When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 73

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This is father

Kongbao: “…!”

Because his eyes have always been for his master, at most glancing slightly towards an annoying Kong Ba, he completely ignores this old man who seems to be a passerby.

The result of the omission is …

Pill Master Qin says with excitement: “I once went to the Ling Palace to see you! Why are you here? Did you come to see the Chu Huang Tai?”

It is a great honor to see Lord Lin Jinying, and now Pill Master Qin has met him twice! Everything seems to be dream-like. Pill Master Qin has now completely sent the cannibal to the back of his mind as the lowest priority. 

Kong Ba, who has been neglected so thoroughly, also slightly raises his eyebrows. “Lord Lin Jinying?”

This matter seems to be a bit troublesome, although Kong Ba has always been strong and fearless, but this emperor… seems to be a little beat.

Kongbao immediately decides to play dumb after a look towards his master and the face under the mask appears blank. “Sorry, who did you just say? Lord what? Who is that?”

Pill Master Qin never expected that he would deny it. He couldn’t recognize the wrong person though – even if this man is wearing a mask, there is no second person with this magnificent momentum. 

Pill Master Qin can’t believe it. “Are you really not? Impossible, aren’t you? Are you kidding me? Not to mention that it is impossible for anyone to not know Lord Lin Jinying, it’s a big name. Right, Emperor Ning Zhao?”

Kong Wuying stares back. “Lord Lin? Who is it?” It sounds like an emperor of a country or something.

Pill Master Qin: “…”

Could it be said that in Mingguang, Pill Master Qin has now met the only two people who did not know who Lord Lin Jinying was? Did these two people come out of a village?

At this time, Kong Ba, who was neglected, is finally angry. “Are you finished talking or not?!” Since it is not Lord Lin Jinying, then there is no problem, and he now wants to eat dinner.

Let him think about it carefully; roommate as the appetizer, mask man as the main course, uh… let the old man go.

Hearing the clamor of the stupid son, Kong Wuying rolls his eyes in disdain, saying to Qin, “Pill Master Qin, let’s go out for a walk together.” Then tells Kongbao: “It’s up to you, clean it up.”

Pill Master Qin is dragged out of the room and Kongbao, who was left to clean up, showed a sweet smile under the mask.

Okay… okay, clean up the master’s son, no matter who he is, he couldn’t be more happy.

Pill Master Qin doesn’t walk far when he hears a scream from inside the broken room. Seems like the scream of that ogre.

That mask man is so powerful? Is it really Lord Lin Jinying?

Kong Wuying shows a kind smile beside him, comforting him: “Don’t worry, it will be resolved soon. Before that, let’s talk about who Lord Lin Jinying is.”

Half an hour later, when the two return again, there is only one Kongbao left in the broken house, and Kong Ba has cleared and disappeared into thin air.

Pill Master Qin says that the night is too thrilling and also leaves, so only Kong Wuying and his puppet remain in the room.

Kongbao looks at the broken house, which has such a wonderful skylight, and frowns. “Master? Do you live in this kind of place? Come to mine instead.”

Damn, dare to let his precious master live in such a place. Tomorrow he… Oh, no, the person he’s dressed up as is Mingguang’s saviour, not the devil. Don’t do such a cruel thing – or at least kill in secret.

“Everywhere is the same to me,” Kong Wuying says, lying down on the broken bed.

Kongbao watches his master for a while, and thinks that master will question him about the Lord, but after a long time the master still doesn’t speak.

If Kongbao looks closely, he’s fallen asleep in bed. Sleeping quietly… Kongbao looks and can’t help feeling distressed.

He fell asleep so quickly, he must have been tired out today. After thinking about it, Kongbao crawls to the master lightly and lies down beside him. Because the broken bed is a bit small, although Kongbao is slender, it is still difficult to squeeze two people.

Therefore, Kongbao can only lean against the wall as much as possible, not let himself be pressed against the master, and then put his cheek in one hand, staring at the master’s sleep.

Watch him go to sleep.

See him all night.

It’s a good night.

On the second day, today is not an ordinary day. The 100-year-old Chu Huang Tai Competition starts today.

The outstanding pill masters from 175 countries and regions will gather together to carry out a fierce alchemy competition. 175 enthusiastic contestants stand in the competition area.

The pre-match speech is very boring. It mainly introduced the XX elders and XX elders and XX elders who presided over the game. Oh, and also introduced a legend, the Sword King.

Although the contestants have mixed well with other powerful figures in their respective countries, the opportunity to meet such a great figure as His Excellency the Sword King is still unique.

The emotions are so exciting that they look desperately on the high platform. Although they couldn’t see the Sword King, it’s terribly exciting.

In this case, the seemingly calm Kong Wuying is very conspicuous.

The Sword King gives a dignified look, and asks Blackie next to him, “Is this just Ah Zi’s lover?”

Blackie lowers his head and says, “That’s true. The person who was rescued by Ah Zi last night was incompetent.”

The Sword King shows a mysterious smile: “In the future, there is still a chance.”

Meanwhile, Kong Wuying yawns. This Chu Huang Tai match is really boring enough. The competitors are especially boring.

He looks at his right side. Since this standing position is also ranked according to the rankings of the previous countries, the man standing on the right side of Kong Wuying – ta~da! His dearest son! Little Kong Ba!

And then, one step down, is Kongbao. Somehow he secretly moved to the position of the 173rd player and became one of the competitors. 

Kong Wuying feels that life is actually quite annoying.

After talking about Kong Wuying, let’s talk about comrade little Ba.

Comrade little Ba is very pale, but his expression is even more agitated than those who worship the Sword King, looking around the crowd. 

The Magician said that Kong Ba would meet his father today. Father, father, which is father? When his father was born again, the appearance had definitely changed, but he should definitely recognize it at a glance. This was his confidence.

Where is father?

No matter how many times he is reborn, Kong Ba believes that his father is definitely the brightest person in the crowd.

Unlike this ugly one on the left. Kong Ba is disgusted in his heart, but in fact he’s a little bit embarrassed about Ning Zhao. The man who was supposed to be a delicious meal on the plate brought a mask man to beat him. Why is that mask man so powerful! Is it really Lord Lin Jinying?

Anyway, there is nothing good about meeting this roommate, he should avoid him.

And then…

Kong Ba feels a strong look. He immediately sees Kongbao staring at him.

Kongbao is dressed as Lin Jinying. Although not as elegant as a deity, he still looks exquisite, and with the temperament of Kongbao, it is absolutely nothing.

Kong Ba is immediately excited!

Yeah! This is my father! Why did he forget that although his father changed his face, he did not change temperament? Father must be able to recognize him at a glance, so he smiled at the man.


Looking at the appearance of this man, father definitely likes this style of clothes. Definitely father, right?!

The gigantic introduction to the match finally comes to an end at this time. 

The first contest began.

The first competition field is once again set in a virtual space. Everyone lines up and enters in order. They will be teleported randomly to any corner of the map.

Although Kongbao has reached the point where he can control the space arbitrarily, the Sword King is present and would be able to feel the disturbance. So he can only go in with the current.

The scene in front of him changes, and Kongbao finds himself in the woods. Where is master? He searches for his master’s trail in the woods.

Then a hand lands on his shoulder.

“Father!” Kong Ba calls shyly.

Kongbao: “…”

Quest activated!


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