When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 66

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Hit a rake

Being able to touch the master every day is simply a great treat. 

But no! If the master is woken up, the consequences will be disastrous.

Kongbao closes his eyes, imagining master’s taste. Imagine master’s arm. Imagine master’s kiss. Imagine master’s caress…

Eh? It feels just like the real one!

Kongbao opens his eyes in surprise, and finds that he’s being firmly held in the arms of his master. Then master… with his eyes closed tightly, unconscious, doesn’t seem to be awake?

But Kong Wuying clings tightly to Kongbao, and keeps Kongbao’s head against his chest. 

And… such a good thing! Kongbao is shocked! Kongbao is broken! The master took the initiative to hug him!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Okay… so delicious. Kongbao really wants to lick and taste master. 

Kong Wuying snorts softly, and scratches at his chest subconsciously. Apart from pulling the top more open to make it easier for Kongbao to act, he has no response at all and sleeps soundly!

Kongbao, after coveting for so long, finally had a day to get his wish. Since this is a blessing from heaven, then he won’t be too polite, no need to wait. Anyway, master took the initiative, and it’s impossible for Kongbao to get stabbed from behind right now!

Kongbao enjoys it beautifully.

When the morning sun hits the bedside, Kong Wuying wakes up fully rested. Just a bit like the skin of his chest is itchy…

When Kong Wuying bows his head, he sees a furry head buried in his chest. “Kongbao!”

Kongbao looks up and gives Kong Wuying an innocent smile. “Master, you are awake.”

There’s no expression on the surface, but there’s a murderous undertone in his voice. “Why are you in my bed? Lying on my chest?!”

Kongbao’s innocent face fools no one. “Master, you took the initiative to hold me last night. I couldn’t get away.”

Kong Wuying heard the biggest joke of the century. “I held you? Offending this monarch over and over again, are you tired of living?”

Kongbao: “…”

Kongbao, who has never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf, is still too naive.

After a pleasant breakfast with no Kongbao to be seen, Kong Wuying gets a report from the servant.

“Sir, Qin of Danta and Wang of the Alchemy Association have asked for a meeting.”

Kong Wuying thinks for a while but doesn’t remember meeting these people. Or perhaps he did meet them and they weren’t important enough to remember. “Sure, let them come in.”

Soon, the two spirited old men strode in.

As eighth division alchemy masters, their status is equal to the emperor of a country. They already had the privilege of seeing the previous emperor and not kneeling. Therefore, seeing Kong Wuying, they only nodded slightly. “Your Majesty!”

“What’s the matter with you?” Kong Wuying asks.

The two alchemists glance at each other and Qin speaks up first. “Your Majesty, may I inquire as to Brother Jing Tian’s illness – you cured it?”


“You see, we were quite amazed – huh? No?” Qin is shocked.

He and Wang specifically asked the vice president of the Alchemy Association to learn the identity of the mysterious ‘senior’.

Originally, they thought that the senior who was higher than their alchemy division must be a very old age and probably dying, and it turned out to be so young! His Majesty the Emperor of their country!

How can that be? This must be wrong.

Not to mention that the emperor has been known as a waste since the time he was a prince. It is inappropriate to say that he is of a master’s age. This little emperor is only in his twenties this year. Even if he started to learn alchemy from his mother’s womb, it was impossible to reach the ninth division!

But after repeated verifications, they found that there was indeed nothing wrong. What’s more, the emperor’s assessment record at the Alchemy Association is amazing (and heavily witnessed), and they can no longer stay in denial.

After coming to the door to ask, this is actually the result. So the two big wigs in the alchemy world are immediately aggressive.

Looking blankly at them, Kong Wuying thinks carefully and asks, “Who is Jing Tian?”

Two people: “…” 

So Qin grits out, “The person who kidnapped you for his wife’s treatment. She had a fatal hemorrhagic disease.”

“Ah,” Kong Wuying says. “It’s that fool.”

Two people: “…” 

Jing Tian is a well-known martial artist in their empire. This year, he is only 358 years old, and his strength has reached the seventh division mastery of martial arts – even calling him a genius is a bit of an understatement.

But be stupid, be stupid, anyway, you saved Jing Tian’s wife, you can say that kind of thing now.

Kong Wuying frowns. “What’s wrong? Did her illness relapse?”

Qin feels his heart grow warm. The man’s first reaction is to care about the patient’s condition. He really is a beneficiary …

Kong Wuying then continues with, “There’s no refund on the consultation fee.”

This person is a terror!

Qin’s mouth twitches. “No, it’s just that recently we heard that the princess from the Nanhai Empire died. The princess of Nanhai died in our Daqing. No matter what happened, we’ll be held accountable otherwise a war will start. Your Majesty must have been dealing with this headache?”


“I do have a way to resolve this for Your Majesty.”


“I wonder if your Majesty has heard of Chu Huang Tai?”


“… The Chu Huang Tai Competition is attended by talented alchemists, organised by Master Huang Tang for one hundred years now. The purpose is to select outstanding masters. You can get generous rewards and fame, plus you can be accepted as a disciple by Huang Tang himself.”

Lao Qin crosses his arms and nods. “Of course, it is difficult to win the championship. After all, this is a contest happening all over the continent. However, as long as you can enter the top five, you can submit to Huang Tang any request. This requirement can be rare materials, the best pill furnace, or even a cultivation manual. In the face of Huang Tang, the Nanhai Empire can’t possibly cause a fuss, if they do things can be forcefully negotiated.”

Speaking of this, Pill Master Qin smiles and looks at Xiang Wuying. “With Your Majesty’s strength, with a little effort, it is still very promising to get the top five. I wonder if Your Majesty is willing to work hard for Daqing subjects.”

Since knowing the real identity of His Majesty, their doubts about His Majesty’s ninth division identity has been dispelled immediately – just kidding! To be a ninth division at such an age, they may as well give up entirely. 

However, after watching His Majesty’s amazing performance in the division assessments, coupled with his cure of the disease, although there must be some coincidences, the talent and strength can be seen. So they got the idea to send him to Chu Huang Tai.

The rankings of various countries and regions during the Chu Huang match are also a symbol of strength and status. The Daqing Empire has had unsatisfactory performances for two consecutive years, only in the middle and lower grades, which is not commensurate with its overbearing overall strength.

Now that His Majesty is so talented, the opportunity for them to turn the tables is here.

And with today’s situation, His Majesty must have scratched his head for a long time. They put forward this proposal, no less than a life-saving straw, so there is no reason to disagree.

“It doesn’t really mean anything though,” Kong Wuying muses. “Kind of a waste of time.”

Chu Huang Tai sounds a lot like the last Shengdu competition. And thinking back to the unpleasant game experience of Shengdu last time, Kong Wuying doesn’t want to go.

The game system born under the hands of the Mingguang people may have the ‘customs’ of Yeying again. 

Qin stutters a moment. “Your Majesty, this is not a joke, nor is it a game. Didn’t I just say that? The top five can get any request, it can stop a war!” Not to mention, which young man can withstand the temptation of being famous all over the world?

Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow. “If they want to fight, then just fight.”

Yeying people are born warmongers! Only war and blood can show the strength of the strong!

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