The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 41

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Katariona One-Sidedly Breaks up with Fluffy God

Author-san:  I hope you enjoy the new Part 2. (TL: She’s referring to Volume 2. From her note before this, it can be inferred that she deleted the first post of volume 2 and revised it completely) 

“Leon, let’s break up!” 


Why did I decide to break up with Leon? 

We have to go back to what happened on the day we returned to the Marquis de Grandeur from the royal capital.


After returning to the territory from the townhouse in the royal capital, our family, Chris, and Tojurou-san had no time to breathe before we were put to the test by the gods. 

As soon as we arrived at the lord’s mansion, we were gathered in the reception room with a barrier, taking a break with some tea and snacks that had been prepared. After a while, the gods emerged from the God of Time’s space. 

Leon then explained to us how we would be assigned trials by a certain god. 

“Sieg and Chris, you will undergo Lyle’s trials with Hikoshirou. Rio, you will take the trials in the forest with me.”

“Eh? Are you talking about the Wind Magic trials? Does that mean that Tojurou will be with us? I’d rather have gone through Fluffy-kun’s trial with Rio.”

Chris complained, her mouth twitching in frustration. 

“I’m so sorry you had to go with me.”

Tojurou-san said, snorting with dissatisfaction. 

“Chris is stronger in wind magic than in earth magic. It would be better for her to learn wind magic from Lyle.”

Chris’s magic attributes were appraised to be earth and wind (lightning). I heard from Leon that it was rare for someone to have wind magic with a lightning attribute and that it meant that her power was strong. 

“Is that so? I thought that my magic powers over the earth attribute were stronger, as my brother had told me that tinkering with the earth suited me.”

“The Crown Prince kid’s appraisal eye cannot measure the amount of magic power a person has.”

Chris nodded, convinced. 

“My brother’s appraisal eye isn’t that great. I understand. I shall take Lyle-sama’s trials.”

“I have no objection as long as I can take the trials with my master.”

My brother nodded obediently. 

And, although it was a trial for my father, he happened to acquire a newly awakened fire attribute. Originally, my father should have only been able to wield earth magic…

“I never thought that at my age my magic attributes would increase.”

It seems that Father, who was appraised by God’s eyes, was really surprised. My parents married early. This year they’re still in their late twenties, so they’re still young. 

“The Marquis de Grandeur has a large amount of magical power by nature. They have the capacity to accept multiple attributes. Alexis shall undergo the trials of the Goddess of Fire, Laura.”

Since Mother has Ice Magic, which is a derivative of Water Magic, she will be challenging the Water God, Toruka-sama, in a villa facing the southern sea. 

The head butler and Marie will be tested by Daaku-sama, the God of Darkness. Surprisingly, the head butler’s wife also had the Dark Magic attribute. 

Marie is a member of Toruka-sama’s genus, so she was supposed to undergo Toruka-sama’s trials. However, she dared to take the trials of Dark Magic. The head butler’s wife also had dark magic, so she and Marie decided to take Daaku-sama’s test. 

Dark Magic is a rather unique magic attribute in that it specializes in espionage. That seems to be its purpose. 

Daaku-sama said with deep emotion. 

“I didn’t know that Marie was the daughter of “Aria, the Dark Weapons Master”. No wonder I felt a familiar presence.”

The head butler was a former nobleman. However, not just any noble, he was once the head of the prestigious Count Forester family, known for being a military family. One day, a dark weapons user snuck into the house and their target was the head butler. That person– was Marie’s mother–a highly skilled mercenary called “Aria, the Dark Weapons Master”.

Aria had appeared in front of the head butler using the Shadow Walking skill of Dark Magic in order to meet with the head of the prestigious Count Forester family. The head butler fell in love at first sight with Aria and proposed to her on the spot…

Similarly, Aria, too, fell in love with the head butler at first sight, as she accepted his proposal. Aria was a commoner, so he chose to become a commoner himself. So, the head butler carefreely handed over his title to his brother and set out with Aria. 

Unfortunately, Aria had poor postpartum fertility and soon left for heaven. To be exact, she got onto the reincarnation belt and set out for the afterlife, but is that truly correct?

I suddenly remembered something and raised a question for Daaku-sama.

“Wait a minute! Daaku-sama, didn’t you say that it has been 200 years since you last gave dark magic to someone other than Marie?”

“I forgot because I gave Aria magic on a whim.”

“…….is that so.”

Daaku-sama, who was sitting next to Marie, doesn’t seem to be embarrassed in the slightest. Leon did say that they were a whimsical brother and sister pair, but I guess it is true. 

“I’m going to give Rio a trial, so Leon and I will give it to her together!”

I’m going to take Leon and Flare-sama’s trials at the same time? My trial seems to be the most difficult. 

The day after returning to the territory, I took a basket with my lunch and headed to the forest with Leon and Flare-sama to take their trials. 

In the morning, I had made a lunch box with Chris and Marie. Chris was innately dexterous, so she did a good job. Marie, who was very particular about her cooking, also praised her. 

“What are the details of Leon’s trial?”

Leon’s long tail, who was leading the way, moved as if it contained a will of its own. I tried really hard to suppress my urge to grab it and called out to Leon’s back. Whenever Leon entered the forest, he will always change from his small beast form to the form of a lion. 

Leon stopped and turned around. 

“Your task will be to create something from scratch using Creation Magic and repeating that process. The task is open-ended. Experience is the key to the successful use of magic. You’ve only been using Creation Magic for a very short period of time.”

I was startled to find myself staring into his beautiful blue and gold eyes. 

“Just like when I built the Rose Garden?”

“Yes. Do you have any ideas of what you want to make?”

I pondered for a moment when I thought of an idea.

“I want to restore the castle ruins.”

I want to restore the castle ruins, which I believe are the original Marquis de Grandeur castle. It’s also the place where Marion’s portrait is displayed on the spire……

However, upon hearing my wish to restore the castle ruins, Leon’s odd-eyed eyes narrowed and became severe. 


My wish was rejected in vain. No matter how many times I ask for it, I will probably be denied. I realized that there was no point in asking any more than that, so I graciously gave up. 

Suddenly, I felt a needle-like pain stabbing my chest. 

After all, Leon still has Marion in his heart. The ruins of the castle, where his memories of her remain, must be very precious to Leon. He doesn’t want anyone to touch it…

“…….I see. I’ll just build a greenhouse and plow the fields.”

I said, squeezing my voice out. Before I knew it, I started running through the forest, looking for a suitable place. 

“Plow the fields!? Why would you do that? Hey, wait up, Rio!”

I could sense Leon running to catch up with me, so I accelerated my pace in order to avoid him.

“And Leon, I am breaking up with you!”

I shouted so that Leon could hear me from behind.


“You don’t understand how a woman’s heart works at all!”

I heard Flare-sama scolding Leon from behind as if she was dumbfounded by him.


The sunlight shining through the gaps between the trees was warm. The birds were chirping their songs, and the wind gently grazed my cheek, warming me up. It was a very pleasant day.

“It’s a good day for farm work.”

I plowed the fields as I hummed along to the song of the little birds. 

In order to cultivate the seeds from the Eschen Empire I received from Chris, I need to build a greenhouse in the forest with a field inside. 

“Rio, are you doing this as some sort of punishment for me?”

I ignored Leon’s question.

“Should I plant these seeds in the soil, Rio?”

Holding out a bag of seeds to me, Flare-sama presents them asking for confirmation. 

“Please, Flare-sama.

Flare-sama and I, dressed in our work clothes, planted seeds as we happily chatted our time away.

“Rio is in her rebellious period!”

I left Leon alone, who was howling in his lion form. 

TL: Ooh~ looks like Rio finally snapped and a lil bit of drama will probably ensue. Well, guys, hope you enjoyed the chapter~! And, thanks for reading all of Volume 1 and continuing to follow us into Volume 2!



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