When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 70

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The sword stops. 

A soft swallow, imperceptible. Although it is slight and not easy to detect, it is still noticeable.

Kong Wuying sneers. Kongbao is so shallow all the time. Does he think Kong Wuying is a fool? As he taunts Kongbao in his heart, he sees the person tremble.

“Demon!” Ah Zi spits out. Then he flees immediately.

The attitude is embarrassing, but it’s nothing like Kongbao. Kong Wuying watches the man flee and shrugs. Kongbao is a pretty good actor.

At this time, Ah Zi doesn’t dare to take off his mask, he just feels that the blush under his mask is too hot. Why? He can’t say clearly. He just suddenly understands – he finally knows why master is so fascinated with this person.

This person is poisonous!

Simply poisonous!

He can’t stand it any longer!

Under a turbulent mood, Ah Zi keeps running, and hurries back at the fastest speed in his life to report the situation to his master.


There’s no after that.

Ah Zi looks at the empty palace, and asks Ah Bai: “Where’s master?”

Ah Bai bowes his face numbly. “According to statistics, there is a 99% chance that the master left for his little lover.” He smiles slightly. “It seems the master is right – his little lover is still very infatuated, even changing his name for him hahaha.”

Ah Zi: “…!!!”

He finally remembers why he felt the weird name of ‘Kongbao’ had a strange sense of familiarity!

At the same time, after “Kongbao” fled, Kong Wuying falls into deep boredom. This monarch is a little unhappy. Kongbao has created such drama but won’t see it to the end. 

Then someone appears.

Looking at the clothes, it should be an assassin…

He looks more responsible than Ah Zi though. Black hair, black shoes, black gloves and black mask covering the face tightly, only two black eyes exposed.

The man holds a long sword in his hand and grits out, “Since you were here, you can only blame your bad luck.”

The snow-white sword tip strikes out against Kong Wuying!

After waiting so long to hear the end of the story – it starts again? Kong Wuying sighs. “…how halfhearted.”

Kongbao can you still be a little creative? Isn’t this appearance exactly the same as before? Even the lines are exactly the same! Don’t you know how to at least change more than just clothes?

“Ah?” The man in black doesn’t expect that his target not only doesn’t panic and try to run or fight back, but also criticises his effort?

This kid is too brave!

So the sword tip stops in midair again.

Kong Wuying looks at the sword tip that’s close at hand, and even stretches out his legs leisurely. “You thought I wouldn’t recognize you when you changed clothes… Are you doubting your master’s IQ… ?”

Kong Wuying’s expression freezes. 

Because by the bright moonlight, he can see clearly the man’s sword-holding hand. Even if the assassin is wearing gloves, he can still see thick joints – very different from the slender fingers of Kongbao. A closer look at the figure of this person shows it’s also very different from Kongbao.

At this moment, the night is beautiful.

And here, there is only a black killer, and Kong Wuying who is an unguarded emperor.

Early on the eve of the official match of Chu Huang Tai. Staff went up and down;  cleaning, finishing and decorating.

Even the elders who have been in retreat for decades, seriously ill in the bed and close to death, are trembling as they walk on with the help of their disciples, and it’s a grand scene. Even when the Pill Emperor Chu was alive, such scenes were rare.

Cleaning and preparing everything. In this case, nothing can disturb them.

Even the Chu Huang Tai… Oh, the Chu Huang Tai is still more important.

However, in comparison, the disappearance of the person in charge of the Welcome Palace and a player is really a trivial matter.

Maybe the two of them suddenly saw each other and ran away together? Oh, those are men? What, gays can’t elope too? 

There are only two people in the world who can make Huang Tang so frightened as to greet them.

When an emperor’s imperial car, with a passenger that has long silver hair and a delicate mask, appears in the crowd.

Emperor of Ling, Emperor of Mingguang, a whole hoard of warriors. Of them all, the lord of the mausoleum has the highest strength.

However… why are you here?!

Don’t say that you are destined to come here for the cultivation potential – a three-year-old will not believe it. Why do you want to come, do you even know yourself or is this a game? No one here welcomes you.

Sitting in the royal car, Kongbao with a delicate mask on his face is indifferent, and so is Huang Tang. “This Lord observes the sky at night and finds that a great destiny is coming here. Don’t bother this Lord if you don’t have anything important to say, understand?”

Huang Tang’s audience has not yet answered when suddenly a voice says, “Oh? Is this so? I originally wanted to invite the Emperor Ling to watch the Chu Huang Tai together. But since you want to do hidden training, then we won’t bother, right?”

Hearing this voice, Kongbao’s expression shifts minutely, and he turns to look in the direction of the sound.

It’s a man in a blue Chinese robe. Perhaps in his thirties, his sword eyebrows striking towards the sky. His hair is silky and smooth-flowing, his nose thin, and his momentum is like a grand storm.

Unlike Kongbao’s beautiful appearance, this person looks more like a handsome man in the general sense. Although just plain handsome, this person’s identity is by no means ordinary.

In Mingguang today, the power of the Lord of the Mausoleum is all over the world. If there is anyone who can compete with him, it is the Sword King.

Today, two of the brightest men in Mingguang came to Chu Huang Tai together. The audience don’t know what kind of bad luck they have today.

The exquisite and unparalleled mask exudes a cold light on Kongbao’s person.  “Why are you here, Sword King?”

And he arrived earlier than Kongbao! What about master…

The Sword King smiles softly, his gaze lingering on the mask of Kongbao. “In fact, it is a coincidence that recently, when I watched the heavens at night, I found that this mountain was shining with golden light. The Chu Huang Tai competition was about to start so I wanted to come and have some fun.”

Kongbao listens to this completely ridiculous explanation, and the face under the mask is gloomy.

He watches the heavens at night? Kongbao just came to the mountain, but the Sword King actually came earlier than him. Someone must have leaked the news!

When this guy is here, how can Kongbao go to the master and kiss him? Even if he just pays attention to master, it will inevitably lead to more trouble in the eyes of this villain.

It’s extremely troublesome!

Speaking of master, these days have been lonely. Last night he could not help but want to find his master, but something happened temporarily in the palace, so he turned back halfway.

In all, he hasn’t seen his master for almost ten days.

Is master feeling okay? Is he eating well? How would it feel to hold him now?

Kongbao is normally a very level-headed man, but when thinking of master, Kongbao suddenly forgets the year, the month, the place… He is under the watchful eyes of the crowd here and now the Sword King, he can’t risk it.

Kongbao says extremely coldly; “It has nothing to do with this lord, and this lord will retreat. Don’t bother me with idle matters.” He gestures to Ah Zi and the carriage set off again.

At this time, Kong Wuying is in a daze. He actually found a place that was more broken than that room with the hole in the ceiling. 

As for the person who brought him here… Kong Wuying looks around and doesn’t find a trace.

To recall what happened the night before…

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