When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 67

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Mi Shiheng

This person is really too much! 

What’s wrong with fighting? What about your professionalism as a monarch?

Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow at the two pill masters. Is there anything wrong with what he said? To be honest, he still doesn’t quite understand Mingguang’s customs, and honestly maybe… in Mingguang, peace is wanted?

Kong Wuying closes his eyes and sighs. “Yeah, maybe I’ll participate.”

The two alchemists are stunned. It is the honor of every pill master to participate in the Chu Huang Tai! What are you so upset about? 

But since he agreed, there was nothing else to say.

The two pill masters state they’ll sort out the information about participating in the competition and leave. 

Kong Wuying pinches the system hung on his chest. You have nothing to say about the Chu Huang Tai?”

System admits in a daze, “I don’t know what the Chu Huang Tai competition is.”

Well, fine. The system was originally stupid and unknowingly ignorant of anything, but since it’s another pill master competition Kong Wuying thought the silly thing might know something.

The system is ashamed. “I really haven’t heard anything about Chu Huang Tai, there was no such thing before. Maybe it was only after Chu Chu died. Host, I’m sorry.”

Wait, why did the system apologize? This man killed Chu Chu!

Since there are no clues from the system, there is nothing to do. So Kong Wuying returns to the palace with a gloomy look and finds someone lying dead on his bed.

Kongbao lying on the bed, pretending to be bored, is doubting life. Seeing master come over, his eyes brighten, and he starts to sit up but gets pushed back by a finger on his forehead.

“Do not move.”

Kongbao blinks his pretty eyes and says pitifully, “Master, I know I’m wrong.” He was beaten a lot, and he learned to be good. Just admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

Kong Wuying hums and rubs the silky hair, messing it up deliberately. He says lightly, “I’m going to participate in the Chu Huang Tai competition.” Kong Wuying explains briefly about the cause and effect.

“What?” Kongbao asks, confused. “But I can go and capture the Nanhai Emperor to force him to retreat, or just kill them all?”

“To rough,” Kong Wuying declares.  

Peace and development are the themes of today’s world. Don’t you understand?

Kong Wuying, who condemns the behavior of Kongbao in his heart, does in fact think about it for longer than strictly necessary. Unfortunately, they’ll take the scenic route.

Kongbao is quietly thinking. The master is going to enter a competition, so should he be a judge? But Chu Huang Tai is a big match like this – will it be easy to do or will it take too much time away from master?

Soon, the news that the monarch was going to participate in the Chu Huang Tai to win the great reward has spread throughout Daqing.

The people of Daqing all have an incredible expression. It is impossible for our Majesty to be so kind! It is impossible for our Majesty to be so good! He can save the destiny of the people with his own power! This is simply… incredible!

Rumors about His Majesty have continued since his ascension, but there has never been any positive news. Proud luxury, likes that disgusting night shadow food, lascivious, lazy, playful, somewhat cruel.

It is said that the Princess of Nanhai may have been killed because of his unwillingness to make love! Shouldn’t this kind of monarch and tyrant want the war between them and Nanhai to begin soon?

I have to say that although there is some exaggeration in the speculation, what these people have speculated in their minds are still correct.

His Majesty is indeed the supreme monarch and tyrant.

For a moment, there was a big change in the thoughts of the people, and there was a suspicion that the shocking lord became a virtuous prince.

At this moment, on the other side of the Mingguang mainland, there is a beauty.

The beauty had long silver hair, long legs, and a gorgeous physique. Because of that proud height, such as knife-like deep and handsome features, and the dark red pupil of the open temperament, everywhere shows his male charm.

This beautiful man is in charge of the realm of Cangsheng, the domain master known as Shiheng. He is rumored to be as brutal as his father.

He was rumored to have been born as a child with unknown doom, the entire family dying overnight as he came into the world.

However, he survived. The price is countless murder and spilled blood everywhere he goes. According to rumors, he eats human flesh and drinks blood every day. He takes lovers and kills them after he’s satisfied. 

It stands to reason that such a lunatic person should have caused a lot of crusades, and eventually died. However, not only is he still alive, but the power in his hands is increasing day by day, and his strength is constantly expanding.

Because he has great strength and the most fierce strategy. No one can betray him, because no one can afford to betray him.

Of course, he also has a name that looks a little ridiculous compared to this heinous name, called Kong… Ba.

Oh yes, he is the eighth prince of Yeying, the eighth son of the monarch, Kong Ba.

Whenever they think of this person, even if the people of Yeying love and respect their monarch, they can’t help sighing.

Why do you think the monarch adopted this one? There are so many good-looking and well-behaved children! For example, I… my parents died when I was a child, and I look beautiful. Why not adopt me instead of adopting that fierce god?

Anyway, no one can guess the mind of the monarch.

So under the strong ‘cultivation’ of the monarch, the fierce boy grew up into a demon that everyone fears.

At this moment, the demon finishes his meal with his lover from last night, dresses in gorgeous clothes and leaves for the main palace. This underground palace is located in the deepest part of his entire capital, and no one except him can enter.

The scent of medicinal incense is burning everywhere in the palace. The strange scents entangle together, giving off a nasty smell.

But Shiheng, who is used to it, doesn’t feel it at all. He walks through the underground palace to the deepest part.

A person in a black robe waits for him there. He clenches the transparent ball in his hand and says lightly, “Please wait, Your Highness. It is almost ready.”

The transparent ball begins to gradually color; red, green, gold, brown, and finally turn into a richer black than the night sky.

In sharp contrast, the face of the cloaked figure is suddenly whiter than white paper and he swallows down blood from the effort. However, the smile on his face is undeniably insane. “After ten days, on the Mingguang Dan Huang Mountain, this is the place where the monarch will arrive.”

Kong Ba – no, Shiheng frowns. “Are you sure you’re not wrong? Even if father is resurrected, it’s impossible for him to choose a place like Mingguang. Father used to hate Mingguang most!”

The figure proudly says, “Under the Pearl of Chaos, there is nothing that cannot be seen. Your Highness, please leave, you must get it.” Under the black robe, he shows a thrilling smile, like a lotus born in the Devil’s depths, beautiful but scary.

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