Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 6

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Tina’s Memories

Three weeks had passed since we came to the Kingdom of the Beastkin.

Only one week before we return to Ifrus Academy of Magic.

It was decided that we would explore one of the historical ruins.

There was a dungeon inside that ruins, and apparently, it was related to the heroes who defeated the demon king a century ago. In order to prevent the adventurers from wrecking the place, entry was forbidden.

Maybe some of the equipment and items left by the heroes were still there. 

In fact, some of their weapons were discovered in a different dungeon that the heroes supposedly visited.

They thought that it would be best if these items were handed on to the next generation of heroes, so some of the dungeons where the heroes went were blocked at present.

We were  going to explore one of those ruins. I was the owner of this kingdom, and Tina was a descendant of the hero, so nobody complained.

Nevertheless, Leo, the Beastkin King, pleaded that we avoid rashly destroying the ruins.

The reason I wanted to enter the dungeon was to follow the traces of the hero Tina loved before.

I was curious what kind of person he was.

Particularly his name – I wanted to know what he was called.

A century ago, five heroes managed to defeat the demon king, and saved the world. Of course, this information was written and recorded in various documents.

However, for some reason, nothing was written about the hero that Tina loved, and it was only him. The people called him the [Guardian Hero] and they said that he would become stronger if he had people that he must protect.

No other information about him was written.

There were records of the kinds of monsters he slayed, but his name, his appearance, combat style remained a mystery.

Even though he was part of the heroes who saved the world, it was only he who did not have any portraits or statues.

Did he have some kind of circumstances?

A few years ago, I thought I’d try asking Tina about that hero’s name.


“Tina, are you free?”

“What is it?”

“Tina, it’s about the hero who went on an adventure with you. His name isn’t written in any book…Do you know why?”

“Ah, that’s because he didn’t reveal his name to anyone no matter how many people he saved.”

“Didn’t reveal? Why would he do that?”

“He didn’t have the powers a true hero possessed. He had to fight alongside me, and he was shy about that fact – well, that’s what he said.”

The Guardian Hero didn’t get the skills and status that should be his before he was transferred into this world. It was to save Tina.

He managed to save Tina, but his powers were too weak compared to normal heroes. Nevertheless, he continued saving the people.

– while borrowing Tina’s power, that is.

Tina had the protection of [Descendant of the Heroes]. Apparently, this blessing would be bestowed to one who was blood related to heroes of the previous eras.

Tina and the Guardian Hero uplifted each other, and saved many countries and cities from the threat of the monsters.

“So that happened… But, Tina, of course you remember his name, right?”

“But of course! He was –”

Tina’s expression crumbled. 

“He was, Hero-sama’s name was – wh, why… why?”

“O, oy, Tina, are you alright?”

Blood drained from Tina’s face.

She couldn’t say the name of the hero.

And it’s not simply forgetting.

It’s as if somebody erased all her memories related to the hero’s name.

And then –


Tina fainted.

She was soaked in sweat.

Afterward, Tina regained her consciousness, but she forgot our conversation. I checked Tina’s status board, but nothing was abnormal.

But Tina’s situation earlier was….

It was  as if something forcefully sealed all her memories related to the Guardian Hero – that was  how it felt.


From then on, I never asked Tina about the Guardian Hero again.

Maybe today I’d  discover the hero’s name, or maybe get information regarding Tina’s memory in this ruin.

This ruin was the first road Tina and that Guardian Hero walked together, afterall.

I was a bit hesitant to bring Tina here, since she already fainted just by trying to recall that person’s name, but there was also a possibility of getting her memories that had been erased or sealed back.

“Everyone, are you ready?”

“Of course!!”

I held Tina as the entire class went inside the ruins.

With our members, this dungeon that took Tina and the Guardian Hero one month to clear would possibly be done in just a week.

After travelling all over the dungeon, Tina and the hero’s level increased to 100, apparently, and since some of our members already got past 100, then this should be an easy trip for us – that was  my prediction.

In case we didn’t finish this within a week, we could return to Ifrus Academy of Magic temporarily, and go back to continue when we had the time.

And so, we set our foot in the dungeon ruins.

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