All The Bigshots Love Me[Quick Transmigration]

All The Bigshots Love Me: Chapter 16

Jiang Rui and Zhao Nan only ate lunch at the Du house and went back.


The lunch was not very pleasant.

Xiao Shanzha slept for a short time, woke up and began to cry again, Zhang Xiao Hua went back to the house to coax her, and has not been able to coax properly. The child kept crying and shouting, making people distracted. Du Bao Qiang followed him in and said something, and the two suddenly got into a fight.


Jiang Rui wanted to go to persuade the fight, but was stopped by Wang Tong Hua, she said, “You are now a guest, sit down and eat, I will go to see.”


This is a married girl, going back to her mother’s house as a guest, but in the in-laws house is not one of their own.

Later, Zhang Xiao Hua and Du Bao Qiang were persuaded down, but the scene was still slightly stiff, Wang Tong Hua felt about being seen by the new son-in-law joke was not good, it did not take long to quietly talk to Jiang Rui, so that she and Zhao Nan went back first, and then come back next time.


After the two of them left, the atmosphere in the Du family was even more subdued.


Zhang Xiao Hua held Xiao Shanzha and gently rocked her, but her eyes glared at Du Bao Qiang with hatred. Du Bao Qiang hung his head and sat by the door.


Du Bao Zhen saw that the atmosphere was not right, and did not dare to talk more, quietly went back to the room.


Wang Tong Hua stood by the table with a sullen face.

“Mom, I’ll take the child back to my mother’s house for a few days.” Zhang Xiao Hua suddenly said.


Wang Tong Hua frowned: “The baby is still sick, get well and then go.”


“I don’t dare to get well,” Zhang Xiao Hua raised his voice, ” This is only one day of illness, there are people who think we are annoying mother and daughter, think we are in the way, it is better to leave early!”

“I didn’t mean that.” Du Bao Qiang said in a muffled voice.

“Then what do you mean? The baby is crying, you don’t move a muscle, you sit there like you’ve had a weight, and you have the nerve to come and ask me how I keep letting the baby cry? You don’t know why she’s crying! Yesterday she was sleeping at home. I went up the mountain to dig rabbit grass, if someone was watching, not letting her kick the blanket, could she catch a cold? The child is not only my child, why should I have to take care of her alone? If you don’t care about anything, how are you qualified to blame me when the child is sick! I tell you Du Bao Qiang, this matter is not over!”

Her voice was a bit high, waking up the child, and began to cry again.


Zhang Xiao Hua coaxed a couple of times, wiped up her tears, and went back to her room and threw the door shut.


Wang Tong Hua rubbed his forehead, just felt  brain pain, sighing and said to Du Bao qiang: “She is now angry, you listen carefully to what she says, do not talk to her. I will help you watch this afternoon, she will not really go back to the Zhang family, you go to the mountains to dig some grass to feed rabbits, come back in the evening to say some good words. If the child is sick, the mother is more anxious than you, if you can’t help it, say less.”


It is still the first day of the month, if you let your daughter-in-law go back to her mother’s house with a sick granddaughter, what will people say about their family?


Du Bao Qiang did not say a word and went out with his backpack.

Wang Tong Hua looked at the table of unpacked dishes in front of her, and then looked around, Du You Fu was in the yard to fix a hoe, the dispute just now did not seem to enter his ears, Zhang Xiao Hua door is closed, faintly you can still hear the children’s cries, Du Bao Zhen’s room door is also closed, it seems that she is the only one left in the house, she subconsciously wanted to call Du Bao Qin to help, and a word came to her lips, then she remembered that her eldest daughter had married.


She stood in a daze for a while, and suddenly felt a little dizzy, holding the table and sitting down slowly, sighing after a long time.


Back at the Zhao home, Zhang Li Yun was a little surprised to see the two of them back so soon, but she didn’t ask much.


” A rare sunny day, your sister-in-law said she wanted to boil water to wash her hair and take a bath, do you want to wash it together?”

“Sure, I’ll go boil water after I change my clothes.” Jiang Rui said.

Li Xiao’e was in the kitchen when she heard it, so she said, “I’m boiling it, it’s almost done, sister-in-law just take a bucket to carry the water.”


Jiang Rui still went back to the room to change clothes, “Sister-in-law and Xiaobo wash first, I see he is already sitting on the bench waiting.”


Li Xiao’e peeked out from behind the stove and saw Zhao Xiaobo with his pants down, in the middle of walking a bird in the big sun, and was angry and amused, “This brat!”


She did not give in, and let Jiang Rui take over the work of boiling water, she took a wooden bucket filled with hot water to carry to the courtyard.


Zhao Nan brought in two buckets of cool water from outside and poured them into the cauldron.


“Did you not eat enough at noon?” Jiang Rui asked him in a small voice.


Zhao Nan shook his head, “I’m full.”


” Liar.” Jiang Rui demolished him, “You can eat three big bowls of dried rice at home, but you only ate two bowls at noon, and you haven’t filled them up yet. Go get some sweet potatoes and yams from the yard, I’ll bury them in the fire for you, they’ll be ready soon. By the way, take a few more, and share them with Xiaobo later.”


Zhao Nan went out to get a few more sweet potatoes and yams, Jiang Rui let him sit next to her, and the two of them roasted around the fire in the kitchen.


“You weren’t shocked today, were you? In fact, my sister-in-law is quite nice, it’s just that in the past two days when the child was sick, she was anxious, that’s why she quarreled with my brother.”


“It’s okay.” Zhao Nan said.


Jiang Rui took his palm to play, scratching the palm of his hand, Zhao Nan sometimes suddenly closed his palm and grabbed her fingers, but sometimes she slipped away, the two were competing with each other, one to catch, one to run, to see who is more sensitive than the other. This childish game is too infantile, the two people play head to head, even for a long time.


Zhang Li Yun passed by the kitchen door several times, saw the two of them playing obliviously, she shook her head inwardly: the second son’s foolishness over to his daughter-in-law.


The water was boiled, and Zhao Nan helped carry it back to the house.

In winter, it was not easy for rural people to take a bath, for one thing, it would cost them firewood to boil water, and for another, it was so cold that they would shiver in their clothes, so they had to be brave to take a bath naked. Usually they wait until a sunny day, boil a few big pots of hot water, and the whole family lines up to take a bath. For those who don’t like to be clean, they can’t take a bath more than a few times throughout the winter.


Jiang Rui’s spiritual energy kept the dirt out, so she was much cleaner than ordinary people. Despite this, she still scrubbed her body with water every day and took a big bath every three or four days. At first, Wang Tong Hua said that she burned firewood indiscriminately.

When she finished washing, she changed into clean clothes and went out to ask Zhao Nan to come and carry the wooden basin out with her, but she saw that Zhao Nan was also bathing, just like Zhao Xiaobo, in the sun, but Zhao Xiaobo was naked and he was at least wearing a pair of trousers.


Zhao Nan was originally rinsing water on his body, and when he saw her coming out of the house, the scoop almost fell to the floor, and he caught it with his hands and feet, turning his back.


“What are you hiding for?” Zhang Li Yun saw that he had almost dropped the scoop into eight pieces and yelled at him, “You’re not a girl, what can you not see? I’ve seen you since you were a child, have you seen me say anything?”


“Mum, Second Brother is hiding from sister-in-law, their faces are tender as a young couple.” Li Xiao’e was about to go to the water’s edge to wash clothes, and smiled.


“The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. I think it’s an old cucumber with green paint, pretending to be young!”


One sentence amused Jiang Rui and Li Xiao’e  and provoked a small giggle.

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