Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 2

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Luna’s Past (1/4)

I woke up all alone in my bed the next morning.

During our excursions for the academy’s event, I often stayed in a shared room with somebody else, and I was with Merdie all the time.

We slept in separate beds in the beginning, but before I noticed it, Merdie started getting into my bed.

I love sleeping together with somebody.

Being able to sleep with Merdie made me really happy, and I looked forward to going on a trip with everyone in class.

However, Merdie had been taken by Halt since yesterday. We had been staying in this room together until yesterday, but she didn’t return last night.

‘I’ll have Merdie. If any of you have any complaints, come up here.’

– I recalled Halt’s words yesterday.

Last night, I thought Halt was cool, but now, I resented him for it.

He took Merdie, my sleepmate, away from me. The me now would have surely stood  up at that time and said  ‘I object!’.

…No, that would never happen, right.

It’d be impossible for me to get Merdie back from Halt.

That’s why, at least let me join the House of Ernol!

It’s too early to marry Halt, but Youko, Mei and Mai also lived with him, and they probably sleep together with him, too.

I also want to sleep with them!

In the first place, I became Halt’s friend much earlier than Leaffa and Youko, right?

I became friends with him on the day of the entrance ceremony of Ifrus Academy of Magic, after all.

I’m the second one of Halt’s friends. By the way, Luke’s number 1, just by a hair’s breadth.

Halt invited us to his mansion the day we became friends.

Actually, he even said, ‘There are plenty of rooms here, so if you’d like to, why don’t Luke and Luna live here too? No need to pay rent.’ to us.

I was living on my scholarship stipend, and generally had been scraping to get by with my living expenses, so I almost grabbed Halt’s offer.

However, living in the house of a guy I just met that day didn’t bode well with me, so I refused.

If it had been the present me there, then I’d have definitely taken him up on that!

Halt…won’t you invite me again?


It was  already noon before I noticed it.

Since everyone had been moving together yesterday, it had been decided that we could have some personal time to explore Vestier.

I always went out with Merdie, but…

I was all alone today.

It was  really lonely.

I didn’t move that much, so I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t in the mood to leave the room, either.

During such times, I liked to read through my diaries again.


It’s been a while, so let’s go through the first volume.

I took out the worn-out diary from my bag. As I read it, I recalled the things that happened when I came here.


Before I came here, I was known as Kurenai Hazuki.

First year in middle high, twelve years old.

Actually, I had a minor tumor in my brain, so my memory was poorer than other people.

I would forget things that happened after a few days – I had that illness.

I could remember the schedules and plans, but I had difficulty remembering past events.

That’s why I always wrote a very detailed entry in my diary. 

Of course, I had difficulties with my studies, too.

Vocabularies, names of places, formulas – even if I tried memorizing them, I could only recall fragments.

I read many  textbooks and reference books, wrote formulas and vocabs in my notebook and , desperately studied more than anyone else.

Thanks to that, I was able to take the same lessons with everybody else. 

I, Hazuki, was just like that, but on a certain day, I went to a convenient store, only to be killed in a robbery incident.

Actually, I died very quickly.

I didn’t usually go to convenient stores often, but for some reason, I craved ice cream on that day.

When I entered the store, a masked person came running, bumping against me. I could feel my chest getting warmer, and when I looked down, the edge of the knife was sticking out of my chest.

I was stabbed, apparently.

I could only remember how my vision turned red at that time.

I always did my best.

My head was worse compared to others, so I had been desperately giving it my all.

But –

Maybe Kami-sama didn’t exist?

That was the last thought I had before everything went black.

When I woke up, I was in a pure white place. Didn’t even know if I was standing or lying down, there was no sense of direction.

I thought that I was in heaven, and it wasn’t that far from the truth.

A goddess was there.

She was gorgeous.

‘If you die like this, your existence will be wiped out. But it would be a waste of your desires in that world if you were to vanish. How about it? Do you want to have a new life in a different world?’

Even the goddess herself couldn’t return me to my former world. That’s why. She planned to send my soul to another world, thereby reincarnating me.

I was a bit worried.

I do want to live if I could.

But I no longer wanted to spend my entire life struggling in my studies.

‘If you accept my proposal, then not only will you be reincarnated in another world, you will also gain privileges. Do you have any wish?’

The goddess asked me so.

“I want to possess a great memory!”

I promptly replied.

After all, I loved learning about new things.

Recall the things I learnt, then use that as knowledge.

I wanted the power to remember.

‘I am the goddess of wisdom. I can grant that wish. I can also bestow a skill to you. No matter what kind of information, you would be able to understand it with Language Comprehension.’

I rejoiced at the goddess’ words.

She granted me the power of memory  along with the power to understand information.

And so, I reincarnated as Luna Dilette in this world.

However, I did not have an inkling what this Isekai would turn out to be. There were monsters that we had to fight – I never knew that.

I only had [Absolute Memory] and [Language Comprehension] skills. The effect of ‘Absolute Memory’ was that I would never forget anything that I wanted to memorize, whether it be verbal or visual. The ‘Language Comprehension’ allowed me to decipher letters and words.

The twelve-year old me lived in a peaceful world, so the skills I received were totally useless in the face of battles, yet I had to do my best to survive in this world where Monsters abound. My hard reincarnated life story started like this.


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