Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 27

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Editor: Totoro

Level Up (2)

 Allen is alone in the center of the circular field that he made, holding Albaheron at bay.

“Oh no, I didn’t expect two of them to come down. I thought I was going to die. Well, none of the summoners were killed, so it was a perfect match.”

 I can’t help but talk to myself.

 Gerda and I went to the Mayor’s house to inquire about the method of collecting taxes on Albaheron. Then I continued to hunt Albaheron once every three days. Apparently, if there is any provocation from the three G-rank Insects while the Albaheron is flying in the sky, it will become enraged and come down to the ground.

 It won’t come down with one or two G-rank insects, and it won’t come down unless it’s flying in the air. Also, the Provocation skill most likely only works on magical beasts. So far, I haven’t seen any birds that are not magical beasts, such as cranes, come down even if they are in the sky.

This is basically my formula now-a-days

-I wait for the Albaheron to fly into the sky.

-The three G-rank Insects use Provocation.

-When it comes down, I’ll turn three G-rank Insects into cards before they get hit.

– Then I used two F-rank Insects to drain their energy.

-I also throw a stone distracting it from the Insects at it and 16 F-rank Beasts surround it and start attacking.

-I hold his neck with a wooden sword to stop him.

 Although I had a hard time in the first battle, I was able to figure out the special skills of my summoned beasts and won the second and subsequent battles unscathed. This is what I call a winning pattern.

 And when I tried to catch one again today, to my surprise, two of them came down at the same time. Come to think of it, Albaherons fly alone or in flocks.

(Maybe I’ll need a few more F-rank Insects (Chu). Otherwise, I may fail someday.)

 In the meantime, my Grimoire glowed faintly. I stopped holding down the Albaheron with my sword and check the Grimoire.

“Yay, I leveled up!”

 I talk to myself even louder. On the Grimoire was the word “Defeated” in silver letters, followed by yellow letters.

“Defeated 1 Albaheron. You have acquired 100 experience points.”

“Experience is now 1000/1000. Your level has been increased to 2. Strength increased by 25. Mana increased by 40. Attack power increased by 14. Endurance increased by 14. Agility increased by 26. Intelligence increased by 40. Luck increased by 26.”

(Oh, it’s gone up a lot. That’s the kind of value that rivals that of a Master Swordsman. But still, there’s a big difference between the increase in my S-rank abilities like Mana and the C-rank ones. I see.)

 I check to see what my current status is.

 [Name] Allen.

 [Age] 6

 [Talent] Summoner

 [Level] 2

 [Strength]            39 (65) + 80

 [Mana]                  36 (60) + 35

 [Attack Power]  14 (24) + 80

 [Endurance]       14 (24) + 16

 [Agility]                30 (51) + 26

 [Intelligence]      42 (70) +10

 [Luck]                   30 (51) + 35


Summon <3>, Create <3>, Synthesis <3>, Strengthening <2>, Grimoire Expansion <2>, Delete, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing<3>

 [Experience] 0 / 2,000

Skill level

 [Summon] 3

 [Create] 3

 [Synthesis] 3

 [Strengthening] 2

Skill experience

 [Create] 11,933/100,000.

 [Synthesis] 2,610/100,000

 [Strengthening] 1,480/10,000

Summons that can be obtained

  [Insects] FGH

  [Beast]    FGH

  [Bird]      FG

  [Grass]    F


 [Insects]  2 F-ranks, 3 G-ranks

 [Beasts]   16 F-ranks

 [Birds]     2 F-ranks

 [Grass]     7 F-ranks

(I see, when I level up, my strength and mana will be restored?)

 When I level up my summoning skills, I am always in a state of mana exhaustion, so it’s refreshing to see my mana fully restored.

(The increased status is added in parentheses and multiplied by 0.6?)

 I checked the Grimoire to see my increase in status.

(It took me six years to finally level up once. In this world, leveling up is called overcoming or achieving a God-given ordeal.)

 It reminds me of the fact that Rodan is much stronger than most people. The bucket he uses to carry the water from the pumping station to the water jar at home is also larger than other villagers. He has probably hunted dozens of Great Boars and his level has increased.

 I once asked him how I could become as strong as him. He told me that God gives people trials, and when they overcome those trials, God will give them strength. This seems to be the otherworldly people’s idea of leveling up and their belief in God.

(Oh, no. She’ll be here soon. I have to hurry back.)

 I hurriedly placed the second Albaheron on top of the first Albaheron that I killed earlier. I carry both of them together and bring them home. I don’t have much time.

“I’m home!”

“Welcome back. What?”

 Theresia replied so as not to be surprised. Allen had caught another Albaheron today. In fact, he caught two of them today.

“Did you catch one today as well?”

 Rodan called out to me from the dirtroom.

“Yeah, Father. Are you okay?”

 Rodan’s body has improved a lot in the past month. He is now able to sit and stand. However, he seems to feel pain in his stomach if he stands for too long or moves around too much. Now he sits down and beats the harvested wheat straw with a stick. The straw is softened and then woven into sandals and winter shoes.

 Allen was concerned for Rodan’s safety, as he used to hit the straws with a rather large club. Allen didn’t want Rodan to reopen his wound.

“Oh, I can’t let Allen do everything.”

 Rodin froze when he saw Allen’s face. He seems to have noticed some change.


“No, it’s nothing. It’s just my imagination.”

(Oh? What’s that?)

 That’s when it happened.




“Oh! Oh, no, I have to drain them off before Kurena gets here.”

 With that, Allen headed for the canal outside, carrying Albaherons. There is a kind of clothesline attached to this place to drain the blood from Albaheron.

 It is a little over two meters high and is a simple structure made from sticks and boards that we have at home, including firewood and other things. Using this, we hung Albaheron upside down, cut his neck and drain his blood. The blood flowed down the canal.


 Krena comes running energetically. She has a wooden sword in her hand.

“Hey, Kurena. I’ll be done in just a minute. Please wait for a while.”

 I play with Kurena every day. It’s usually between 1pm and 4pm. However, every three days I tell her to come after the 3pm bell because I have to hunt. I catch them before she comes and hang them above the canal.

 As I’m working on the two Albaherons, Kurena comes in.

“Wow…! You caught two of them today!”

 She looked at me with sparkling eyes. She has no fear of magical beasts. I quickly finished the process of draining the blood from the two bodies, hoping that Mash, who is quite scared, will learn from her.

 After playing for the next hour or so, Kurena will go home. Mash is watching from the window of the house. Mash is not allowed to go outside until next spring. He will be three years old soon.

(For now, I’ve finished my quota of ten.)

 After dismantling one of them, we get a chunk of meat equivalent to the reward for one boar hunt, and since I caught ten of them, this should be enough to last the winter. Now I just need to turn them into dried meat and exchange them for firewood.

(I’ll have to hunt as many as I can this month, since Albaheron won’t be flying next month. I will need defeat 20 Albaherons to reach level 2. It’s going to be hard to get to level 3 this year.)

(There’s a gap.)

 As I was thinking while playing, I got knocked on the head.


“No! Don’t be absent-minded!”

 Kurena puffs out her cheeks when Allen doesn’t take her seriously. Allen apologizes, rubbing his head and saying he’s sorry.


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