The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 48

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48. Katariona Doesn’t Welcome the Crown Prince’s Visit (Part 2)

Father responds to His Highness the Crown Prince’s question. As soon as he heard that Leon was a relative’s child, the Crown Prince’s gaze relaxed.

“He’s a child of our relatives, but we’re taking care of him for certain reasons.”

“I see. Did you say his name was Leon? How old is he?”

“The same year as Sieg,….no, they’re the same age.”

Barely using honorifics, Leon’s attitude towards the Crown Prince is very arrogant. Maybe it’s because he’s a god or perhaps it’s because he doesn’t like the Crown Prince. Though, it’s probably the latter. Leon’s a very human-friendly god, but he has a tendency to be very unforgiving to those he recognizes as his enemies.

“If you’re the same age as Sieg, then that means you’re the same age as me. I’ll allow Leon to call me Rick, just like Sieg does. I have few friends of the same age, so let’s get along.”

“I understand. Nice to meet you, Rick.”

On the surface, they were shaking hands very amicably, but then I heard this in telekinesis.

“Hmph! You’re a thousand years too young to be friends with me, kid.”

Leon…….doesn’t seem too happy. 

“So, I assume you’re here to check on me? And, as you can see, I’m fine, so you can go home now. Say hello to Father and Mother for me.”

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince smiled at Chris’s nonchalant attitude.

“You don’t seem to want to go home, so my business here is certainly finished now. But, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and I’ve just met with Sieg and Rio for the first time in a while. Isn’t it alright if I spend some time talking with you guys some more?”

“If you don’t hurry, the carriage will get stuck in a pile of snow.”

“If that happens, I can just stay here with you, can’t I?”

“Don’t you have official duties as the Crown Prince?”

Chris and the Crown Prince’s gazes collided. I’m not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I can see sparks flying in the air. 

“We have winter vehicles in our territory. So please rest assured that we will lend you one in the event of an emergency, Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

My father acts like the gentleman he is, but I feel like I can hear that in his heart he’s saying, “Go home early.”

“A winter vehicle? What’s that?” 

“When winter comes and the snow piles up, we use sleighs instead of carriages. We replace the carriage wheels with sleigh blades, and let reindeers pull our carriages instead of horses.”

“Reindeers? I’ve only seen them in picture books. I’d like to see one.”

The Crown Prince seems very interested in sledding. To be honest, I also want to see the reindeers. His Royal Highness loves animals. In this respect, he and Chris are alike, as she also loves animals.

“If you like, I can show you. Would you mind, head butler?”

The head butler left Marie in charge of serving the guests, and then bowed to leave the reception room. He went to instruct the staff to fetch a reindeer from the stables.

“I’m looking forward to it. Do you think they’ll be fluffy?”

His Highness looks happy. Chris is also fidgeting around. It’s probably their first time to see a reindeer, so they’re looking forward to it.

“Reindeers have thick fur to protect them from the cold environment, so their fur is very stiff. However, they’re very cute.”

I explained what reindeers are like to His Highness and Chris. My brother and I are also animal lovers, so the four of us had a lively discussion about fluffy animals for a while. However, Leon’s fur is the best for fluffing!

Leon was enjoying a cup of tea with Kikuno-sama, not participating in the conversation between us four children. The bowl of sweets had dwindled significantly, which is probably due to the work of Leon the glutton.

After about half an hour of chatting, there was a knock on the door of the reception room and the head butler entered the room.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ve brought the reindeer outside the terrace, so you can see them from inside.”

The head butler led us out of the reception room and onto the terrace. From the terrace, we had a panoramic view of the entire garden.

Outside the terrace, I could see a reindeer being herded by the servants who worked in the stables, walking around the garden.

“Is that a reindeer? It looks like a deer.”

Chris’s eyes lit up as she stuck to the window of the terrace, staring at the reindeer. 

“Reindeer are members of the deer family. They can run on the snow, so during the winter, we have them pull the sleds instead of the horses.”

Compared to a normal horse-drawn carriage, sleighs are a very simple vehicle. Our sleigh is a box-shaped sleigh with a roof. The riding quality of it is much better than a horse-drawn carriage, as it doesn’t vibrate much. 

His Royal Highness also stared at the reindeer curiously from various angles.

“Those are some magnificent antlers. They’re much bigger than I imagined. Is it a male?”

His Royal Highness was very happy seeing a reindeer for the first time. His cheeks were flushed with vermilion, and his blue eyes sparkled.

“Both male and female reindeer have horns. In winter, the females are the ones who have horns.”

Male reindeer shed their antlers in the autumn and winter, and their horns grow back in the spring. Female horns fall off during the spring and summertime, and their horns grow back in winter. The butler explained to us how reindeer antlers can be ground into a powder that can be used as a nourishing tonic. 

(More info on this: Deer Antler.)

“I want to go out and touch the reindeer.”

“Although they’ve been acclimated, they’re still dangerous, so you’ll have to be content with simply watching them.”

“That’s too bad.”

The head butler shook his head in refusal. The Crown Prince looks disappointed with his head sagging low. We can’t have the royal family getting hurt, so I’m sorry but you’ll have to put up with it. 

After admiring the reindeers to our heart’s content, we returned to the reception room and chatted for about an hour.

We were told that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince would be heading to the royal capital as soon as possible, so he wouldn’t be staying with us at our house today as he had done in the past. He said that they have already made arrangements for lodging until he enters the territory under the direct control of the Magic Academy. 

We all went to the entrance to see him off. His Royal Highness placed his hand on Chris’s head.

“Come back to the capital once in a while. I don’t know about Mother, but Father will miss you. And, don’t cause too much trouble for us.”

“I know!” 

Chris brushed her brother’s hand from her head.

“Then, Marquis, Marchioness, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Have a safe trip home, Your Royal Highness.”

The snow hadn’t piled up yet, so they were going to head straight home in the royal carriage. 

“The next time we’ll see each other will be when Rio and Chris take the magic attribute test. I’m looking forward to it, Sieg.”

“Yes. Take care of yourself, Rick.”

Looking at Leon next to Brother, His Royal Highness asked for a handshake.

“Will Leon be coming?”

“I intend to.”

Leon exhaled a dejected sigh and shook hands with His Royal Highness.

Muttering “Yes,” the Crown Prince finally turned his gaze to me.

“Rio, I look forward to seeing you at the magic attribute test.”

Is it imagination? But, the Crown Prince’s eyes seemed to be full of heat as he stared at me. I felt an unpleasant sensation, as something cold ran down my spine.”

The highest level of respect was given as the Crown Prince boarded the carriage. Just before the carriage started to drive away, I raised my head and saw the Crown Prince waving. 

After seeing the carriage off until it was out of sight, I returned to the reception room.

“It seems to me that you and brother had a normal relationship, but are you okay, Rio?” 

“Yes. Everyone was together……and…”

I was going to say that it was because Leon was there, but I asked the question that had been bothering me.

“By the way, Leon, why are you in human form? I thought you’d turn invisible like you did before.”

“The Prince kid needs to be checked and controlled. It’s not possible to go out as a beast in front of royalty, right? Since that’s the case, I’ll just have to take on human form.”

That reminds me, I haven’t presented Leon in his beast form to any of the royals except Chris. Is it for control? But why would I do that?

“Fluffy-kun has the permission of Father, the king, so it doesn’t matter if he’s not in his fluffy form even if he’s in front of Brother….No, it’s better that he doesn’t.”

“Why not?”

“My brother is an animal lover, just like me. If you’re willing to be ravaged by Brother, then you can go ahead and be in your beast form.”

“……Let’s make sure not to ever take on a beast from in front of the Prince kid.”

Leon frowned. Did he imagine himself being touched by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince? He looks very disgusted.

TL: Uh-oh. It looks like the Crown Prince likes Rio~ tho let’s hope that he doesn’t. Also, I never knew that you could make a tonic out of reindeer antlers. 



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