The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 48

Respect and a Chance Meeting

Theo’s power-filled punch slammed into the wall, sending all nearby monsters flying away.

“So, this is Lord-dono’s power.”

His body was as light as a feather—so light that he felt like it wasn’t even his body—and felt like he had enough strength to easily crush steel.

He assumed it was due to the ability “Herculean Strength” granted to him from the title “Enlightened One—Brave Leader.”

“Herculean Strength” shot his physical strength through the roof, transforming him into something on an entirely different level of strength. And since his visual acuity had been heightened to the max, to him these monsters looked like they were barely moving. There wasn’t an ability more suited to a close-combat specialist like Theo. He slaughtered the monsters who couldn’t put even a hint of resistance.

It was obvious after seeing Zap and Bull that these monsters were made from his brethren, whose souls were imprisoned in monster bodies. So, Theo had decided to release as many people as he could from this hell, even if it meant only one more.


Theo sensed dozens of monsters coming from behind him. 

He turned around and prepared to swing at them, but before he could finish, Calogero fired off countless rays of lights, which pierced through, and blasted apart the monsters’ heads. 

“Thanks, you saved me.”

That was Calogero’s ability, “Sure Hit”, which granted him several buffs towards ranged weapons.

It bestowed special effects on his beloved gun, one of which was those bands of light that annihilated the monsters. It was absurdly strong.

“This isn’t really the time to be asking, but is Grey-sama really a human?” asked Calogero as he mowed down the monsters left and right.

“The man said so himself.”

“He’s managed to convince me before, but this is just……”

Theo felt the same way. There was no way a human could pull off these supernatural phenomena. 

“I agree, but what does that change?” asked Theo.

“Well, nothing. I don’t really care whether he’s a human or not.”

Then don’t ask. Calogero, the self-proclaimed captain of Lord-dono’s elite squad, probably didn’t place much importance on who he was. Calogero was basically looking for a reason to praise him. 

“We’re almost there.” Theo forced the sliding door open to find himself in front of a large reception hall. 

Inside, he saw a muscular bearded man sitting down.


“Supreme Commander!!”

Theo’s chest began to boil with rage and he felt like a stake had been driven through his heart. 

Right in front of him was his father, who should have been executed by the kingdom.

“Tessin’s relatives! Interesting,” said the man with the exact same voice and eyes as Theo’s father. It was extremely unpleasant; Theo vowed he wouldn’t let him get away with it.

“Be proud, I am Rashomon’s second boss, Mezu. The body sacrificed for my incarnation must be talented. Your relatives—”

“Shut up!!” Calogero shouted. He then shot eight crimson rays of light towards Mezu that ripped apart the air.

The rays of light exploded one after another, sending an intense heat. But Mezu simply patted his clothes before standing up without even a scratch.

“Good grief, you humans are impatient as always.” Mezu’s nose then began to lengthen, his ears began to move to the side, and his body began to enlarge and cover itself in fur. Soon after, a monster with the face of a horse was looking back at them.

This was its battle form, and thus, its skills had sharply increased. Thankfully though, it no longer looked like Theo’s father which calmed him down.

“Calogero! We can’t lose this fight, alright!!”

“Of course, we need to see the Supreme Commander off!” he replied, cocking his gun at Mezu.

But Mezu had repelled its bullets so easily, so it must have been far stronger than them. 

However, they had to do what they could. Theo’s father was the Radols’ hero and someone he looked up to. Theo wouldn’t let that monster defile him any longer.



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