I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 27 Part 4

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Think Carefully

After hearing her state that her nose was uncomfortable in water, Zhou Yuan knew that it had to be choking. He recalled her troubled past. 

He couldn’t help touching her head, “You won’t feel uncomfortable in water anymore.” 

Little Miaomiao said with a rueful smile, “I feel so comfortable now.”

Zhou Yuan thought for a while, then he said, “So, let’s go down into the water a bit.”

Currently, they perched themselves atop the uppermost step. The water only went up to their knees, and their upper bodies were exposed to the bite of the frigid wind.

Little Miaomiao considered the importance of Zhou Yuan’s words. She always listened to his venerable advice. So, the two took a step forward. But this time, they sat down. The water reached up to their chests.

It felt similar to a large, warm quilt swathing itself around them.

Little Miaomiao submerged her hand into the water. Due to its buoyancy, Miaomiao saw her hand floating on the water’s surface. She widened her eyes in astonishment.

Zhou Yuan imitated her childish and curious actions. He also submerged his hands into the water and allowed them to float on the surface.

Then, they began to submerge and soak in the warmth of the hot spring.

Further away, Deng Feng and Jingjing were floating on the water. Their mothers helped them float on the surface of the water.

Mother Hua observed her daughter and Zhou Yuan soaking in the water. The sight of them caused a tempest of joy and ebullience to swell in her heart. She was glad that she had enrolled Little Miaomiao in a school instead of homeschooling her. She was worried that she would be bullied.

Zhou Yuan listened attentively to Little Miaomiao talk about anything and everything. Such as how adults didn’t dread water. Or how it turned out that adults felt no discomfort in water, whereas every child felt uncomfortable in water.

Zhou Yuan frowned. Originally, Zhou Yuan deduced that Miaomiao wanted to go into the water for her mother’s sake. Now, this proved him wrong. Apparently, her mother told her that children felt discomfort in the hot spring, whereas adults didn’t.

Zhou Yuan peered at Miaomiao, and he suddenly realized that she was going to dive when she was going into the water.

Zhou Yuan had trouble envisioning it. He hesitated for a brief moment and asked, “Miaomiao…why did you suddenly want to leap into the water just now?”

Little Miaomiao felt a little nescient, and after mulling a bit, she whispered, “I thought children would become uncomfortable in water, so I wanted the adults to find out about this and stop children from entering the water.”

Zhou Yuan recalled her arduous efforts to procure a little, red flower for him.

Zhou Yuan was an intelligent and wise child. He never considered himself to be a child. Because he had more contact with children, he never believed the saying that ‘children were angels’.

If anything, he believed that children had much more in common with demons. They were self-centered. They did whatever they wanted without thinking about the consequences. They satiated their own rapacious desires. As long as it was for their own happiness and joy, they couldn’t care less for the feelings of others.

But he also understood the reason behind this. It was because they were unable to differentiate between right and wrong and couldn’t discipline themselves. They had to slowly learn about these things which was a fundamental principle of self-improvement and moving onwards.

It was the first time he realized that he could’ve been wrong after witnessing Little Miaomiao’s inclination towards self-sacrifice.

The warmth of the hot springs swathed Zhou Yuan, and he felt the same warmth enveloping his heart.

He rubbed Little Miaomiao’s head. 

I must save a place for Hua Miaomiao in my business empire in the future.

Zhou Yuan, who was still a little child, made this promise in his heart.

He suddenly wanted to grow up with this business partner.

Afternoon arrived. A feeling of languor enveloped everyone after they had soaked in the hot springs, so they journeyed back to their rooms to sleep.

The four children slept in a large bed. Their parents followed behind.

In between their nap, Jingjing had to go to the toilet because she drank a lot of water. When she came out, she heard a voice reverberating from the balcony. It sounded like the voice of Miaomiao’s mother.

Jingjing walked slightly closer and heard her furiously say out loud, “Let me tell you this. If your brother’s youngest son lives in our house, I’ll move out with Miaomiao.”

When Jingjing overheard this, she felt very terrible. Moving out of a house was no trifling matter. At her house, whenever her parents had a quarrel with each other, her mother took her along to live outside.

Jingjing hurried back to their room and roused the other three out of their slumber. Then, she said nervously, “Something happened. Miaomiao’s mom is fighting with Miaomiao’s dad. She said that she was going to move out…”

Miaomiao opened her eyes widely; fear grasped her heart. Zhou Yuan hugged her and tried to comfort her, “It’s okay. Let’s see what’s going on.”

The children opened a tiny slit in the door of their room. Then, they gathered around it to listen to the sounds outside.  

They soon overheard Zhou Yuan’s mother comforting Miaomiao’s mother, “Why does his brother’s son wish to live with you? Why does his brother want to do this?”

Miaomiao’s mother was fuming with anger, “His family wants his son’s name to be recorded in our household registry. I have never agreed. Now that Miaomiao is here, he’s forcing us to allow his son to study here with us.”

“The chance of the school accepting him is very, very slim.”

“They already completed the paperwork for the transfer. They somehow managed to transfer over already.” Mother Hua was furious that this spoiled child was going to be attending the same school as Miaomiao. How could she not be angry and worried! 

The more Mother Hua dwelled on this, the more she felt herself falling precipitously into a slough of intermixing anger and despair.

The children overheard this clearly, especially Zhou Yuan. They probably surmised that a troubling situation was beginning to brew.

Jingjing frowned, “It seems to be serious, what should we do?”

She didn’t understand much, but she knew that fear and anxiety had completely engulfed Mother Hua. She conjectured that this matter was starting to morph into something more serious and urgent.

Zhou Yuan peered at Miaomiao. She was frowning and remained silent. He comforted her, “It’s alright.”

Little Miaomiao herself didn’t understand what was happening. She only knew that her parents were quarrelling…

Zhou Yuan beckoned the other children to the bed. Then, he began to discuss the situation with them, “Miaomiao, if a stranger goes to your house during these two days, don’t stay alone with him. Do you understand? If he touches you, do anything to get your parents’ attention. Start crying. Shout that you’re in pain. If he insults you, tell your mother.”

As soon as Zhou Yuan finished, Jingjing immediately followed, “Yes, yes, yes. You have to cry and hug your mother’s legs. While crying, say that you’re a naughty girl. Say that you’re not worthy of being your mother’s daughter. Tell her to have another brother or sister, and you will be her daughter again in the next life…When my mother scolds me, my mother lets me go if I cry like this. It works every time.”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Deng Feng shook his head, “No…no…I did…like you said last time…doing this…will get a spanking…”

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Jingjing: “That’s because your tears looked very fake.”

Zhou Yuan couldn’t listen anymore, “Don’t listen to her. If the other party touches you, just cry. Do anything to get their attention. You don’t have to say a word. If he berates you, you have to tell your mom or us. Tell us exactly what happened, don’t omit anything, okay?”

In reality, Miaomiao had no idea what to do, but she concealed her uncertainty and ambivalence within the cauldron of her heart. She felt that crying wasn’t good, but she was willing to follow Zhou Yuan’s advice.

As Zhou Yuan peered at her, he seemed slightly concerned.

Jingjing pondered for a moment. Then, like a spy, she went to eavesdrop on what they were saying outside. She returned and reported nervously, “Aunt Hua said that she’s divorcing…she’s going to take Miaomiao…”

This just worsened into a very volatile situation. 

Once again, the children stood near the door and heard Mother Hua’s ireful statements, “One step forward, two steps back. His family has always been like this. I make a lot of money and handle all the household affairs. And yet, me and my daughter still have to suffer like this in the end. I got angry and said that I wouldn’t leave the inheritance to their family.”

Jingjing’s mother and Zhou Yuan’s mother were trying their best to convince Aunt Hua to reconsider, while Jingjing and Deng Feng were running around the room in a panic.

Little Miaomiao crouched near the doorway and peered at Zhou Yuan. She was at a loss for words.

Zhou Yuan pulled Jingjing and Deng Feng back, who were running around the room, and made them sit next to Miaomiao. The atmosphere was already very tense, and he didn’t want these two to exacerbate the situation and create more confusion for Miaomiao.

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