Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 5

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Luna’s Past (4/4)

I received a letter one month after I took the Ifrus Academy of Magic entrance examination, and the letter was from the academy.

I could still remember how my heart raced as I opened the letter.

Along with the results, I also received a notice of exemption from matriculation and tuition fees. Yes!  I passed, and I also managed to secure the scholarship.

Moreover, they would also provide me with a monthly stipend to use for rent and living expenses, and there was  no need to reimburse it.


I shrieked in delight the moment I saw that. It was like I was in heaven, it couldn’t  be helped.

I’d  be able to live surrounded by books at the most prestigious academy of magic in this world. It was so exciting to think about what kind of things I would learn.

Besides reading books, there was also one thing that I anticipated.

It was  the possibility of meeting him again.

Of course, I was referring to Halt.

Halt was an aristocrat, and it was already set in stone that he’d be able to pass, given the mighty display of magic he did back at the examination.

What if we become classmates!?

The Ifrus Academy of Magic was an enormous school, and the first year students who enrolled this year were more than 300 already, but there was  a slim chance I’d be in the same class as Halt.

I was desperately trying to catch up with my studies in my previous world, so I didn’t have the opportunity to play with other girls. Of course, I never had a boyfriend, either .

Thanks to the skills I got from the goddess, I had a better chance this time around. I also wanted to be friends with boys, if I could  – I also wanted to enjoy my youth.

Being reincarnated by the goddess of wisdom and beauty also had its merits. I may  be  tooting my own horn, but I think I’m way prettier now than my previous world’s self.

Clear, beautiful skin that seemed translucent, big eyes, smooth, silky sky-blue hair – I was also shocked at my hair color right after I reincarnated, but apparently this was normal here. 

If it was me right now, I did think that there was  a boy who would get along with me. It would be great if that person was Halt.


Finally, our first day at Ifrus Academy of Magic came.

From this day on, I had to live alone for seven years. There was  no problem with me doing house chores, but I hated sleeping on my own.

We had been sleeping together with all my older brothers and Sister at the orphanage. I felt miserable.

I had to make a friend who would sleep with me as soon as possible. I hoped she’d be a cute girl, too.

I headed to the entrance ceremony hall while preoccupied with those thoughts, when suddenly, I was pushed from behind.

“Hey watch where you’re walking! It hurts, you know!“

A boy was fiercely glaring at me as he said that. It was true that I was immersed in my thoughts, but I was properly looking in front of me as I walked. There’s no way I bumped against him, but –

“I, I’m sorry.”

 I apologized to him. He was  a son of a noble based on the embroidery on his robes. Even if he were  exaggerating, there was no way a commoner like me could go against him. This was the kind of world we were in,

“Hey you, don’t you know that this person here is the esteemed son of Baron Zordee?”

“Don’t think you’ll get away with just an apology!”

So the male student who bumped against me was really a noble’s son. And apparently, they won’t let me be even if I apologized. What should I do then?

I didn’t know what to do, and my tears were on the verge of spilling.

“Ah, do you have any business with my companion?”

“Wha-, who do you think you are?”

“Nah, who do you think you are? She’s with me.”


I unintentionally blurted out.

Halt had said that we knew  each other. I immediately understood that he was trying to help me.

Afterward, the three boys who picked a quarrel with me left. Halt’s father had the higher rank, so maybe they realized that if they still insisted on making trouble, then they would be  just putting themselves in a pit.

Halt helped me. And he lied just to do that, too. Nevertheless, my heart pounded when he told them he was with me.

I was closer to him now compared to when we had the entrance examination.

He was really cool.

Afterward, I became friends with Halt and Luke. It was only later that I learned that Luke was the grandson of the Academy of Magic’s Headmaster. And he was gorgeous.

I was really glad I gathered my courage and talked to them, and that they were willing to be friends with me.


I had a lot of time, so ended up reading everything I wrote in my diary.

It was nice that Halt became my friend, and we ended up in the same class, but I couldn’t bring myself to take the next step.

Almost half of my girl classmates were already so chummy with him to the point that they were eating and sleeping together… Halt was too amazing.

Luke also had a gorgeous elf girlfriend. The only ones left were Ryuka and Ryuushin, but I think they had that special mood between them.

…Eh? A-am I all alone?

Halt took away Merdie. I remembered that sense of dread that I had been feeling lately.

Halt was  very dependable especially since he was  the son of an aristocrat. Moreover, he was so strong to the point that even the Spirit Kings were willing to serve him, and he was kind enough to help a person like me when I got entangled with those aristocrats.

Besides, he was  also very attractive, he definitely wouldn’t lose against Luke. Maybe it was  because Halt resembled the people back in my previous world, so I preferred his looks, though.

That was why I also wanted to become part of Halt’s harem.

However, the hurdle was too high.

Thanks to the goddess, I became prettier, but all the girls beside Halt were much more beautiful and adorable than me.

The elf beauties – Teacher Tina and Leaffa —

Youko who became really gorgeous recently —

Mai and Mei, the Spirits who acted so adorably. —

And Merdie, who was blessed with everything – cat ears and tail, as well as those paw pads.

They surrounded Halt. I was just prettier than average, would  Halt be willing to be with me?

… I could only think about how I am a human. But that might be my greatest advantage.

All kinds of races were with Halt in his mansion, but there was not a single human girl yet.

In other words, Halt’s harem still lacked humans!

But, we’re talking about Halt here. If I remained idle, that spot would be taken away for sure. No, I think it was  already being occupied.

– this might be the so-called woman’s instinct.

I should act immediately. I shouldn’t wait for Halt to come to me, I must be proactive!

While immersed in those thoughts, I heard a knock on the door.

Who is it?

“Luna, are you free right meow?”

Merdie was standing there when I opened it.

“I don’t really have anything to do…”

“Then, would you like to go out for dinner, meow? Halt and the rest are going, too meow.”

“I’ll go!”

I should increase the time I spend with Halt. Then wait for the opportunity and grab that chance!!

Do your best, me.

T/N: This gal…. Wise decision, author-sama, for not pairing her with Luke…and yep, it’s confirmed! Luke has a girlfriend, woohoo!! No need to suffer from second male lead syndrome XD I’m wondering about Ryuushin and Ryuka, too. It wasn’t explicitly stated that they were siblings or cousins, so…remember when Ryuushin was attacked by the warlock, it was ‘his’ father, not ‘their’ that was brought up…anyway, well, they do look great together, plus they have the same race.. 😀 

E/N: Halt really holds an exam for entering his harem.  ( -_- )

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