All The Bigshots Love Me[Quick Transmigration]

All The Bigshots Love Me: Chapter 14

There are many people in the Zhao family, but when the children grew up, those who were working went to work and those who were in the army went to the army, so there was rarely a time when they could all get together, and this time it was because of Zhao Nan’s wedding that the whole family sat together.

Zhang Li Yun and Zhao Da Qiu both work on a farm, and during their free time Zhao Da Qiu also keeps bees. Honey is a rare commodity, and the Zhao family’s current situation is due to Zhao Dong’s brothers’ hard work, but also to Zhao Da Qiu’s skills.

He was two years older than Zhao Nan and had been married for six or seven years. His wife, Li Xiao’e, was from the next brigade and they had a five-year-old son, Zhao Xiao Bo.

Zhao Nan, second in line, has a younger sister, Zhao Xixi, who works in a silk reeling factory, and a younger brother, Zhao Bei, who works as an apprentice in a restaurant, both of whom live in the communal dormitory and only go home when they are on break, and yesterday they took time off to attend a wedding, and after breakfast, they hurried out to work.


Zhao Da Qiu and Zhao Dong got off the dinner table and also headed for the mountain to check the beehives, and the family was reduced by half at once.

Jiang Rui was about to clear the table to wash the dishes when Li Xiao’e took her hand and joked, “Sister-in-law, sit down and rest first, you made breakfast, it’s always my turn to wash the dishes, otherwise mum will think I’m lazy.”

Zhang Li Yun laughed and glared at her, “How dare I dislike you? I’d be grateful if you don’t kick my old lady out of the house!”

“Don’t kick Grandma out!” Zhao Xiaobo hugged Zhang Li Yun all of sudden and yelled at his-mother, “Mommy is a bad person!”


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


Zhang Li Yun turned her head to Jiang Rui and said, “Listen to your sister-in-law, just go back to your room and rest, you are too diligent and in return make others lazy.”

Jiang Rui then nodded, remembering that there were still many items in the room that had not been sorted and was ready to go back and sort them out.


Zhao Nan was about to enter the room after her when Zhang Li Yun called him back, her previously pleasant tone immediately changing, “Come here, I have something to ask you.”

Jiang Rui sat on the bed taking stock of the clothes she had brought with her and was almost finished folding them before she saw Zhao Nan return to the bedroom.

He returned and sat at the table without a word, his face strange.

Jiang Rui took the time to glance at him, “What’s wrong? Mum wanted to see you about something?”

Zhao Nan looked even stranger, as if he wanted to say something and then held it back for several times before hearing him say, as if to himself, “Do I look stupid?”

Remembering what his-mother had just asked him, Zhao Nan felt that he had reason to suspect that she either thought of him as a child or as a fool, and that the second was more likely.

“What’s all the muttering about? Help me open the closet.” Jiang Rui picked up a pile of folded clothes and tried to stuff them into the closet.

Zhao Nan did as she was told and watched her from the sidelines when she was done.

Jiang Rui walked back and forth as he watched, her body lithe and her movements sharp, no different from usual.

Zhao Nan originally didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, people in the military were used to doing intense training, their physical abilities were no different from normal people, even if they were tired the night before, they would have recovered after a night’s sleep. He thought it was normal for Jiang Rui to look so relaxed this morning.

As a result, after listening to his mother just now, he was now also a bit doubtful of himself. Was it really his lack of ability and not doing enough that made her act as if nothing was wrong?

“Is …… there anything wrong with you?” He finally couldn’t resist asking.

Jiang Rui was holding a bottle of plastic flowers, considering where to put them, when she heard him ask, she didn’t even look back: “I’m fine.”

Zhao Nan was silent for a while, undeterred: “Isn’t your back sore?”

” You have time to worry about my sore back, so why don’t you help me figure out where to put these things.” Jiang Rui shoved the vase into his hands, leaving the problem to him and going back to other objects herself.


Zhao Nan stared at the vase, casually found a place to put it down, and gathered around her again, “Are your legs weak? Do you want me to rub them for you?”

Jiang Rui finally put down what she was holding and looked at him directly. It must have been unusual for someone who usually couldn’t hold in a few words when they met to suddenly be so talkative.

She looked Zhao Nan up and down, “What’s wrong with you? Say what you have to say.”


Zhao Nan began to blush oddly again and stuttered.

Jiang Rui took a step closer and traced circles on his chest with her fingertips, “Uncle‘s hiding something from me, huh?”

Zhao Nan grabbed her mischievous hand and held it for half a day, but still couldn’t ask, only saying, “Don’t call me Uncle.”

“What if I’m inclined to scream?” Jiang Rui gambled and drew her hand back, “I’m going to scream, are you going to teach me a lesson?”


“…… Then scream.” Zhao Nan looked into her eyes, his tone involuntarily weakened.

The expression on Jiang Rui’s face cannot be tensed, and the dimple at the corner of her mouth appears lightly as she pokes him in the chest, “Why are you like this? There’s no sense of principle at all.”

Zhao Nan couldn’t resist hugging her and said next to her ear, “Let’s do it again.”

“What again?”

“Last night ……”

Jiang Rui looked at him in surprise, and then looked at the sky outside, “Only this morning I said you were thick-skinned, have you really become thick-skinned? It’s broad daylight and Mum and sister-in-law are still outside, how can you be so cheeky?”

Zhao Nan’s ears reddened at her comment and he said in a muffled voice, “You’re not even tired.”

It was only at this point that Jiang Rui vaguely understood what was going on in his head, that he wanted to make up for it again because he didn’t feel tired of watching her and didn’t feel he had enough to show off his masculinity?

She was a little amused, even more so by his muffled voice, and quirked the corners of her mouth, “You’re so greedy, I’m afraid that even when I’m tired, you still don’t think it’s enough, and you want me to compliment you on how great and good you are again?”


” Nothing like that.” Zhao Nan said, sounding a little weak.

Jiang Rui giggled softly and raised her head to give him a kiss on the lips, saying soothingly, “Alright, I’m not tired because I’m fit, I grew up running all over the mountains, in fact, you were really good last night and I kept begging for mercy until afterwards. Do you remember? I cried and said no, but you were so cruel, you kept pressing me and kept asking for more. ……”


Zhao Nan blushed and stopped her with a kiss.


All morning, the door to their house was closed, and Zhang Li Yun and Li Xiao’e ignored it, minding their own business. Zhao Xiao Bo wanted to go and play with his second uncle, but Li Xiao’e stopped him and told him not to disturb his sleep. Zhao Xiao Bo mumbled that his second uncle was a lazy bum and ran out again to find his friends.

When it was almost noon, Zhang Li Yun muttered in her heart, ” Could it be that her words in the morning had made her son angry and the brat had gone to torment his daughter-in-law and show off his authority?

How could her new daughter-in-law, who looked so docile, so soft, so tender and bashful, with every part of her body made of white clay, stand up to the torment of her big, burly son? She mustn’t frighten her as soon as she enters the house. She will have to talk to the brat this afternoon.


In fact, she has wronged Zhao Nan again, although he does want to do something, but as Jiang Rui said, it’s still broad daylight, the family is also present, he can’t pass the barrier in his own heart for the time being, and it’s not sure in the future.

The two just sorted through the pile of dowry and bride price in the house, and occasionally Zhao Nan would look at Jiang Rui again and see that she was lost in thought before she would run over and give him a kiss on the mouth to wake the man up.

Nearing the end of the sorting, Jiang Rui suddenly asked him, “When are you going back to the army?”

“The 20th of the first month.” Zhao Nan stopped moving his hands.

Today is the 13th day of the first month, seven days before his departure.

Jiang Rui let out an oh.

Zhao Nan got up and walked over to sit next to her, “I’ll make a report when I get to the army and apply for my family to accompany me.”

Jiang Rui gave him a look and deliberately hummed, “Take your time, there’s no need to rush, I haven’t thought about whether I want to follow you with the army or not.”

“You don’t want to?” Zhao Nan immediately took her hand in his, his brow creasing into a frown.

“I’m teasing you,” Jiang Rui scolded him, “you can’t even hear that, how would I agree to marry you if I didn’t want to?”

Zhao Nan was relieved when Jiang Rui added, “Tell me first what the army is like so that I can prepare myself.”


“The military compound is divided into barracks and family areas ……,” Zhao Nan said slowly.

Jiang Rui listened while her hands did not stop, she was holding the woolen thread and needle she had just retrieved from her dowry, intending to knit a woolen garment for Zhao Nan to wear when he left.

After finishing his speech, Zhao Nan sat next to him for a while, suddenly remembering something, got up and took out an envelope from the bedside table and handed it to Jiang Rui.

“What ‘s this?” Jiang Rui took it and squeezed it, it was a bit thick, and when she opened it, she saw that inside was a small stack of large unity, and she looked at Zhao Nan in surprise.


“You keep it and buy whatever you want.”

Jiang Rui asked him in a low voice, “Do Mom and Dad know about this money? Should I give it to them?”

“No, I’ve already given Mom and Dad their share, keep the rest for yourself, Mom knows that.”


Jiang Rui then nodded, took the stack of money out and counted it, and when she was done, her eyes shone brightly as she looked at him, “Uncle is really something, being able to earn so much money!”


In fact, once upon a time, wealth meant nothing to her, but since becoming Du Bao Qin and having to count every penny, money was no longer just a few pieces of paper to her.


She discovered that counting money is not a normal feeling!


Zhao Nan was a little adrift from her look and coughed to avert his eyes. But in his mind he was thinking, he still had money in his army quarters, Zheng Bin seemed to owe him some too, he had to get it back this time when he went back, he was a family man now and had to plan for his family.

He kept up his good mood, and as he left the room, the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled upwards a little. Zhang Li Yun saw it in her eyes, which confirmed the suspicion in her heart, this is not good, so she took her son for questioning again.


grateful 谢天谢地 (xiètiānxièdì): Thank heavens!

old lady 老太婆 (lǎotàipó): old woman (at times contemptuous)

uncle 叔叔 (shūshu): uncle.


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