When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 68

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You, little kid

Immediately after meeting the Emperor, Pill Master Qin sorted out the relevant information and vowed to take it away.

His Majesty is reluctant to go, and wanted to refuse, but in the past few days, after the vigorous propaganda by the long tongued Qin, the news that His Majesty was going to participate in the Chu Huang Tai has spread throughout Daqing.

There is no chance to refuse now so under these various reluctant moods, the Emperor is packed and shipped to Dan Huang Mountain.

And the most appropriate luggage …

The luggage leaned lazily on the bed, narrow black eyes squinted, a proud face. “I am a little uncomfortable, master. I will not go with you. Have fun.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

What medicine did Kongbao take? Is your brain broken? 

He gets goosebumps because he’s so uncomfortable. “Are you sure you won’t follow me?”

Kongbao’s eyelashes flutter, and the beautiful eyes show uncontrollable grievances. “You don’t even love me anymore, what’s the point of following?”

Kong Wuying tsks. Really… I still want to kill him! Fine, Kongbao can pretend. 

Until the day he leaves, Kong Wuying holds his head high but glances backwards. Kongbao isn’t here. Good, really good. Kongbao has grown.

Kong Wuying sneers and leaves without looking back boarding the imperial vehicle. It’s a flying car that has been made by spirit mixed with machinery. Its flying speed is no less than the fastest flying spirit beast. It is even more amazing that the internal structure is gorgeous and comfortable, which is definitely a must for traveling.

Kong Wuying stays alone in the room, head propped on a hand. “Kongbao!”

No one answered, Kongbao is not here.

Kong Wuying narrows his eyes.

Dan Huang Mountain, long, long ago, it was just an unknown mountain.

Until Dan Huang emerged from it and used this place as a base to establish Dan Huang Tang, one of the four major forces of Yeying!

Although nowadays, with the death of Dan Huang, Dan Huang Tang’s momentum has been far worse than before, and gradually fell from one of the four major forces of Yeying to become a first-class power, but a dead camel is still larger than a horse.

In addition, the Dan Huang Tang is still a sacred place in the minds of all pill masters, and has a distinguished status. Each Chu Huang Tai competition is still a grand event that shocks the whole world.

Mingguang has a vast area, and Dan Huang Tang is remote. Even when using the flying car, it took them six days to get there and check into a palace at the foot of Dan Huang Mountain.

The palace is called Welcome Palace, which was specially set up by Dan Huang Tang for the Chu Emperor. The paintings of flying beams are extremely delicate and beautiful.

Kong Wuying and Lao Qin checked into the Welcome Palace in the evening, waiting for the Chu Huang Tai competition two days later.

However, a small dispute arose while staying at the Welcome Palace.

“Is the Daqing Empire coming?” After seeing Lao Qin, the person in charge of the Welcome Palace shows a smile after a long absence. “Sky Room 15!”

“Wait a second!” a somber pill master suddenly emerges. “Why did we arrive first and live in the ground-floor room? But they came later, they can live in the sky-floor room!”

There are several different room sizes. Just seeing this pill master so dissatisfied, it can be seen that the Sky rooms are the most luxurious.

The person in charge says impatiently, “This is a contestant from the Daqing Empire. And you are from the imperial kingdom. I have never heard of any such palace.”

The pill master is even more gloomy. “The last Chu Emperor was lucky to be ranked eighteenth. But this famous Daqing Empire, I don’t know where they ranked in the last competition!”

Lao Qin: “…”

Can you not talk about such awkward topics?

The gloomy-faced man sees everyone silent and becomes even more fearless. “The Chu Emperor… the competition is the quality of the masters of each country, not the comprehensive strength of the country. If that is the case, isn’t directly basing it on the national rankings better? So I strongly demand it! Follow the rankings of the previous competition!”

When he shouts like this, he immediately receives the support of many people in the foyer, and everyone shouts along. Because of the anger of the group, even the person in charge of the Welcome Palace still has to evade the edges of the crowd.

The person in charge ducks away for a moment and returns. He announces that he will change the way he allocates accommodation, and in accordance with the results of the previous country in the last year of Chu Huang Tai, reasonably allocate accommodation.

As soon as this decision comes out, there’s another cheer.


Kong Wuying looks at the wooden sign with the number 58 in his hand and falls into a deep silence. “What was the result of our last Daqing ranking? This seems to be very backward.”

Lao Qin sighs. “Our last contestants had diarrhea before the game, so the results were not very good, only in the middle and lower leaderboard. It’s very sad, no one likes mentioning it.”

Kong Wuying looks at the wooden sign in his hand and calculates. “Fifty-eight by 3 is 174. How many countries and regions are there?”

Lao Qin: “… one hundred and seventy-four.”

Kong Wuying: “… this is called middle and lower? Isn’t this the last place?”

Lao Qin laughs dryly: “Don’t mention it, don’t mention it.”

As the last room in the whole Welcome Palace, herringbone room No. 58 is even more broken than one would expect.

Kong Wuying looks up at the sky. Hmm… the night is beautiful, and the location of Dan Huang Mountain is very good. From this perspective, the full moon in the sky is almost within reach, exuding a warm light.

Incredibly beautiful.

The premise is not to look at it from the hole on the roof.

Kong Wuying hasn’t lived in such a rotten house in his life, and just feels curious for a while. How poor is this Dan Huang Tang, that you give a room like this for the contestants? There is nothing worse in this world than living in a broken house like this.

Immediately, reality gave him a cold blow.

The person in charge of the Welcome Palace brings a man over and says nothing about the hole in the roof. “This is a new participant this time, so you can live together.”

The broken room became only half a broken room.

The man looks at the hole in the roof and smiles. “The people here are a bit interesting.”

The person in charge does not seem to hear the true meaning of his words, thinking it’s ironic, and frowns suddenly. “If you don’t want to stay you can leave, we have many more contestants.”

The man laughs even more when he hears the words. “Fun.” After a pause, his eyes flutter with intense interest and his tongue drags across his upper lip. His eyes fall on the person in charge, saying, “It’s quite flavorful.”

The person in charge’s face suddenly changes from being full of disdain to wary. What does this abnormal man mean? Showing love to him? But he’s not like that! The person in charge glares at the man. “Enjoy your stay.” Then he leaves angrily.

The man looks over his shoulder at Kong Wuying and smiles sweetly. “Go, get me a basin to wash my feet.” He didn’t bring any attendants with him, but Shi Heng knows how to control people regardless.

(^ washing feet is a thing people did after a long journey, it’s not just some weird order) 

This is simply intolerable! The system can’t bear it. “Host, hit him, hit him!” The host doesn’t kneel and beg, he takes others as his own lackeys! This kid will die terribly! Absolutely!

Unexpectedly, Kong Wuying doesn’t get angry but silently leaves to the yard and collects a basin of water. 

Shi Heng’s eyes flash with contempt as his room mate goes blankly and obediently. He throws his whole body on the only broken bed in the room. Although the rough quilt hurts his tender skin, he’s not annoyed at all, but finds it quite interesting.

Shi Heng lays on the bed for a while, and sees his ‘attendant’ return with footwash. He waves a dismissive hand. “Put it there.”

Kong Wuying lowers the basin to right beside the bed, sits down on the edge and starts washing his own feet. 

Shi Heng sits up. “You, little kid, do you know where you’re going next?”

To the belly of Shi Heng’s palace to suffer.

Kong Wuying takes his feet out of the basin and looks at him darkly. 

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