Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 13

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

 High Speed Leveling

When you form parties in this world, the one with the higher level would receive majority of the EXP points. 

I was  Level 1, Luna was  Level 53, Ryuka was Level 65. If we defeated the monsters with our trio party, their EXP points would increase by around 50-70% of mine.

Right now, Ryuka had a higher level than Luna, so Ryuka would  probably get more EXP points — well, that was  fine, I think.

There was  the error margin if we thought  about the gap of their level from mine.

I got nothing to lose, so let’s try it first.

“Yeah, yeah, no worries, just hold this, okay.”

I pushed the Party Stones to Luna and Ryuka.

The result won’t be effective if they hold multiple stones. And if we didn’t hold the stones at the same time, the EXP points won’t get split. 

I already arranged the party stones I gave them at the same time, and also made it shine at the same time. By the way, Party Stones could  divide the EXP points for up to four members.

That’s why many parties were made with four members in this world.

Ryuka reluctantly handed Ryuushin their party stone. 

With this, Luna, Ryuka and I formed our party.

We were currently inside a spacious room on the eighth floor. We were taken here after touching the teleportation stone on the seventh floor.

This room was  wide, just perfect.

“Ice Lance! Wind Lance!”

I summoned multiple ice and wind knights, enough to pack the whole space.

I think the total was  around a hundred.

We were  under the dungeon, so if I summoned flaming knights, our oxygen supply would be cut off and we might get suffocated. That was  why I used wind and ice magic for now.

Alrighty, done with the preps.

“Annihilate them.”

The magical knights rushed out of the dungeon, following my orders.

“Your magic is still amazing as ever….”

“Being able to conjure that much…..Halt’s super incredible.”

 Luke and Leaffa praised me.

“Why didn’t you use the flaming knight this time?”

“Those flaming knights use up the air to burn. If they use too much air, we won’t be able to breathe.”

Youko was the one who asked, so I explained it as simply as possible. They didn’t know that much about stuff like oxygen in this world.

Even if this was an underground dungeon, suffocation won’t happen just because fire attribute magic was used. 

However, flaming knights used a great deal of fire to burn, so it would consume huge amounts of oxygen. If I conjured a hundred of those, no matter how huge this dungeon was, the air would get thinner.

On the contrary, if I used that in dungeons that go deeper underground, then I could also annihilate the monsters inside. 

I just had to conjure multiple flaming knights and send them in, while waiting at the entrance.

The interior of the dungeon would  be deprived of oxygen after a while, so all the monsters inside would  be exterminated.

Well, there were  also cons to that.

First, it wouldn’t affect the monster types that don’t breathe, like ghosts and undeads.

And suffocating monsters won’t yield EXP points.

While I was explaining this, Luna and Ryuka experienced a phenomenon.

“Eh!? T, This is —”

“No way…Don’t tell me…”

Luna and Ryuka’s bodies shone with a bluish white light.

This phenomenon happened when levels rose.

They continued shining for a few dozens of seconds.

Their levels were rising at an alarming speed.

Seemed like the knights I conjured started exterminating those inside the dungeons.

Usually, in order to raise their level, they had to defeat dozens of monsters that were on the same level as them. If the monsters had lower levels than them, then they had to slay a lot more.


Ryuka was staring at me, thoroughly shocked.

She probably thought that I was above Tina’s level. There was  no merit in teaming up with a guy whose level was  above 250 — she probably thought that way.

Sorry to say, but actually, I was  Level 1. That’s why the majority of the EXP points went to Luna and Ryuka.

And no matter how many monsters I defeated, my level would  never rise.

As the gap between our levels widened, the EXP points that were to  be allotted to me would go on  decreasing even if we kept on slaying the same monsters, but I didn’t  need it, anyway.

— In short, in this world, I might be the most efficient sage ever who could help my comrades level up.

Maybe I could  put up a shop for Leveling Up, huh.

After a while, Luna and Ryuka’s bodies stopped shining.

Seemed like the monsters inside had already decreased.

“Alright, time to move to the next floor.”

The wind and ice knights won’t be able to open the boss’ room since they were  magic.

That would  only open when a person comes.

Ah, but if it’s my magical guys, then they could probably destroy that door, though….

“By the way, how much did you rise?”

“I-it’s amazing. I’m Level 63 now.”

“I rose 7 levels, so it’s Level 72.”

Luna seemed to have increased by 10 levels. On the other hand, Ryuka only got 7. Ryuka supposedly got more EXP points, but the amount of experience she needed to level up seemed to have increased too, so the rate of leveling up also slowed down.

There were  supposed to be stronger monsters on the next floor, so, maybe they would  also get more EXP points. If we were to  repeat this till we reach the 10th floor, then I could  probably pull them up to Level 90 by the time we clear the dungeon.

Level 90 was equivalent to the top-grade adventurers known as the B-ranked.  They definitely won’t lose against ordinary monsters.

What I actually wanted for Luna, whose defense and speed was still weak,  to surpass level 100, but…..

Well, we could do that next time. I’d form a party with Merdie, Leaffa and Luna, since they hadn’t  reached Level 100 yet, and we’d go tackle dungeons, to strengthen the entire Ernol House’s fighting power.

Finally, if all of them attained tertiary occupations, then I’d be happy. If everyone in my family were to get  as strong as Tina, then I’d be relieved.

While thinking of these things, I led everyone through the dungeon that was completely empty of monsters.


E/N: Don’t they have anything else besides annihilating monsters. I feel bad for them now lmao. Imagine sipping tea and a group of stupid teenagers suddenly come uninvited to attack you. I’d get seriously pissed. Isn’t  there a light novel where the mc becomes friends with the dungeon monsters?!!

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  1. “Isn’t there a light novel where the mc becomes friends with the dungeon monsters?!!”

    I think that happens in The Labyrinth Raids of the Ultimate Tank, at least if I remember correctly he becomes friends with one dungeon master.

    1. Also happens in Danmachi. Quite a few where the mc is the dungeon master but not sure if those really count.

  2. “Although I Am Only Level 1, but with This Unique Skill, I Am the Strongest”___In this manga/novel the MC eventually becomes friends with dungeon monsters. There is even a possibility of him being considered a dungeon Monster. Besides this YES there is a lot of novels like that.

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