The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 42

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42. Katariona Soon Misses Fluffy 

TL: Guys, I’m sooooo sorrryyyy for the delay. This will be the last delay (at least this long of a delay) for the rest of this year. (I hope) I just had my last tennis regionals match, which ran really late.

—- It’s been a week since I broke up with Leon.

Leon will speak to me from time to time, but I stubbornly turn away and ignore him

“Flare-sama, look. It’s an earthworm.”

Seeing the earthworms coming out of the soil makes me feel relaxed.

“Umu. It’s alive and well!”

If there are earthworms that means that the soil here must be of good quality. 

Ordinary aristocrat ladies would’ve probably swooned or screamed at the sight of an earthworm. However, I have learned a lot about agriculture from the farmers who run their farms. And, thanks to Thomas the gardener, I have been introduced to a local farmer. 

He told me that for farmers, earthworms are said to be beneficial insects that help improve the soil.

I don’t care if they look a little gross as long as they help me produce some good groups. On the contrary, I find them quite cute when they’re plump.

“Why won’t Rio talk to me?”

Leon is fidgeting around in the corner of the field, which is so cute. He makes me want to fluff him, but I’m patient!

Leon and I are currently on a break from each other (although it was one-sided on my part).

I don’t want to speak with Leon until this hazy feeling calms down. I feel like I’ll be losing if I speak first. 

I sighed, remembering how Leon refused my request to restore the castle ruins.

“What’s wrong, Rio?”

Flare-sama looked at me with concern.

“Flare-sama, Leon is…… Marion-san.”

It’s not very clear, but I think Leon is deeply in love with Marion.

“You don’t have to say anything else. He’s a bit of an egomaniac, that’s for sure. Rio has always been honest and obedient. It’s okay to be a little selfish and annoyed once in a while.”

Taking a handkerchief out of her pocket, Flare-sama wiped the tears from my eyes. It seems that I had been crying without realizing it. 

Even though the other party is a goddess, we are both still women. Flare-sama is truly a kind and gentle, goddess of light. 

“Flare-sama, why don’t we take a break soon? Let’s eat our lunch.”

Changing the topic, I invite her to eat some lunch. 

“That’s right. What’s for lunch today?”

“Today, we have a basil sandwich with shrimp and avocado. We also have a salmon sandwich.”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

During the trials, Marie and I are separated, so only I can serve her. And, if I do say so myself, I am very familiar with Marie’s serving style. 

I arranged the lunch boxes neatly on the garden table set up in the greenhouse with great skill. 

When everything was ready, Leon came to the garden table with trepidation, taking the form of a small beast. And, stared at me with sullen eyes. 

Ku-! So cute!

I turned away from Leon, as not to look at him, and presented him with a plate of food and a cup of hot tea. 

Glancing sideways at Leon, I saw him eating his food with relish. 

His tail was swaying happily as he put some food scraps in his mouth.

Ahh! I wanna play with it!

Flare-sama looked at him with amusement as her hands flailed about. 

With a pop, Flare-sama changed into a golden furred cat and jumped onto my lap.

“Rio, it’s okay if you touch.”

Taking her word for it, I petted Flare-sama’s fur. I used a brush with purification magic on it, so she now has a fluffy coat. Being like so, her face loosened with a pleased expression.

“Fluffy. Flare-sama.”

“It sure is.”

Leon growls. Flare-sama snorts, turning to face Leon.

After eating our lunch boxes and taking a rest, I resumed working. Leon, who was on the garden table, fell down. It was a rather sorry sight, as he muttered, “I want to be touched by Rio, too.”

I felt a little sorry for him. Should I shorten the distance a little only when he’s in his small beast form?


“Lyle-sama, the God of Wind, is a demon.”

Ever since I declared to Leon about our separation, I’ve been running to Chris’s room every night. 

We have a girls-only gathering on the bed almost every night. 

Leon is probably curled up alone in my room again today. 

“What kind of trials did he give you today?”

Hugging a pillow, she told us about today’s trials.

“Jumping off a mountain.”


The place where Chris and the others are being tested is in the mountains north of the Marquis de Grandeur. The highest mountain is probably in that mountain range close to the border with the neighboring country. It’s height is nearly 4,000 rirudo (meters) high. They are being challenged by Lyle-sama on that mountain. 

Jumping off the mountain is insane. It is akin to throwing away your life. What kind of test is he giving the princess?! Lyle-sama really is a demon. But, if you are really in danger, he will help you…… right……

“More precisely, it’s about controlling the wind and floating in the sky. It’s difficult trying to control your magical powers.”

Floating in the sky in the wind? Can wind magic do that?

“Did you manage to do it Chris?”

“I was happy being able to float just a little bit, but then I was pushed down by Lyle-sama from an even higher place.”

Chris is going to die! Oh. The fact that she’s here now means that she’s okay.

“So, what happened?”

“I don’t want my life to end at only eight years. So, I desperately gathered the wind around me and landed safely. Once I landed safely, Tojurou smirked, saying, “Still no luck, Princess.” He’s so frustrating!”

Chris punched the pillow. It must have been frustrating being teased by Tojurou-san. 

“By the way, how are things going with your trials, Rio?”

“It’s going well. All I have to do is keep track of the crops as they grow.”

Chrils tilted her head.

“Have you not made up with Fluffy-kun yet?”

Instead of blaming me, Chris asked caringly.

“……I’m just ignoring him one way or another. It’s not Leon’s fault. I’m a jerk, aren’t I?” 

“Rio, you’re not the only one at fault here. Fluffy-kun is also just insensitive.”

I’ve been running to Chris’s room ever since the first day of the ordeal, and I told Chris that I was in a relationship with Leon. When I told her, Chris said, “That’s Fluffy-kun’s fault.”

“Leon is a god. Maybe he has different things he’s sensitive to than humans.”

“So, Rio likes Fluffy-kun, right?”

My face started burning up. The word “like” that Chris used is “like” as in love. 

“Yes, I like him. But, I think it’s the same as liking your family.”

(TL: Ahh!!! Why are you so dense, Rio!!!!)

Chris patted me on the shoulder and smiled. 

“We’re still kids. Let’s take out time to face our love life.”

I nodded at Chris’s strangely convincing words. Right now, I’m still a child. To be honest, I don’t think I was in love with the Crown Prince in my previous life, either. 

Besides, I want to talk to Leon soon. So, let’s try talking to him casually tomorrow.  I miss fluffing him most of all!

TL: Lol, I died imagining Chris smiling at Rio knowingly and saying the “We’re still kids” part. But, that aside, when will she realize she likes him romantically!? 



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