I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 28 Part 1

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Little Miaomiao felt guilty after learning that her aunt didn’t want that person to come. She felt responsible for this.

Jingjing’s thinking was very different from Miaomiao’s. She saw Miaomiao’s despondent expression, and then she realized that Miaomiao’s family was being forced to adopt this problem child. He was going to become something akin to a second child. After realizing this, she said, “Don’t be afraid of him, Miaomiao. He will be enrolling into our school, which is our territory. After he joins our school, we’ll catch a caterpillar and put it inside his desk. We’ll steal his workbooks so that he can’t turn in his homework…”

Deng Feng stood next to her and nodded vigorously, “When…he…goes…to the toilet…”

Zhou Yuan quickly stopped them from continuing, “Let’s wait first. We don’t know what kind of person that boy is.”

The four children were afraid of the adults discovering them, so they huddled in a corner. Then, they started discussing their newfound enemy who would surely begin bullying Miaomiao in the future.

Little Miaomiao said, “Or…I could give him all my toys. I don’t play with them that much anyways…” She didn’t want her mother to divorce her father because of her.

“You are so stupid. He isn’t coming to your home to play with your toys. He’s coming to take your parents away from you.”

Jingjing’s mind was unusually active concerning this topic. Her relatives had incessantly bombarded her with mentions about a little brother.

Ever since her mother became pregnant again, her aunts and uncles constantly beleaguered her with this sentence, “Jingjing, your mother is going to give you a younger brother!” 

Jingjing continued to elaborate on the ups and downs of life, “During his stay in your home, he’ll sit on the table to eat, while you’ll stay in the corner. And when he’s doing his homework, you won’t be allowed to watch TV. And you have to carry him on your back when you’re playing with him, and then you’ll be forced to feed him snacks…”

After listening to Jingjing’s exaggeration of the situation, Zhou Yuan interjected quickly, “Don’t worry, Miaomiao. It won’t be as extravagant as she makes it sound.”

After his interjection, he suddenly recalled a news story on TV about a 10-year-old boy who pushed his sister from the sixth floor. Or it was something akin to that.

His mind conjured up this scene, and then he felt shivers all over his body. He quickly took out his phone and searched for something to forestall such an awful occurrence from happening.

He remembered a news channel advertising a gadget called Little Genius Watch, which was designed specifically for children. This watch was better-suited for children than a mobile phone since children would sometimes forget to bring their phones with them or leave them at home. Something like that was less likely to happen with a watch since it’s worn on the wrist. 

Zhou Yuan quickly found the shop online. He made a mental note of its address so that he could purchase one later.

Today was Saturday and tomorrow would be Sunday, which meant Miaomiao would be home tomorrow. He wouldn’t be able to stand by her side.

So, Zhou Yuan opened up some pictures, which depicted the various functions of the watch, and then he began to expound every detail to Miaomiao.  

When the adults entered the room, they saw four little children sitting crossed-legged in a corner; they had serious expressions on their faces. The adults had no idea what they were discussing.

Mother Zhou asked Zhou Yuan first, “Zhou Yuan, what are you guys talking about?”

“It’s a secret between us children.” Zhou Yuan replied.

Mother Zhou: “…”

Now you admit that you’re a child.

“Alright, everyone put on your coats. We’ll be going to karaoke in a bit.” They all slipped out of their coats and took a nap.

The karaoke place was located at the peak of the mountain, which was famous for its unique songs.

It had to be because they gave a folk song kind of feeling.

Mother Hua helped Miaomiao slip into her coat; her mood completely stabilized now.

She looked at her mother, and then Miaomiao felt a pang of sadness in her heart. She couldn’t resist hugging her.

Mother Hua rubbed her head and asked, “Which song does Miaomiao want to sing at karaoke?”

Jingjing interrupted their conversation, “Only mother is the best in the world!”

Deng Feng followed her lead, “Yes…in the world…only…mother is the best!”

Because of this, the atmosphere in the room livened up again. Mother Hua laughed happily, completely dispelling every trace of dullness and despondency that appeared on her face earlier.

They rented a car to drive up the mountain because the adults were worried that their children wouldn’t have the energy to sing if they climbed the mountain.

When they arrived at their destination, Miaomiao desired to go with her friends. She was still concerned that water made them feel uncomfortable and anxious.

But she finally realized that the fear of water never really besieged them. Additionally, there were new tribulations that began to engulf her family; therefore, she stuck with Mother Hua and refused to leave her embrace. 

Mother Hua assumed she was scared because the night was beginning to encroach upon them. So, she held her and gently sang some nursery rhymes from her childhood, “Little swallow, dressed in floral clothes, visits here every year in spring…”

Zhou Yuan’s mother, Jingjing’s mother, and Deng Feng’s mother also sang along with her, “I asked the swallow. ‘Why did you come here, and the swallow replied, ‘Spring is beautiful here!'”

The mountain road was a little steep, and many trees adorned both sides, casting their shadows upon the path. As they traversed further, they drove past the tall street lamps. The evening breeze blew, and the mothers continued to sing a few more rhymes.

“What other rhymes did we sing when we were kids?”

“The sun is shining in the sky, and the flowers are smiling at me,” Deng Feng’s mother sang.

Deng Feng immediately raised his hands, “I…I will sing!”

“Alright, then sing!” Deng Feng’s mother said with a smile.

Deng Feng sang fluently, “The little bird asked me, ‘Why are you carrying the dynamite bag on your back early in the morning?’ I replied, ‘I am going to bomb the school…”*

All of the mothers started laughing after hearing this.

Deng Feng’s mother was astounded, “You…”

Deng Feng blinked his eyes in realization, “I…I…didn’t stutter…”

During their music classes, he never had the courage to sing out loud and only lip-synched. Therefore, he never knew that he could sing fluently.

He just sang a few lines that he heard from other people, which he found to be particularly impressive, so he sang them aloud.

During their ride, the mothers from the ’80s generation taught their children a few nursery rhymes from their days of youth.

Little Miaomiao cuddled her mother and watched as she sang happily. She buried her head in her mother’s arms. She surmised that it would be nice if her mother always stayed happy.

Soon, they reached the peak of the mountain. Afterwards, they booked a room in the karaoke studio and led the children inside the room.

They heard people from the adjacent room singing, “He said the pain in the wind, and the rain is nothing!”

“Do you love me or not!”

“I love you even if I die!”

Zhou Yuan’s mother was tickled with laughter, “Soon, the only song people will hear from other room is ‘the only mother is the best in the world…'” 

Mother Hua nodded in assent and said, “Let’s select the song ‘where is dad going?’…This will be today’s theme song.”

Zhou Yuan: “…” He felt as if he had brought seven children along with him.

After entering the room, the mothers ensconced themselves in the seats that adorned the back of the room. Zhou Yuan decided to sit next to them, whereas the rest of the children stood before them.

“Zhouzhou, you’re not going to sing?” Mother Zhou asked him.

Zhou Yuan nodded, “I’ll just listen.”

Mother Hua looked at her daughter. Nervousness beset her, but a slight trace of excitement also emanated from her. She was going to sing in front of a microphone for the first time. 

“Alright, let’s start!”

“Only mothers are the best in the world. A child with a mother is like treasure, hidden in his mother’s arm…” 

Miaomiao’s voice echoed loudly from the microphone. One could hear a slight trembling in her voice as she sang.

Mother Hua was touched as she listened to her daughter’s voice.

Mother Hua’s reactions became much more unbridled this time. Normally, she never had any major quarrel with her husband’s family since they only met each other once a year. If the circumstances had been different, she wouldn’t have reacted angrily. Or at least, she would have no intention of divorcing from him.

But now, as she watched her little seedling blossoming, she couldn’t bear to watch her suffer.

Although the three were singing out of tune, they still sang with utmost sobriety. Jingjing’s mother shook with laughter as she recorded a video of their singing.

Father Hua eventually came to pick them up, and he noticed Mother Hua holding Little Miaomiao in her arms. She was singing, “Dad, dad, where are you going, we are not afraid when you are here…”

Father Hua was taken aback because he overheard her singing this song. He entered the room and declared, “I’m here to pick you up.”

Mother Hua peered at him; her face didn’t show any ill feelings. She softly asked him, “Did you eat lunch and dinner yet?”

Father Hua was aggrieved. Ever since he found out that his brother’s family had completed their transfer procedures to send over their child, he couldn’t eat or sleep. And to aggravate the situation even more, his wife was bringing up the topic of divorce.

After so many years of marriage, Father Hua had never seen Mother Hua so angry and determined.  

They trekked down the mountain. Mother Hua wanted to board a vehicle with Little Miaomiao and the others to go sightseeing. She wanted her daughter to spend more time with her friends and to have fun. Father Hua wanted to sit in the same vehicle with her, but he couldn’t since he brought his own car.  

Zhou Yuan whispered something in his mother’s ears, and then Mother Zhou walked over to the Hua family and said, “How about this. Miaomiao, would you be willing to come with us, while the rest of you guys follow in your own car?”

“Yes, we’ll take care of Miaomiao,” Jingjing’s and Deng Feng’s mothers felt that it was better if they remained silent in front of the child.

Mother Hua squatted in front of Miaomiao, “Are you okay with this arrangement, Miaomiao?”

Miaomiao hummed in reply, walked up to Zhou Yuan and held his hand, “Mom, you can stay with dad. He is alone…”

Zhou Yuan knew that she dreaded speaking in front of so many adults; therefore, he said to his mother, “Miaomiao will sit next to me.”

“I want to sit next to Miaomiao too!” Jingjing declared loudly.

“Me…me too!” Deng Feng said. The joy of singing still enveloped him, but he regained his senses and followed along quickly.

The four children couldn’t be separated, so they all sat next to each other.

*This is supposed to be a funny song/nursery rhyme from China. It’s meant to be read as a funny rhyme and not to be taken seriously.

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