Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 4

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Luna’s Past (3/4)

I arrived at the city where the entrance examination of Ifrus Academy of Magic was to be held.

It was a huge city, roughly two hours away from the town I lived in. Sister took me to this place several times before, but it was the first time I came  on my own.

I thanked the merchant who sent me here so early in the morning before entering the city.

Perhaps it was because of the entrance exam, but a crowd had gathered inside the city.

The examination was in the afternoon.

But before that, I needed to apply for the examination first, so I lined up to do just that.


I finished my application smoothly, thank goodness. My examinee number was 101. The person before me was 99, so I thought I’d be number 100, but for some reason, we skipped that, so I got 101. 

Maybe a nobility would be taking an exam before me. In Ifrus Academy of Magic, applicants needed to take the exam regardless of their status and connections.

The difference with me was that they could apply for the exam in advance. Moreover, they could pick whatever number they wanted. 

They didn’t have to wake up so early, come to this city, line-up to apply for the examination – I  was a bit envious.

Aside from that, the sons of nobility studied magic from a young age so that they could study in prestigious institutions, that’s why they were very proficient in magical techniques. That was  also the reason why the majority of the nobility passed the exams without a hitch. 

Although it was  an academy for studying magic, the applicants were required to wield magic at a certain level already. On the other hand, children with potential were also scouted, but they didn’t come for me.

I was at Level 50, so I could also use auxiliary magic, though…

Well, the town I lived in was a small town, and the government officials there didn’t accomplish any big-time matters, so there’s no helping that the academy scouts didn’t notice me.

There’s no use of fretting over things that have already passed.

I should give my all for this exam, instead.

It’s not enough for me to pass the exam. I did not have money, so I was aiming to be a scholar. If not, even if I passed, it’d be useless since I wouldn’t  be able to pay for my matriculation fees and other course fees.

First was the written exam.

It was general knowledge about magic, so extremely hard questions such as deciphering ancient runes were also included. I managed to finish all the questions.

Even if there were ancient runes, thanks to my Language Comprehension skill, I didn’t have any difficulty in reading it. It was written that  ‘Whoever understood this question, may fortune be upon you.’ – and so, it made me happy.

By the way, we were seated according to our examinee number, but number 100 didn’t come. Maybe noble children took the exam in a different room. I was curious as to what kind of person number 100 was.


Afterward, we moved to a separate place dedicated for the practical examinations. For the practical exams, we had to demonstrate our forte in magic right before the examiners, and we should flaunt our magical abilities as best as we could.

I planned to heap lots of supportive magic on myself , then use the lowest magical attack to destroy the target. I managed to slay many monsters thanks to that, so that method was already polished, if I said so myself.

Number 99 was done, it seemed.

I was about to step into the venue –

“Ah, you’re number 101 right, please wait for a while.”

The person-in-charge stopped me just as I was about to enter. Number 100 was going to take the exam, apparently.

As I was waiting for a while, the person came from another entrance. He was probably number 100. I glanced at his profile, then instantly knew who he was.

As expected, he was the son of a noble family – the House of Count Silveray, who possessed this city and the town I lived in as part of its peerage. 

His name was Halt.

So he was the same year level as me.

Halt had ink-jet hair that was rare in this world, and he had very beautiful azure eyes. His bearing was dignified, and was really cool.

He was clad in high-quality clothing. We really lived in different worlds.

Halt then bowed towards the examiner. He must have wanted to release his magic.

I wasn’t good at gauging the other people’s magic, but even I could tell his mana was colossal and very dense.

Having such a ginormous amount of mana – what kind of spell would he cast?

My heart pounded as I watched Halt’s movements.

Fire Lance!”

Contrary to my expectations, Halt fired the lowest level of fire attribute magic. And my jaw dropped at the result.

The magic that he fired pierced through the target and consumed it in blazing flames. No matter how you looked at it, it wasn’t how a lowest level attack should be.

Halt seemed satisfied, so he left the venue through a different door from where I was. And so, he apparently didn’t notice that I was watching him.

The examiner was in a daze, but he did notice that I was standing at the entrance, so he restarted the examination for me.

I had been thinking of destroying the target using the lowest level of magic to show my abilities, but since we just witnessed that super amazing display of magic from Halt, the examiner might find my spell boring.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t think of any other way, so in the end, I still piled the supportive magic on my body then crushed the target using mid-level magic.

But it was not completely destroyed.

Halt was a bit abnormal…

But, I flaunted it off the best I could.

I could only pray for great results afterward.


I then returned to the orphanage, and wrote the events that transpired in my diary. I had Absolute Memory, so even if I didn’t write it down, I would still remember the events of that day, but it had been a habit of mine from the previous world, so I still kept a daily diary.

I couldn’t calm down if I didn’t write in my diary. Besides, Absolute Memory did not include remembering feelings and thoughts, so it was still best to write it down.

‘Today, I took the entrance examination for the Ifrus Academy of Magic. I think the written exam was perfect. Or was it ? I did what I could, though…The target that I could only partially destroy was completely annihilated by Halt, the fief lord’s son, by using just the lowest level of magic. I’m a bit worried that my demo results might be outshone because of that. Ah, Halt was really handsome. It was the first time I saw him this near. If possible, I wanted to be in the same school as him.”

– That’s all for today, so I put my pen down.

If I continued, it might become full of delusions such as ‘I hope I could enjoy my academy life with Halt’ and so on. This was a diary.

Let’s just enjoy school life with Halt in my dreams.

The ancient runes wished me fortune, so I thought I’d have good dreams tonight.

With this, it’s ‘goodnight’.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow would  be a good day.


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