When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 71

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An imposter, surely

In the process of missing, ah… no, it is in the process of enjoying that last night, Kongbao appeared, in a very botched camouflage. After being pierced by his wit, Kongbao was scared away.

And now, this is the product in front of him.

Looking blankly, he looks at the black clothed and black gloved man sitting next to him. “Do you have anything to eat? I’m hungry.”

Blackie can’t help rolling his eyes. Are the hostages so arrogant these days? Does this kid have any awareness of his imprisonment? Whatever, just report it as soon as possible and kill him after.

After waiting for a long time, a second person finally comes to the cell. A man with a sharp eyebrow and a sharp sword-like aura all around him. He frowns at Kong Wuying, who isn’t supposed to be here. “What’s going on?”

Blackie respectfully says to the man, “This person was present when I was sent to create a disturbance at Chu Huang Tai.”

The man frowns when he hears the words. “Why is he still alive?”

Blackie reports, “But this person seems to know that Ah Zi. I saw the two entangled under the tree with my own eyes. I thought it might be useful, so I brought him back.”

After listening to what his subordinate says, the man raises an eyebrow with interest. “Oh? Ah Zi. What kind of relationship are they in? This is unexpected, this man looks flat and plain.”

He didn’t expect that Ah Zi, who has such a bad temper, would like people! Ah Zi is loyal to Emperor Lin JinYing, and no matter how severely they tortured him, he refused to reveal the secrets of his lord.

Now… such a good hostage. So the Sword King smiles.

Kong Wuying is still thinking; who is Ah Zi? When did they flirt? Is it another pseudonym of Kongbao? If you think about it, his eyes are purple, so it is right to call him Ah Zi.

Ah Zi, who is busy dealing with his grumpy Lord, has received this letter:

Come to the foot of Qingyuan Mountain at midnight, or wait to collect the corpse for your little lover!

Ah Zi immediately tears up the letter. Where’s his little lover? Piss off.

So that night, Blackie waits for two hours in the cool breeze. Wait, wait, wait…

Blackie turns to Kong Wuying. “Your lover doesn’t want to come to your rescue – how do you deal with the disappointment?”

Kong Wuying takes a deep breath. Damn Kongbao, you dare not come? He asks Blackie, a bit unwillingly, “Are you sure he received the letter? Or did you not write the right address?”

Looking at the little flame of hope in his eyes, Blackie interrupts his expectations cruelly. “Don’t think about it. I’m sure I sent the letter to him, and I made sure that the address was completely correct.”

Seeing how they acted under that tree, Blackie thought of how much affection they had. He did not expect it to just be playing around. 

Blackie looks with a touch of pity and contempt in his eyes. “Since he is not coming, then you have no use.”

His sword flutters into the air, but clashes against another that slides in. The sword looks crooked and not very beautiful. However, the sword just blocked Blackie’s strike.

Blackie’s eyes flash. 

When Kong Wuying wants to react by running, he’s pulled suddenly and falls into a solid embrace. He blinks with an expressionless face. “Thank you, but who are you?”

Ah Zi watches Blackie not far away. In fact, he doesn’t know why he appeared here. He had torn up the letter. But when he was idling around at the end of the day, he suddenly remembered the young man that night.

Little lover shouldn’t be that man, right? Maybe not. But then who is his little lover? 

Is it… the little lover of the Lord?

So Ah Zi had no choice but to come here and save him. He can’t even look into this man’s eyes now, but just keeps looking at Blackie intently.

Blackie can’t help smirking. “You’re late. I thought you weren’t planning to come! Ah Zi, you are ruthless!”

The hostage is not at hand, and he can’t beat Ah Zi by force alone. If the movement is large, it is likely to attract Emperor Lin Jinying.

Kong Wuying looks around. Ah Zi. What Ah Zi? Is he Ah Zi? What about Kongbao…

Ah Zi also replies coldly, “Shouldn’t you be reporting back? Or do you think you can defeat me?”

Although the fight was not reconciled, this was the end, and they can only break apart.

After Blackie leaves, Ah Zi looks at the man in his arms and asks a bit hesitantly, “Are you all right?”

Kong Wuying has not answered yet, because at this time, a sombre voice sounds.

“You… what are you doing?”

There is a person stepping out of the shadows, with long silver hair and a delicate mask on his face, he is unparalleled in style.

And here, Kong Wuying is being embraced by Ah Zi.

This scene is a little… awkward.

Ah Zi let’s go subconsciously, his face pale, like an adulterer who is caught in the act. He kneels and calls out, “My Lord!”

But hearing his voice is like committing a great mistake. Kong Wuying frowns. “What are you doing so loudly?”

Kongbao: “…”

Do you know how anxious he was when he found out that his master was missing, lest master should have something unexpected happen to him? As a result, he finally found a trace of the master, and he saw… the master hugged tightly by his own subordinate!

How can this be tolerated?

Kongbao grits his teeth. “How can you do this, master!”

Ah Zi next to him: Master? Who is the master?

Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow, glancing at him coldly. “What’s wrong?”

Kongbao dares to question him! Who took so long to get here? Even this strange subordinate does a better job (not that Kong Wuying needed saving), but Kongbao who emerged afterwards has no face to complain!

Seeing the master’s cold face, Kongbao is wronged. Master… don’t you know I was worried? Don’t you know I’m jealous? Kongbao grows more and more unhappy, so he strides forward and snatches master from Ah Zi. Master is his! All of master! No one is allowed to get involved!

Ah Zi on the sidelines: “…”

Kongbao may have been staying up late recently, and completely forgot one fact. Master does not like to be held!

Then Kongbao was beaten, naturally.

Kongbao: “…”

Beaten by the master, there is a long-lost excitement bubbling up.  Kongbao quickly shakes off the state of ecstasy, blinks, and pouts. “Master…”

Normally, Kong Wuying would kick him, but it may be too long apart, or Kong Wuying has developed some kind of psychological issue. Because his brain is abnormal, he goes to Kongbao with a sombre face, stretches out his hand, and presses Kongbao’s head against his chest

Kong Wuying commands, “Don’t cry!”

Kongbao: “…”

Where is he crying, where? However, he can be in close contact with the master’s pectoral muscles, and the feeling is wonderful. Very good and very happy. This misunderstanding is wonderful.

So Kongbao nuzzles in, and can’t help but say coquettishly, “Master, I miss you so much…”

It turns out that… he is beaten again. But with Kongbao’s martial arts level, he doesn’t care about this kind of thing. When beaten, he gets even more excited!

Ah Zi, who is quietly kneeling on the ground, watching the strange display: “…”

The coquettish one who keeps cooing, as if with a tail wagging behind, is it really the stark, indifferent Lord?

No, no, just an imposter surely.

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