Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 8

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Transmigrator/ Reincarnator Privilege Room 

When we entered the boss room, the corpse of the Goblin Fighter that had been burnt black turned into light before vanishing.

When a monster was slain in this world, its corpse would remain on the spot. The adventurers would then strip the hide and fangs off, and sell them to make a living.

On the other hand, if the monster was slain inside the dungeon, its remains would disperse as light particles. Materials could still be gathered, but it should be done fast.

For magicians like us, those materials from the Goblin Fighter didn’t amount to anything, so we didn’t strip it off.

The exciting part from defeating the floor boss was about to start  now. I stared at the spot behind the place where the Goblin Fighter was standing earlier. A little treasure box was present there.

The contents of the treasure box in deity dungeons normally didn’t get replaced, but the treasure box in the boss’s room was the exception. It was replenished every time the boss was defeated, containing relatively good items. I don’t really  expect that the equipment would be there, though…..

I opened the box, and a vial filled with violet liquid was inside – it was  a high grade recovery tonic. High grade recovery tonics were  items that could  restore mana completely. It was  quite good as a dungeon’s first floor booty.

Whoever found an  item within the dungeon first could claim it as theirs,  but  the boss rooms’ spoils were to be split after only leaving the dungeon. I’d be holding onto  one in the meantime.

Alright, on to the second floor.

Stairs and teleport stones were commonly used to move between floors. The teleport stone was a rock that would automatically take you to a specific place when you touch it.

Seemed like this dungeon used teleport stones. A white stone monument stood farther than the treasure box. This was  what I had  been talking about. It was smaller than the one in the Yggdrasil dungeon, but the ‘touching’ part was the same.

By the way, the dungeons that had stairs usually had a teleport stone at the last floor, and it would take you to the ground surface, but you had to take the stairs to move between floors.

For example, if one  were on the fourth floor and wanted to return halfway, they’d  have to go through all the floors from third to first in order to return.

For dungeons that had teleport stones, the boss rooms of all floors had their own teleport stones that would take them  anywhere they like, as long as the destination was a floor that they  had already captured. That was why dungeons with teleport stones were popular among adventurers.

It didn’t really matter to me anyway, since I could use the teleportation circle to go anywhere I wanted, provided that I already established the circle there.

Everyone gathered around the teleport stone.

“Halt-sama, could I have a moment, please?”

Tina called me out, so I stepped away from the stone and approached Tina.

“What is it?”

“There’s a chance Halt-sama will be blasted off to a different room if we use that teleport stone to move to the next floor.”

Tina whispered.

“Eh, why?”

“That’s what happened when Guardian Hero-sama and I attempted to go through this dungeon. I was teleported into a room that contained nothing, while Hero-sama was teleported into a room containing several items.”

This deity dungeon was created to train the heroes from the other world. That was why whenever a transferred hero arrived  here, they were given privileges. 

But I was  not a hero. Hey, the one who transferred me here was the Evil God. Would I still enjoy those perks reserved for transferred heroes?

Tina also knew about that fact, but she still informed me so I won’t panic just in case I did get teleported to a different place.

“Got it. Thanks for telling me that. Is it easy to leave the room?”

“Yes. Guardian Hero-sama was teleported to a room I couldn’t go in, but apparently he got out easily from that room. In case we get separated, Leaffa, the others and I will be on standby, so please don’t worry.”

I could still detect everyone’s mana even within the dungeon, so even if I got separated, we would  be reunited soon after.

In the worst case scenario, I had engraved a teleportation magic on the magical stone I gave Tina, so I’d aim for the magical stone and teleport through it.

“Okay. Let’s go.”


Tina and I returned back to the teleportation stone where everyone else was waiting for us. We touched the stone at the same time.


Great, we safely reached the next floor.

Just as Tina said, I was teleported to a different place from all the others. It was a room with four stone pedestals.

And I was not the only one teleported here.

“H, Halt…”

Luna was below me, her face blushing furiously.

For some reason, Luna was also teleported into this room.

During teleportation, there was  the feeling of being forcefully pulled, and people who were not used to it would usually fall. I frequently teleported so this was nothing to me, but the same thing couldn’t be said for Luna.

Right after I teleported into this room, Luna also appeared beside me. She lost her footing , and looked like she was about to  fall, so I immediately put my hand over her head to  grab her. 

I didn’t think anyone else besides me would come here, so I was in a panic. That’s why we both fell. And so, here we are, looking like I was pushing Luna down.

I was holding Luna’s head, so it was  a relief she didn’t bump it on the floor. Of course, my hand wasn’t hurt at all.

But this posture of pushing Luna down… what should I do with this?

Normally, I should hurry up and stand, but I couldn’t move an inch. It was the first time Luna’s face had been this near.

She’s really pretty.

I already thought Luna was pretty when I entered the academy. But seeing her this near enthralled me once again.

Really, she’s so beautiful.

She’s the cream of the crop among all the human girls I’ve seen so far since I came into this world. It might be because I was surrounded by the Elves, who were considered the race of beauty, and the spirits  that seemed like they were works of art, so her beauty might have been undermined. Regardless, I can’t deny that she was  really gorgeous.

I wanted Luna.

No no no, I already have Tina and Leaffa, right!? Cheating is an absolute no!

Besides, didn’t  Luna and Luke have   something special going on between them –- oh? Wait, Luke already had a girlfriend, right?

So that meant  Luna was  free!?


–- No, what was  that ‘alright’!?

Aren’t I cheating with this!

In the first place, Luna might not see me that way.

During the time we entered the academy, I told her ‘the mansion has several empty rooms, so do you want to live here?’ but she refused me gently.

Hey, calm down, me.

Go count the prime numbers to calm down.

….What was  the prime number again? 

I was a sage, but my brain forgot how to function properly.


T/N: See, even Halt was shipping LunaXLuke before lol! It wasn’t a figment of my imagination! 😀 And now, Halt’s harem is almost complete, I guess! Ah, only Ryuka is left in their class!

E/N: Lolol of course Luna had to be below him. Halt tell me; did your brain ever function properly? (-_-)! 

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