Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 3

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Luna’s Past (2/4)

I was reincarnated in this world as the seven year old Luna Dilette.

Luna was formerly a child of a noble family, but she lost her parents in an accident, and was driven away to a small town’s orphanage.

I did not have any recollection of my life before six years old. But that was  okay, since I didn’t have to wallow in the sadness brought about by the passing of my parents in this world.

I enjoyed my life in the orphanage. I got along with the other orphans, and they became the beloved elder brothers . The Sister  was also very kind, and I loved her very much, too.

There were a lot of books kept in the orphanage. I steadily read all of those, even the difficult ones that seven-year olds normally couldn’t read. It was all thanks to the skill bestowed by the goddess.

I finished reading all the books in the orphanage when I was 8. I still wanted to read more books, so Sister negotiated with the mayor, and I was able to read the books in the town library.

Being surrounded by hundreds of books made me feel like I was  in cloud nine. I could choose whatever book I wanted to read too. .

In my previous world, I was desperately trying to catch up with school work, so I didn’t have the luxury to look for nor read anything else aside from lesson-related books. 

Of course, I never even experienced reading a manga. If I didn’t spend more time studying than other people, I could have never remembered  the vocabulary and formulas. It already took all that I had  just to study.

However, the reborn me possessed the skill called Absolute Memory, so anything I read would become my knowledge. So, I spent every day reading books in the library.

A single glance was all it took for me to understand and remember. And so, I skimmed through different books and memorized them, and when I returned to the orphanage to take care of the little children, I played them all over again in my mind, enjoying the contents of those books – I was capable of such a feat.

I finished all the books in the town library within six months, but my thirst for new knowledge didn’t abate.

It was at that time that I learned about a place with a treasure trove of information – it’s not an exaggeration to say that they had all the wisdom of this world. 

It was the Ifrus Academy of Magic.

It was the institution that nurtured magicians in Glendale Kingdom. They possessed a few hundred thousand books, moreover, this place conducted the pinnacle of research.

I wanted to go there no matter what.

However, I was an orphan – I didn’t have money, nor did I have a legal guardian necessary for commoners to enroll in the academy of magic.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to go.

After researching about it , I found out that the academy of magic also had a scholarship system. Those who excelled in magical knowledge and ability would be exempted from the matriculation fees, and they could enroll without a guardian.

I decided to apply for that.

Fortunately, I already possessed the necessary knowledge about magic. The orphanage kept several worn-out grimoires which were far more complete compared to those in the town library.

There was no way the orphans could read ancient text, but thankfully, I got the Language Comprehension skill, so I really enjoyed reading them.

Now that I think about it, weren’t they at par with the National Treasures? Maybe because nobody could read them, so as time went by, they were passed from one place to the next, finally landing on the hands of the orphanage.

And so, I didn’t think there’d be a problem with magical knowledge.

The challenge was in how to handle magic.

At that time, my status had been as follows –


Name: Luna Dilette

Race: Human

Divine Protection: Isekai God’s Protection

Occupation: Auxiliary Enchanter (Level 50) 

Skills: Absolute Memory, Language Comprehension

Just like that. I had never defeated a monster before at that time, but the level was already at 50, which was already considered strong in this world where I reincarnated.

The deities in this world frequently brought people from the world I came in, but those who transferred already jumped into level 150, apparently.

On the other hand, because I was reincarnated by the goddess of my previous world, my status was much lower than theirs.

Nevertheless, because I already had a status of level 50 and the knowledge I gained from the grimoires, I just had to improve the ability to use magic and I’d manage.

My occupation is an Auxiliary Enchanter.

Attack Magic was too scary for me to handle, but supporting somebody else wasn’t that dreadful – so I thought.

I started to do an intensive training suited as an Auxiliary Enchanter on the day I learned about the Ifrus Academy of Magic.


I mastered the magic that could be used by Auxiliary Enchanters after a few months.

I could also defeat monsters.

It was super scary, though.

I heaped all the support magic I could cast on myself, then I defeated it by firing low level attack (-ish) magic at high speed from a distance. 

I did the same (some) thing to many other monsters that had lower levels than me. My level would increase faster if I went against monsters that had the same level as me, but it was too dreadful so I didn’t do that.

Safety first!

Sister and the others around me had lower levels, so nobody could accompany me in training.

That’s why I continued fighting on my own.

My level was 52 by the time I turned ten. I managed to jump two levels all by myself.

I’m so great!

I wanted to praise myself.

And so, the day of the Ifrus Academy of Magic’s entrance examination finally came.

I’d be fine, I could do this.

I had been doing my best for this day, after all.

Sister and my younger siblings in the orphanage sent me off as I headed towards the city where the examination would be held.


T/N: Just to clarify, I’m not sure if she’s transmigrated, as in the Goddess switched Luna’s original soul with Hazuki (since there were no relatives left to confirm whether she acted differently from the original and whatnot), or reincarnated with no memories of her life as Japanese, which she recalled at some point in time. Or, another theory is, the Goddess just planted her in that world. What do you guys think? The line between transmigration and reincarnation is a bit blurred for me. 

E/N: The story is hella confusing. I don’t understand the reincarnation, transmigration, rebirth… and what else is there. Ughhhhh! (;~;)

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  1. You know how we tend to forgot our early childhood? Maybe in this novel, when one reincarnates they simply forget their childhood in the new world and the addition of memories from their past life simply exacerbates the loss of early childhood memories.

  2. I get the feeling it is transmigration because it seems like her soul was placed in an existing body, not that she was born and only now remembered, also because (if I understand correctly) she doesn’t have the memories of her previous body.

  3. Reincarnation is being born as a different person or creature in another world.
    Rebirth is being born as a different person in the same world.
    Transmigration is moving between two or more worlds, usually without dying first, but can also include being transported to another world with an adult body after dying in one world first. It is different in that they are not being literally born in another world, they are being taken to and placed there after childhood.

    1. nice explanation. only one thing:

      reincarnation does not have to be from on world to another. think buddhists/hindus, for example

  4. It feels more like halt he does remember that he was a person form earth but doesn’t have recollection of anything before age 5 (the day he awakened) where as Luna still retained the fact that she was born and knew things before age 5 .. ,the goddess only took the information about the other world and made eit in to a auto translate with infinity memory so she can get her hand on any information and remember /understand it without loosing. The details halt had the regressor knowledge but she had a language boost … That it

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