Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 10

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Confession and Choices

“… Is a kiss alright?”

I was  also happy if I could  kiss such an adorable girl as Luna.

Luna was beet red as she bowed her head.

The mood was  getting dangerous.

But it was  alright, I had my mind reading skill.

(W, what am I saying!? It’s all because I was busy thinking about Halt’s saliva that I need for that love potion — eh? If he’s willing to give me his saliva, then that means I don’t really need that love potion…)

Yup, you got it.

(But, people don’t hand their saliva over just because you are friends with them, righ?)

Yeah, glad that Luna also realized it.

No matter how much a girl begs, saying ‘give me your saliva please so I can make a love potion’ right to my face, I’m not confident that I won’t reject them.

— No, if it was  a girl as gorgeous as Luna, then I might.

“A, ahm….”

(Are you really willing to kiss me?)

“Yup, it’s okay.”


( Did I… say that aloud?)

“Eh —Huh!”

N, NooooOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I answered her normally!!

“No, you didn’t say that aloud. Errrr, I mean, er, I think so…”



W, why do I keep messing it up!

(D, don’t tell me Halt… can read my mind?)

“N, no, it’s not like that!”

“…I didn’t say anything.”


Ugh, I really messed up now, huh.

Alright, calm down.

“Halt can read my inner thoughts, am I right?”


I won’t answer that even if you ask me now.

I won’t fall for it again, you know!

(Haah, that’s impossible, really. It’s great that Halt didn’t find out that I’m going to put Ryuushin’s nails into the love potion I will make for him. I’m relieved.)

“Please, don’t do that.”

“See, you can really read my mind!”


Aahh, I give up.

“By the way, can you switch that mind reading off?”


I honestly replied to Luna’s questions.

“Then please turn it off for a while.”

“Got it.. Done.”

“I’m gonna check if you really did turn it off. Please close your eyes.”

“Eyes?… Is this okay?”

What’s she gonna do now?

Would  she slap me?

Well, that couldn’t  be helped….

I should prepare myself, then.

Something really soft touched my lips.

It was really luscious.

My eyes snapped open in shock.

Luna was right in front of me.

She kissed me.

“I told you to close your eyes, didn’t I.”

Luna drew away, scolding me while blushing furiously.

She was  really adorable.


“But since you didn’t avoid it, you really did switch your mind reading off.”


“By the way, is it only me? Or can Halt read the mind of anyone?”

“Anyone will do.”

“Does Teacher Tina and the rest know about this?”

“…No, they don’t.”

Oops, I honestly answered again.

Ah, that was it. Maybe she would  tell me that I should listen to whatever she said , huh.


Ah, this was  bad.

But I still believed that Luna wasn’t  the type of girl who’d make unreasonable demands, right ?

She won’t  say things  like ‘Be my slave’, right ?

“Okay, then I will keep this as a secret.”





“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”


Luna heaved a deep sigh.

“Halt can already read what’s in my heart, so you probably already knew this, but I still wanted to confess properly. Halt, I like you.”

Luna stared straight into my eyes as she confessed.

You won’t bully the person you really like, right?

Eh, some people would do everything just to date the person they like — well, there were , but Luna wasn’t  one of those, it seemed.


“So, your reply?”


“Halt, I already confessed that I like you, so what’s your reply about that?”


So Luna could  be an assertive girl, too… a bit different from how I saw  her, huh.

“Well, Halt already has two gorgeous wifeys beside you, and you’re always  surrounded by pretty girls, so it must be troubling for you to reply when I say  I like you. That’s why, I have three choices for you, so can you please choose one.”


“Yes. Choice number one, please let me join Halt’s harem.”

“Harem, you say….”

Hey, just to let you know, Ernol House is one of my families, not my harem. Everyone else beside me is a girl, so people might see it as such, but that’s not true.

— Then, that meant Luna wanted to be part of the Ernol Family?

Gonna interpret it as such, then.

“Choice number 2, I won’t join the harem, but you’re going to be my friend with benefits, and you’ll keep that a secret from Teacher Tina and the rest.”


“You can embrace me when you feel like it, that’s fine. I know I can’t compare with Teacher Tina and others  in terms of figure, but I’m still popular with guys, you know? Besides, I’m pretty sure my body’s not lacking in any department .”


Wait, why are you talking like some convenient girl…

You should treasure yourself more.

“It’s okay, Luna’s beautiful as you are.So be more confident.”

“I,I’m…inexperienced in a lot of ways, but I’m gonna do my best, alright?”

Luna’s cheeks were flaming red as she mumbled.

She was  squirming bashfully, maybe because she was  embarrassed for saying that about herself.

She was  really adorable and sweet.

There was  no way I was  gonna choose that second option.

“And the third?”

Let’s ask this for the meantime.

“Choice Number 3 would be… Since Halt isn’t interested in me, then we’re going to carry on as good classmates, like before. By the way, if Halt chooses this option, rest assured that I won’t still reveal your secret to anyone.”

I see.

If those are the three choices, then my answer is settled, then.

“Alright, then I’ll choose number 1.”

“Yup, there’s no way you would choose number 1, righ— eh?”

“Hm? I already said I’m choosing the first one, though.”

“A, are you sure?”

“I really think Luna is very pretty and adorable. Now that I know you wanted me, let me tell you, I also want you. That’s why… would you please join the House of Ernol?”

“Is that really okay?”

“Yup. Didn’t I ask you if ‘Do you want to live in my mansion?’ on the first day of school, do you still remember?”

“I, I still remember.”

“That time, Luna told me that you’re going to think about it first… But, can you give me your answer again?”

Luna’s tears spilled from her eyes.

Then —

“I, I also want to live together with Halt.”

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