When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 72

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Kongbao eventually pulls away and asks with tears, “Master, what is the relationship between you and Ah Zi! Why do you allow him to hold you?” 

Kong Wuying stretches out his hand, stroking Kongbao’s hair slowly. “Baby, you misunderstand. Just now I encountered danger, this little brother saved me. We have no special relationship, you’re thinking too much. I have only you in my heart.”

Kongbao gasps. “Master…”

Kong Wuying scowls ruthlessly and says coldly, “Do you think I would ever say that genuinely?”

Kongbao: “…”

Kong Wuying scoffs. “I can hug and kiss him. What’s the matter with you? Some people are lovelier than you. Why do you ask me these questions – do I know you well? Get lost.”

Kong Wuying leaves.

Now there’s only the stunned Kongbao and Ah Zi kneeling on the ground. Kongbao turns slowly and looks at Ah Zi with hate.

Feeling the Lord’s gaze, Ah Zi lowers his head slightly and explains, “Things are not what you think. The little… the gentleman is not telling the truth, don’t take this to heart.”

Kongbao squints at him. “Really? But why do I think you’re laughing?”

Ah Zi blanks for a moment. “Master, you have misunderstood. I am absolutely not very happy, absolutely not!”

The more Kongbao grows angry, the more he ignores Ah Zi and turns instead to chase his master.

Kong Wuying returns to his broken place. Although his strange son is very disturbing, this boy is also much better than Kongbao.

Immediately upon entering the door, he is presented with a frightening sight. Tall and handsome, Kong Ba is pressing down a thin man underneath his body, head buried in the other man’s neck.

It’s awkward to see such a thing – and it’s even more embarrassing to see his son doing this kind of thing.

Kong Wuying immediately says, even as he half turned towards the door, “Sorry, I’ll leave.”

At this time, Kong Ba also notices him, pushing up from the person under him to turn and look. 

The person suddenly makes a strange noise, and then shoves Kong Ba away, rushing towards the direction of Kong Wuying – that is, the doorway.

Kong Wuying feels a terrible pain in his heart.

Who is this? 

Isn’t this Pill Master Qin?

What kind of taste does Kong Ba have that this old man with a beard down to his waist is also appetizing? Although Qin may not be older than Kong Wuying in terms of age, how they compare in looks… Kong Wuying is lost for words.

Kong Wuying looks scornful but Pill Master Qin appears to have seen his saviour. He almost cries while holding his neck, screaming, “Help! Help! That lunatic is a cannibal!”

Glancing at Qin, Kong Wuying finds that the man’s neck seems to be dripping heavily with blood, hidden behind his hand before, and it can’t be seen just how much flesh was torn off.

Watching his prey run away, Kong Ba isn’t in any hurry. Instead, he takes out his handkerchief and wipes his mouth gracefully. He looks at Kong Wuying and crooks a finger. “Come over here.”

What Kong Ba wanted to eat was this “housemate”, but perhaps the man caught on because he ran away, disappearing day and night, until now. 

Kong Ba was hungry, so he had to take the old man who came to knock on the door.  Such an old man doesn’t fit Kong Ba’s refined palette. The meat is too old to chew at all.

This kid would be just right.

The corners of Kong Wuying’s mouth twitches.

This is actually not the first son to tell him they want to enjoy him, but there’s a significant difference from Ba and Si. 

Kong Wuying suddenly remembers that in Yeying, people would disappear around Kong Ba, and everyone suspected that Kong Ba had done something to them. At that time, Kong Wuying rebuked all those who said such things – how could such a good child do that?

It now seems that Kong Wuying is about to be eaten. 

There are thousands of foods in the world. Does Kong Ba not like anything else? Why does he like human flesh?

Meanwhile, Pill Master Qin is not slow. Although it is a good thing to be able to see Kong Wuying amidst the terror of being eaten, Pill Master Qin can’t forget that the man is a pure alchemist and has no physical strength. Pill Master Qin can’t count on him, and has to rely on himself if he wants to escape.

So he rushes out of the door at the fastest speed in his life. As long as he’s out, there are so many people outside, the crazy one would never dare to mess around!

It’s a pity… he can’t leave.

Pill Master Qin feels his body hit a hard wall. Instead of going out, he bounces back and falls to the ground.

Seeing him so shocked, Kong Ba faintly smiles. “It’s useless. This room has been sealed by me. People inside can’t get out, people outside can’t get in-”

“Master, don’t be angry, I’m wrong!” Kongbao cries, bursting through the door.

Kong Ba: “…”

Pill Master Qin: “…”

Kongbao: “…”

Kongbao, who was chasing after Kong Wuying to explain, suddenly realizes that there are still people in the room! A bleeding old man and a familiar face. 

Hmm… isn’t that one of the love rivals? The long list of love rivals in Kongbao’s head is quickly located, and Kong Ba is recognized.

Honestly, Kong Ba is pretty far down the list of rivals because Kongbao feels that a son who likes to eat human flesh, even if the master is brainwashed, will not like him.

Compared to Kongbao, Kong Ba is far more shocked. “How did you crack my seal?!”

Kongbao turns his head and looks at the doorway, wondering slightly, “Is there one? I didn’t feel it.”

The shameful Kong Ba: “…”

Kong Wuying frowns at Kongbao, voice impatiently saying, “What are you doing here again? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to follow me?”

Kongbao immediately looks sincere and flutters his eyelashes. “How is this possible! I will not feel bored with my master even after an eternity. Before, I may have lost my mind, please do not take it to heart. As long as you don’t hate it, I will follow you step by step. Where you go, I will go!”

His attitude of confession is very sincere and he speaks loudly and firmly. Kongbao takes hold of his master’s hand and vows, “Master, don’t abandon me. Do you know? These days you were away, I realized how important you are to me. Without you, the world doesn’t make sense. I don’t ask for anything now, as long as I can be with you and I can watch you every day, I’m satisfied.”

It would be better if Kongbao had the opportunity to hug and kiss.

After the affectionate words… the other two people listening have goosebumps in disgust.

Kong Wuying, however, relaxes, his cold expression easing up. “Stop talking, I’m still upset.”

Seeing the master’s attitude warm up despite his words, Kongbao calls out happily, “Master, thank you, master! May I hug you?”

Kong Wuying stares blankly. “Do you want to die?”

Kongbao looks sadly at his master. “Oh… okay then.”

Kong Wuying sighs and could not help but reach out and rub the head in front of him. “Just be good.”

Kong Ba and Qin have been stuck here watching this horribly mushy back and forth affection. 

“Are you done?” Kong Ba snaps sarcastically, particularly unhappy as this is his home field, but these two guys completely ignore him to flirt instead. “Now that’s enough, come over to me…”

Before he finishes his threat, he’s interrupted again.

This time, it’s Pill Master Qin, who looks at Kongbao with sparkling eyes and an excited voice. “Are you… Lord Lin Jinying, the Lord of the Mausoleum?”

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