Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 11

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Tina’s Premonition

There were several dungeons in this world built to train the heroes that have been transferred from another world by the deities.

This dungeon was created in the midst of ancient ruins, found in Vestier, the kingdom of the beastkin.

In a certain room on the second floor of this dungeon, Tina Ernol was waiting for her husband, Halt, to come.

Leaffa, Halt’s other wife, the demon Youko, the spirits Mai and Mei, and the beastkin Merdie sat around Tina.

Youko and the rest were not married to Halt, but they also belonged to the House of Ernol just like Tina and Leaffa.

Tina was a professor at the Ifrus Academy of Magic, and her students were the girls with her, as well as the dragonoids Ryuushin and Ryuka, the humans Luke, Luna and even Halt.

Ryuushin, Ryuka and Luke said they were  going to  search the area, and  left the room.

With their current levels, the monsters on the second floor of this dungeon were not worthy to be their opponents, so Tina decided to allow them to go as the search party since there was no problem even if they had to deal with those monsters.

And so, only the members of the House of Ernol remained in the room as a result.

They had been transferred here by the teleport stones after they defeated the first level boss.

Tina had attempted this dungeon around a century ago with one of the transferred heroes, and that time, she had also been teleported into this room.

At that time, the hero that was with Tina got teleported into another room, and he was reunited with Tina after obtaining multiple items. Those items were prepared by the deities as bonus for training the transferred heroes.

Tina’s husband Halt also transmigrated into this world. And just as Tina had guessed, Halt did not arrive here with her.

It was highly probable that he was inside the room where the special items reserved for the heroes were hidden — the bonus room.

That was  good.

She was worried about something else.

Luna was not teleported into this room.

Luna was Level 50, an Enchanter Apprentice girl.

Transferred heroes from another world were given tertiary level occupations such as heroes and sages.

That was  why it was difficult to say that Luna was a reincarnated being, too, because of her secondary apprentice occupation.

Tina’s magical detection ability was excellent. If she was serious, she could pinpoint anyone within this country.

However, she could not discern Luna’s magic. Tina was worried about Luna as her professor.

“Will Luna be fine, meow?”

Merdie was also worried about her, because the two girls were the closest  among Tina’s class.

“She probably isn’t  teleported outside the ruins. And there is only one room in this entire dungeon that can’t be detected using my magic detection ability… In short, it’s highly possible that Luna is together with Halt-sama.”

There’s a high chance that Luna was together with Halt inside the bonus room.

And if she’s together with Halt, then her safety was secured — Tina believed in that.

“If Luna is with Halt, then she’s safe but… those two haven’t come out yet.”

Leaffa murmured.

Thirty-minutes had passed since they arrived in this room. Luke’s trio got tired of waiting 10 minutes in, so they went out to search, but it’s been 20 minutes yet there was still no sign of Halt or Luna.

“Don’t say…”

Tina had a premonition.

“Maybe the two of them are fighting agains strong monsters inside that room?”

All the members of the Ernol family already knew that Halt transmigrated from another world, and that he was a sage. Tina told them that he was probably teleported into the bonus room.

Leaffa was worried that Halt was fighting off monsters in that room, but Tina guessed differently.

“No, I don’t think so. This is a dungeon created by the deities, so there’s no way a monster will appear inside the bonus room?”

“Then why aren’t  Master and Luna coming  out already?”

“Right now, Halt-sama and Luna are together and there’s only the two of them.”

“What does that mean?” (Mai and Mei)

“Actually… On the day of the Ifrus Academy of Magic’s entrance ceremony, Halt-sama became friends with Luna, and he invited her to live with him in the mansion.”


Realization dawned on Leaffa and Youko because of Tina’s words.

“D-don’t tell me.”

“M-maybe Master… about Luna…”

“Yes, I also think that Halt-sama favors Luna considerably. And Halt-sama has that charm that captivates women regardless of his intention.”

Halt protected Leaffa from monsters for several times, and before she noticed, she already liked him.

Youko was a nine-tailed fox, a race that sucked mana from other people, so it was only natural that she was attracted to Halt, who spread colossal amounts of mana.

Mai and Mei were drawn to the purity of Halt’s mana when he casted magic, while Merdie lost her heart against Halt’s superior combat ability.

Halt possessed something that drew everyone towards him.

Luke was also very handsome and cool, enough for women to flock around him when he walked around the town. Halt didn’t have that level of looks, but he still captivated women.

“And so, there’s a huge chance that Halt and Luna are having their bonus time in that bonus room, flirting around.”

“Eh!?” (Mai and Mei)

“No way….”

“That’s, that’s…Master’s no fair!”

“Well, even if I said that, it’s probably just a kiss.”

Tina trusted in Halt.

She was also confident that Halt loved her the most.

There’s no way Halt will disregard her and make a move on Luna — that was her conviction.

Besides, everyone else here had also kissed Halt.

There’s no sense in kicking up a fuss this late in the game, just because Halt kissed some girl.

“It’s possible that Luna will also become part of the House of Ernol.”

“Ahhhh, then our rotation……”

Leaffa was devastated.

When sleeping, Halt’s left side was reserved for Tina only, while Leaffa, Youko, Mai, and Mei were in a rotation schedule for the right side.

Merdie also joined them recently, and now, there was also a possibility that Luna would  join them, too.

It couldn’t  be helped then that Leaffa was worried about her days of sleeping with Halt being reduced further.

“You also have to consult Halt-sama about that. At any rate, if Halt-sama is holding Luna’s hand when they return, then that’s it. Even if they are  not holding hands, if Luna is blushing then that’s also it.

Tina declared.

And after a few minutes —

Halt arrived at the room where Tina and the rest were waiting, holding the hand of a beet red Luna and announcing that she would  become part of the Ernol family.


T/N: And the Isekai Nobel Prize Award should be given to Tina for her contributions in peace within Halt’s harem of different races (and to the entire Isekai world because of that) and her big heartedness! And no worries, Leaffa, Luna will be more than happy to sleep with Merdie, or any one for that matter, though Halt’s side was still the best, I guess.. 😛 And now I’m wondering whether any of them got backache from sleeping on their sides, facing Halt the whole night?? Tina, in particular, since she didn’t get to have a break……..

E/N: Backstage

        Halt:                 Gotta catch them all! Now who is left? Caught a human, 

                                 elf, nine tailed fox, beast girl, and…..who are the others?

         Luke:               We need a vampire and a succubus too.

        Halt’s harem:   Stop!! Don’t invite more girls or each one of us would get                  

                                 to sleep only once a year with you.

        Halt:                 ( -_- )

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