

 Gerda lost.

 (It was very hard. Judging by this, Gerda’s Strength should be somewhere between 200 and 250.)

 I let my arm get plump and recover from the fatigue. There’s one more person I need to defeat.

 Rodan looks at Allen with a grim face.

 As he recovers his arm, he remembers.

 (I got 6800 experience from 17 Great Boars.)

 The second time I got 400 Experience and all the times after that were also 400 Experience.

 Even if the number of participants in the bore hunt increased from 24 to 40, the experience value of 400 did not change. I had thought that experience would decrease as the number of people increased, but it seems that there is a different law of experience distribution.

 I really want to know if this 400 experience will change if I hold a spear and attack. Maybe I’ll get double the experience that I’m getting now.

 Rodan takes off the light brown coat on his upper body. It looks like he’s really coming at me. His muscles are well-developed and muscular. His body is well-trained, having worked as a farmer from morning till night.

“We’ll wait for his arm to recover.” said Rodan.

 Apparently, he was waiting for Allen to recover. He intends to win in perfect condition.

“Oh, thank you Father.”

  Allen took a few minutes to fully recover his arm, and then took a solid interval to recover from the muscle fatigue.

 ”I am ready.”

 We both lay down on our stomachs on the dirt floor. We put our elbows on the floor and crossed our arms.

 I don’t remember ever holding hands with him so tightly before. 


 Rodan also seemed to want to say something.

“It’s been years since I’ve held my son’s hands.”

His hands, which he has been digging every day in the field, were very rough. I felt an emotion that I couldn’t quite explain to other people.

 I took a glance at Theresia. She is desperately hoping for Rodan’s victory. If Rodan loses, Allen will be allowed to hold a spear and participate in the hunt this fall. And Theresia definitely didn’t want that to happen.

 Therefore, Theresia was not supporting Allen at all.

“Okay, Start!”


 With the signal to begin, both of them put all their strength into it.

 Blood vessels rise from Rodan’s muscles. His face turns red and he puts all his strength into it.

(Oh, man, this could be bad. Seriously? He is very strong.)

 (Rodan is more powerful than I thought.)

 Allen switched all of his cards to F-rank Beasts and increased his Strength from 115, to 265, but Rodan was still more powerful.

 Slowly, Allen was being pushed down. He started losing.

 He was defeated with little to show for his efforts. It looks like a complete defeat.


 Allen was defeated, and a surprised voice went up.

 Rodan, not being a man of his age, made a strong bump on his arm and declared victory. Apparently, he was quite happy to have beaten Allen.

(Gah! It’s totally impossible. Does he have like 250 or 300 Strength?)

 He guessed Rodan’s Strength is based on his experiences of going through hard situations.

 Since I’m defeated, I maturely give him the alcohol from the wooden barrel.


 Rodan and Gerda take it without any hesitation. They pour a wooden cup full of alcohol for each other. Rodan looks like he’s enjoying his victory against his son.

(Probably according to the ability values of the appraisal ceremony, Father has C in Strength and Gerda has D..)

 I wanted to check the Strength of those who leveled up in normal mode. If you hunt magical beasts, your level will increase. I wanted to know how strong the ones who leveled up in normal mode would be.

 In this arm-wrestling match, I found out that it was not difficult to exceed 200 Strength even without talent.

“Hey, that’s not very mature!”

 Mithilda scolded Rodan and Gerda for being so unapologetically happy.

“Yes, Allen. You’re so strong.”


 Theresia consoled me. Apparently, she thought that Allen, who was analyzing the Strength, was depressed. But Theresia seemed to be happy that Allen lost.

“Yes, your father is strong, you know. If you can’t beat him, you’re not allowed to hunt Boars.” said Theresia.

 ”If you want to hunt Boars, you have to beat me.” Rodan said. He was already drunk and his cheeks were red.

(Oh! I’ve got your word. If I get to Summon level 4 by the fall, I still have a chance. )

(Dad, later on don’t tell me you were too drunk to remember.)

All right, I’ll give up hunting Boars until I can beat Dad.

 Allen pretends to give up with just his face and words.

 Thus, the confrontation between father and son ended with Rodan’s victory.


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