The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 47

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47. Katariona Doesn’t Welcome the Crown Prince’s Visit

A week passed in the blink of an eye, the Crown Prince came to pay a visit in the afternoon of the day to our house.

As the week progressed, the weather became colder and colder as snow started to come down. The weather outside today has been very cold and snowy since this morning. 

“It’s been a long time. Marquis and Marchioness de Grandeur.”

Has he grown up a little? I feel like he’s grown taller than the last time I saw him at the magic judgment attribute ceremony. The Crown Prince was about the same height as my brother. And Brother trains every day, so his height and body are above average for the standard 10-year-old boy…

“Thank you for coming despite the cold, Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

My parents lined up to give the Crown Prince the highest of courtesies. 

When my father had heard about my previous life, he gave a dark smile and said, “The next time I see the Crown Prince, I might kill him.”

But now, he’s graciously bowing with very elegant gestures. He wasn’t just the head of a high-ranking noble family for show. The way he managed to mend his appearance was superb.

“Sieg, Rio, it’s been a while.”

Smiling and thanking him like the gentleman he is, my brother shook hands with the Crown Prince. My brother has a very gentlemanly personality. Not just in terms of body movement, but also in his smile……not. There’s something a shade darker mixed in with his smile. 

I also pasted my lady’s smile and curtsied. The Crown Prince came up to me with a big smile on his face and extended his arm to me. 

“Do you mind if I escort Rio?”

Glancing at my father’s face, he nodded, saying, “Please escort her,” and so I curtsied once again and replied.  

“I’m honored. Thank you very much.”

I placed my hand on the proffered arm, even though I really hate to do so. I don’t know why he would offer to escort me, but His Highness was originally a noble gentleman who was kind to women. I would like to think that there are no deep meanings behind his actions. 

As I walked along the path to the reception room, nodding along as the Crown Prince spoke, I could feel a deadly presence emanating from behind me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my parents glaring at the Crown Prince with a gaze that could kill. Fortunately, His Highness the Crown Prince didn’t seem to take notice of it. 

My brother is walking a little ways behind me while smiling. 

However, I know that my brother has a dagger in his pocket……

After showing the Crown Prince to the reception room, the head butler and Marie came bringing tea and sweets. 

The reception room was warm. It’s even colder today, so they’ve been burning the fireplace since this morning. As he was building the fire, the head butler looked at the wood used for firewood while muttering, “It looks like it could be used as a weapon in case of an emergency.” I don’t know what type of trial Marie is undergoing, but she has a dark weapon hidden in her maid’s uniform.

I reminded her not to assassinate the Crown Prince, but I’m still worried.

“My purpose for coming to visit here today is to thank you all for taking care of my sister, Chris……”

I heard that Chris had convinced His and Her Majesty that she was going to study under a territory that was under the direct control of the Magic Academy, but it seems that the Crown Prince knew that Chris was in my territory. 

“No need to say thank you. Ever since the Princess, who is of the same age as Rio, came here, my daughter has been enjoying herself every day, so we would like to thank her.”

“I’m relieved to hear that my sister is on good terms with Rio. Chris is a bit of a rascal, so I was worried that Rio might’ve been pushed around.”

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince looked at me with his clear blue eyes and gently smiled. However, I know of a pair of odd-eye eyes that were cleaner and more beautiful than those blue eyes. I can assure you that I will never be attracted to those blue eyes again. 

“Her Royal Highness Christina is very cheerful and bright. I enjoy her fun company every day.”

Those words came from my heart. Chris has a mysterious charm that attracts people to her. Maybe it’s the charisma of a monarch, but I love Chris. I think of her as my best friend.

“Yes, that’s good. By the way, why don’t I see Chris?”

“The Princess is getting ready now. She will be here shortly, Your Highness.”

Until Chris arrived, my parents and brother took care of the Crown Prince. As for me, I maintained my ladylike smile on my face while occasionally giving a nod to him to get by. 

After a while, Chris, Tojurou-san, Kikuno-sama, and Leon came into the parlor. Leon was in his human form. He looked like a boy with silver hair and blue eyes. His eyes were both blue because odd eye eyes would stand out. For some reason, he was also wearing glasses, even though there’s no need to hide them. 

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Brother. How reckless of you to visit us at this time of year. You’d better be careful on your way back, or the carriage might slip on the snow.”

Chris snorted with her arms folded, as she looked down at the Crown Prince. 

“You’re still the same as ever. Aren’t you worried about going back home? From the way you’re speaking, it doesn’t seem like you plan to leave yet.”

As I imagined, His Highness the Crown Prince came to pick Chris up. It seems like he plans to take her home, but Chris doesn’t want to leave yet.

“I still have something to do here. I also have Father’s permission.”

“Father is simply being soft for you.”

He said, sighing and then turning to Tojurou-san.

“Are you the Sword Saint of the Wind? What brings you here?”

“Sieg is my disciple, His Royal Highness Prince Richard.”

Tojurou-san calls my brother by his first name, instead of his usual Yuri. 

“You’re Sieg’s master? Also, who are the two behind you?”

The Crown Prince turned his shoulders to turn to face Kikuno-sama and Leon, who were standing behind Tojurou-san. 

“It is my first time to see you, His Royal Highness Prince Richard. My name is Kujo Kasumi Kikuno.”

Kikuno-sama, as customary to this country, gave the highest form of courtesy to royalty. It’s a very sophisticated gesture. 

“I am Leon.”

Tojurou-san smacked Leon’s head, who had his arms crossed.

Leon stared at Tojurou-san as he rubbed his struck head. Then, letting out a sigh, he gave a gentleman’s bow to His Highness the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince greeted them with a “Hello” and then turned to Tojurou-san.

“Excuse me, but the Sword Saint of the Wind is from a country to the far east, correct? I don’t know what your status is?”

“Let me explain. This person is the son of the Toujuuin family, who are the lords of Hinoshima. I am the daughter of the Prime Minister of the country, and I am also in charge of diplomacy.” 

What! Kikuno-sama is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Hinoshima. So, she’s a member of the aristocracy in her country. No wonder she’s so graceful and elegant. Formerly, I thought it was because she was a former goddess, but I was wrong. 

“Hinoshima? Is it the golden land that lies further east of the Eschen Empire?”

Golden country? Hinoshima Kingdom? It’s my first time hearing of it.

“Hinoshima is not the golden country. It’s a country of customs similar to the Eschen Empire.”

I tiled my head. I don’t know much about the Eschen Empire, so I can’t imagine it. 

“In other words, the Sword Saint of the Wind is a royalty from the Hinoshima Kingdom?”

It seems that the Crown Prince thought Tojurou-san was a commoner from another country. It’s evident in his look of surprise written on his face. However, I understand, because looking at Tojurou-san, you wouldn’t imagine him being royalty.

“That’s right. Hikoshirou-sama is the legitimate son of the Lord of Hiroshima. Although Hiroshima has a monogamy system, the Lord has eight children. All children from the same parents. And of course, Hikoshirou-sama also has the right to inherit the kingdom.”

Normally, Kikuno-sama doesn’t refer to Tojurou-san with sama, but today she is using his honorific title. She properly distinguishes her private and public life. 

I thought about it when the topic of siblings came up, but having eight brothers and sisters seems lively and fun.

“That was rude of me. I hope you will forgive me for my past rudeness.”

The Crown Prince stood up and bowed to Tojurou-san. 

“Please raise your head, His Royal Highness Prince Richard. As you can see, I’m wandering around like this. I’m the fourth son of the king. Besides, my brothers are excellent, so I’ll never get the title.”

Although Tojurou-san is usually blunt, I’m impressed how he never lacks courtesy when dealing with royalty from other countries.

“What about your son?”

The Crown Prince raised his head, this time giving Leon a rude and impolite look. 

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