Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 7

Translator: Kyat Kyat

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Dungeon Ruins

We entered the dungeon.

There probably wouldn’t  be strong monsters inside, but just in case, I still summoned Hakoku from the Realm of the Spirits.

According to Tina, this dungeon had 10 layers. We were currently in the first layer, and the monsters here would  be level 30 or so. The deeper we go down, the higher their level.

This dungeon had a relatively simple structure. A straight, wide path continued on with occasional narrow roads on both sides. Several rooms were there containing either monsters or treasures.

We walked on the central main road and only a few monsters appeared. If we wanted to fight monsters, it was  best to continue on the wide road.

Tina still remembered most of the layout of the rooms, as well as the circumstances of monster appearances.

“No strong monsters will appear until the third layer, and you can’t find significant treasures here, either, I think. Most of the weapons we left here were already retrieved.”

The dungeons in this world had two types of patterns.

First was the dungeons controlled by the Dungeon Master, a type of demon, and these dungeons were considered suitable for adventurers. For some reason, treasures periodically appear here, and the monsters that were supposedly defeated reappeared again after a fixed period of time.  

It was  easy to level up there, and items were  easy to get, so, many adventurers continued to do those types of dungeons as challenges.

Apparently, the Dungeon Master was also collecting Dungeon Points, and it managed  the entire dungeon. 

The adventurers who trekked the dungeon and became friends with the Dungeon Master then  relayed that information to the Adventurer’s Guild.

I saw that in a book called [Master Guide to Adventurers’ Quests] before, so that got me curious about this so-called Dungeon Master.

The management of the dungeon seemed fun.

The other type of dungeon was made by the deities. They were constructed to train heroes, so the monsters with strong mana would spontaneously appear in there.

The dungeons that the deities created, nicknamed ‘deity dungeon’ produced items that had exceptional quality compared to those from the adventurer-targeted dungeons, but once a person obtained it, that item had to be consumed, or else it’d be broken before it could  be replenished in the dungeons.

The equipment that transferred heroes got from the deity dungeon would then be kept by the country that the heroes were affiliated with, after they returned to their former worlds.

Almost all of those equipment would become national treasures. That was  how marvelous the items from the deity dungeons were.

However, since the national treasures were  treated with utmost care, they wouldn’t  be broken, so the deities could not provide new ones in the treasure boxes of the deity dungeons.

This historic ruin was also a deity dungeon, and Tina and the Guardian Hero had already travelled all over here, so there was  not much anticipation towards the treasures.

Well, we didn’t come to her to search for items, so that’s fine.

Ah, but when Ryuuka and Youko heard about that, they were depressed. They seem to love treasures so much.

No treasures probably existed, so Ryuka and the rest didn’t have to come. But if I didn’t go through it, I got the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to get information regarding the Guardian Hero.

I requested Youko, who got the fighting ability that I might need in order to go through this, and Ryuka was essential, especially because of her rebirth and restoration abilities.

I had some misgivings in taking Tina, but she insisted, so I couldn’t say no. It’s fine, we’ll manage… that’s how I felt.

When using mind reading, a lot of mana flows into the brain of the caster, and it becomes very stimulated. That was  why my intuition functioned really well recently.

It wasn’t at par with Elder Brother Leon, and still inferior to the beastkin Sally’s skill, but it was extremely convenient. If there were alternatives, I was naturally guided to the option that would yield the best results.

That intuition  was  telling me that it would be fine even if I took Tina with me.

Alright, back to the story. Luna was the one who called out to the others at the entrance. She was  like a walking library – not exaggerating there – that’s how great her knowledge about items and equipment were.

She also had a keen eye, and could notice any trace of abnormality right away, so she was the one member that I wanted to take with me at all cost in this dungeon that might contain something.

And now, my intuition was  telling me that it’s better to take her along.

And so, I invited Luna to the dungeon exploration, and she happily agreed.

Leaffa, Mai, Mei, and Merdie came, saying that ‘if Tina comes then we will, too’.

I invited Ryuka, so of course I also told Ryuushin, who also agreed to come.

At this point, it would be rude to leave Luke out, so I also invited him.

And so, the entire class would now explore this dungeon that didn’t even have a rare item in it.

“Until 3rd layer, huh, then let’s go forward quickly.”


“Hurry up, meow!”

We defeated the level 30 monsters that occasionally popped  out from the corners of the passages, and strode straight on through the center road.


We finally arrived at the furthermost part of layer 1.

A heavy looking stone door stood here.

The Boss Monster was just beyond this door, and we had to defeat that in order to advance to the second layer. When Tina went through here before, the boss at that time was a level 40 Goblin Fighter, and it had a few goblin followers around it.

Yup, if that was  all then easy-peasy.

The door opened on its own.

A huge room was beyond it, and at the dead center, we saw a 2 meter tall Goblin Fighter flanked by two goblins  –

Fire Lance!”

Flying Fist!”

Two flaming spears pierced the Goblin Fighter, and the lump of mana that jumped out blasted off the goblin lackeys.

The instant we confirmed the existence of the boss, Tina and I released Fire Lance, while Merdie and Ryuushin released the Flying Fist, all at the same time.

By the way, we didn’t plan this. I just wanted to try saying ‘I slayed the boss even before we entered, huh’ – you know.

I was kinda surprised that aside from me, 5 other people also thought the same thing.

“Everyone’s magic activation is too fast….”

Leaffa, who didn’t make it in time, lowered her jade green bow as she muttered that.

“Yup, that kind of speed is impossible.”

Luke was troubled on what to do with the mana he released for casting his spell.

Luke and Leaffa both tried to release their magic attacks, too.

– wait there, Luke, wasn’t  that too much mana for a Goblin Fighter? 

It was  not the level of a high-ranking spell, but he did release enough mana to cast the highest level of the mid-range spells.

“Luke, if you don’t need that, then can I have it?”

Youko wanted the mana that Luke released. Youko could suck the mana of other people and store it in her tails. She would consume a large amount of mana just by living day to day, so I requested the Divine Beast Shiro to regularly give her mana.

“Yup, it’d be a waste, so here, have it.”

“Thanks a lot!”

Youko held up her hand, and Luke’s mana was sucked in. For some reason, Youko’s bust size seemed to have increased.

…Don’t tell me, the reason why Youko was consuming so much mana was to maintain her human figure when she humanized?

While having those convo, we then entered the Boss room in order to proceed to the next layer.


E/N: So, mana makes your bust bigger. 

T/N: True, at least in their case. How nice if that was also applicable in this world lol.

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