Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 37

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Arm Wrestling (1)

It is January 2nd, the new year. Allen and Kurena are on their way to Kurena’s house.

“You got a lot.”


 It was Kurena, speaking happily, as the two of them made their way from the residential area to the village.

 Yesterday was the first day of the year, January 1st. Even in other worlds, there was a custom to celebrate the beginning of the year. At Allen’s house, there was nothing special to do. No alcohol was served, and there was no food like rice cakes in his previous world.

 However, after the middle of January last year, Peromus, the son of the village mayor, began to participate in playing knights with them. Allen asked him what he was going to do at the beginning of the year.

 He said that everyone in the village would be invited to a banquet at the beginning of the year. Apparently, Dogora also participates in this event every year. Dogora, who was listening to the conversation, said, “You guys should come too.”

 We were invited to the party at the beginning of the year. We stayed the night and are now on our way home in the morning. We have a lot of souvenirs in my hands.

 To celebrate the success of last year’s Boar hunt, the event was held on a larger scale than usual.

 Last year, the Lord ordered to increase the number of Boar hunted to 15, 1.5 times more than the year before that. Under Allen’s long spear style of training newcomers, we increased the number of hunts and caught 18. Of course, none of the hunters were seriously injured. The quota was achieved.

 The village mayor had also invited Rodin and Gerda to the banquet, but they declined because they had small children. Allen and Kurena joined instead. The village mayor was glad that the children of the people who had played a key role in the success of the Boar hunt were able to join the party.

“I’m home!”

 When we arrived home, Kurena announced that she was home in front of the mud room.


 Lily, who is now able to walk, hugs Kurena. They seem to be getting along quite well. Kurena is fondling her cheek. Mash is next to her.

“Oh, you’re home.”

 “Gerda is here. Mitilda is there. And…”

“Did you have a good time at the village mayor’s?”

“Welcome home.”

 Rodin, Teresia and Muras are also there.

“I’m back, Dad, Mom, Muras. It was fun.”

 Today, we are having a sleepover at Kurena’s house, the second day in a row that I am having a sleepover.

 Peromus had confirmed in advance that there would be souvenirs. Since we had souvenirs, we called for a sleepover at the Kurena house the next day.

 I give them the meat and fruit I brought back. Allen and Kurena, who have not been here for a day, play with Mash and Lily.

 In the meantime, the food was ready. Although we are two families of serfs, I think we have become quite wealthy with our gifts. Thanks to the many hunts we’ve been on, we’ve got the meat of the Great Boar and the meat of the Albaheron that I have caught.

 In the midst of all the fun, the family’s own feast begins. The family has grown, and the room for four adults and six children is very small. The banquet was fun, but I still think a sleepover at Kurena’s house was better.

 We talked about the banquet, including the story of the village mayor’s thanks to Rodin and Gerda. (Here the mayor is thanking them) Kurena was so engrossed in her meal that she didn’t seem to remember much. In the meantime, Gerda is listening to the conversation, squirming.

“Hey, Allen.”


“You know, that thing behind Allen, could it be…”

 Behind Allen’s back is a souvenir from the village mayor’s house. It was a small wooden barrel that could hold several liters of liquid.

“What? This? It’s alcohol.”

 Allen came home with some alcohol as a souvenir. Unlike the other souvenirs, he didn’t distribute it.


 The two of them let out a squeal. Rodin and Gerda’s eyes shine.

(Hmmm, I caught something. I guess they both like to drink.)

 I ignored the glint in their eyes and talked to Kurena.


“What? What’s wrong?”

 Rodin and Gerda were surprised when I skipped the story of the alcohol.

“No, it’s a souvenir from the village mayor, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a souvenir I got.”

 They give me a look that says, “What are you talking about?

“What? You can’t drink!”

 Gerda was giving his best shot. Rodin agreed saying yes, yes, yes. It seems that all he can think about is drinking. Theresia and Michilda are also looking at me like what’s going on.

“I can’t help it. It’s my drink, but I’ll give it to you if you win in a strength-based game against me.”

 (If you want it, you have to win the game.)

“Huh? Strength-based game?”’

“But if you don’t want to, that’s fine. I won’t give you any alcohol.’

 There is silence in the living room. Kurena stuffs food into her mouth and makes a what-if face.

“All right, the game it is.”

 Gerda’s coming on board. He’s very motivated. This seems to be fun. I can feel the bumps on my arms. I look at Rodin. What’s Father going to do?

“Yeah, how could I lose to my son in a strength-based game?”

“Okay, it’s a contest of strength. I’ll take on both of you, and if you both lose, I win, okay?”

“Hmm? That’s a lot of room. Well, okay.”

 Gerda was wondering if two against one is enough. Rodin nodded beside him.

“Well, if I lose from both of you, I’ll give you alcohol. And if I win, what will you give me?”


 They were both surprised again and questioned each other at the same time. If I win, I get a drink. They hadn’t thought about what would happen if they lost.

“What, you’re not going to give me anything if I win?”

“By the way, is there anything you want?”

 Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Allen, wondering what he wanted.

“So, if I win, let me have a spear for this year’s Boar hunt.”


 It was here that they finally realized. Both Rodin and Gerda had been set up. The whole thing had been a set-up. If they won, they would get a drink, and if they lost, they would have to let Allen participate in Boar hunt. This liquor was brought back from the village mayor’s house to participate in the boa hunt.

 Allen had confirmed with Peromus beforehand that alcohol would be served at the banquet at the village mayor’s house before he arrived. Therefore, the sleepover party on the second day was all Allen’s plan.

“Why not? It’s a contest of strength.”

 I emphasized on the word ‘strength’. It’s not just a game. It’s a game of strength.

 Even if I win against Rodin and Gerda, I can’t join them. Gerda gives Rodin a look that says, “What are you going to do?” As expected, Rodin is the one to answer this.

“Yeah, if we win, we will get the alcohol. If Allen wins, he will join this year’s Boar hunt.”

“What? What? Oh, you!”

 Theresia was surprised. She didn’t expect this to happen. I’m not going to lose, says Rodin to Theresia.

“’Well, it’s settled then. How about a contest of strength?”

 It is a game that uses power, but I haven’t mentioned the details.

“It’s arm wrestling.”

“”Arm wrestling?””

 While everyone else is unsure of what to do, Kurena reacts. She had already practiced arm-wrestling at the village mayor’s house in order to make Gerda and Rodin understand it. The arm-wrestling tournament has already been held at the village mayor’s house.

“Okay, me and Kurena will arm wrestle. Come on, Krena.”


 Allen and Kurena went down to the dirt floor and lay down. The living room was too small for them, so this was the only place they could go. All of them looked at the two people in the mud room, wondering what they were doing. They are lying face to face, hands folded.

“Now all we need is for someone to say, ‘Start!’. That’s it. Then, Mother said, “Start.”

 “What? …Start?”

 Theresia gave a paused signal for the start. At that moment, Allen’s and Kurena’s hands start pushing against each other’s. Kurena puts on a bright red face and puts in more effort.

 However, Allen goes on to win by putting the back of Kurena’s hand on the ground effortlessly.

“Aaah! You are too strong. I lost again!”

 Kurena is frustrated. She was also defeated at the village mayor’s house.

“You got it? If you put your opponent’s hand on the ground, you win. It’s all about arm strength.”

 It is a simple battle. Both Rodin and Gerda seemed to understand. And Kurena, the Master Swordsman, was defeated instantly.

(It’s not like Kurena has a lot of power. She’s probably only one level.)

 Kurena is strong because of her swordsmanship skills. Her strength itself is not that high, as she has not advanced to a higher level.

“Okay, okay. Which way do you want to play first?”

“Gerda first. Father, you’re next.”

 I am going to take out Gerda first.

 The battle begins for the alcohol and the participation in the Boar hunt.


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