When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 69

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Kongbao is so boring

Kong Wuying squints his dark eyes, and somehow Shi Heng feels his heartbeat suddenly accelerate a little. 

This feeling is like being berated by father after secretly eating his father’s favorite attendant as a child. Fearful, but… very exciting. The stimulus causes his blood flow to increase.

This young man who looks just like a mediocre commoner actually gives Shi Heng such a feeling. It really made him feel a little… surprised!

Kong Wuying frowns and speaks harshly. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Kong Wuying remembers very clearly that when little Kong Ba was young, he was very obedient. He was shy and unwilling to play with his brothers because everyone alienated him because of his sad life experience, so he seemed more and more lonely and indifferent, making Kong Wuying distressed.

But… now listen to what he said! When did Kong Ba become like this? 

(Yeying people laughing: “Shy, lonely? Are you blind?”)

Kong Ba, no – Shi Heng smiles even more happily. He brushes away the hair on Kong Wuying’s cheek gently, and winks. “Don’t understand? It doesn’t matter. You’ll understand quickly.”

After speaking, Shi Heng stands up and slowly looks Kong Wuying up and down, especially the nice meaty thighs. “Little baby, come here, come see grandpa!”

(^ grandpa/your grandpa = i’m better than you/respect me/an insult)

Let grandpa eat you.

Kong Wuying misunderstands what Shi Heng means, and he’s already nervous from several sons, so without hesitation… splash his face with the footwash!

“Sorry, I slipped,” Kong Wuying says.

Kong Ba takes a deep breath. 

He’s going crazy! He grew up precious as a prince and was raised dotingly by his father. He has never suffered such shame! Although he is a pervert, he is not a masochist.

Kong Ba’s stare becomes cold. “Do you know what you are doing?” His eyes are cold and biting.

Kong Wuying’s eyes are even colder, even sharper, even more arrogant. “Do you know what you are doing?”

Seeing this bold and insidious man turn around and question him, Kong Ba grits his teeth. “You…”

Kong Wuying cuts in with: “I know what you think of me! But all this is impossible. I can never like you. Let it go now, why are you trying to hold on to an idea that will never happen?” Kong Wuying earnestly persuades his son, his eyes filled with helplessness.

Kong Ba is so angry he laughs. This person is really interesting! He thinks Kong Ba likes him? How narcissistic. If Kong Ba wasn’t here to find his father he’d take his time before eating such an interesting person.

Because the prediction of the cloaked figure has always been very accurate, he said that Kong Ba will see his father in ten days – so it won’t be a second earlier. Therefore, as long as he waits quietly for two days, he will be able to see his father again.

Kong Ba tries to control himself. No matter what happens, father must be the most important. Kong Ba turns and leaves the room. Leave this broken place for that other man. 

As for Kong Wuying…

He steps out of the door as well and looks around. The Welcome Palace has reserved rooms, leaving him nowhere to go. However, the night is very good. It’s also good to see the stars here, thinking about nothing, so he just sits on the grass.

Blown by the cold night wind, Kong Wuying suddenly feels a little lonely. If Kongbao was here, it’s annoying, but not lonely.

Wait a minute… has his brain broken? 

At the same time, the elders of Dan Huang Tang, who were preparing for the next day’s Chu Huang Tai competition, are welcoming the special envoy.

Ah Zi was dressed in purple and looked very good. “My Lord scanned the heavens tonight and saw that this place has a destiny with him. He plans to come here for cultivation so ready a proper room. My Lord will arrive tomorrow!”

Everyone is taken aback. What bad luck have they got! What kind of earth-shattering view is this! Where is the local destiny? You can’t hold this great plague in such a small place!

Regardless of the inner thoughts of the elders of Dan Huang Tang, Ah Zi flutters away and passes the Welcoming Palace, catching sight of someone under a tree.

That figure…

Isn’t that man… the shameless one?

Ah Zi can not remember others, but it is impossible to not remember him! The man deceived the noble Lord during amnesia and said that he was the Lord’s master! It’s despicable!

If he wasn’t worried that the Lord would interfere, Ah Zi would have slaughtered this bastard! But he doesn’t know what’s going on anyway, with the Lord’s sudden memory restoration. 

After recovering his memory, the Lord even… thought of this man as a treasure to keep in the palm of his hand.

That’s a pet.

Needless to say, this sudden whim to come to this broken place of Dan Huang Tang, it must be for him! What is so good about this person? 

There’s a sourness in Ah Zi’s heart, and looking at the figure in the moonlight, he’s suddenly angry. He decides to give this kid a lesson! Don’t think that you can be lawless even with the favor of the Lord!

Making up his mind, Ah Zi takes a white mask from the space ring and puts it on to cover his face. Then he draws his sword and approaches. A flash of metal and killing intent. “Since you were here, you can only blame your bad luck.”

With that said, the long sword in his hand slashes towards the sky. He certainly wouldn’t hurt the Lord favorite person, but it’s to scare him away.

But he miscalculates.

Instead the man frowns impatiently. “Don’t pretend, you think I don’t know who you are?”

Ah Zi freezes. He knows… who he is? How is this possible? He never met Ah Zi before! Did the Lord tell this man?

Kong Wuying looks at the tip of the sword paused in front of him and hums disdainfully. “When are you going to stop playing these tricks – aren’t you bored of it, Kongbao?”

Kong Wuying looks this person up and down. 

Hiding nearby and peeking at him for a long time, breathing shortly like he can’t restrain himself, as well as the black hair, the mask to be concealed, and the tone of a deliberately changed voice.

Who else would it be but Kongbao? 

Ah Zi is stunned. Kongbao? Who the hell is this? A disgusting name but it sounds familiar. But that doesn’t matter at all.

So Ah Zi says coldly, “Kongbao, who is that?”

Kong Wuying sneers. Look at this guy, such poor acting but he’s still playing. He narrows his eyes. “If you admit it now, I’ll let you kiss me.”

Ah Zi: “…”

Kiss? What kiss? 

Is this person crazy? 

However, looking at the man’s face illuminated by soft silvery moonlight, peering up at him … Ah Zi doesn’t know why but his mouth feels a little dry. 

His heart beats a bit faster.

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