The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God -SS Christmas Chapter

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Jpkuroneko-chan

SS・ Christmas Project: Fluffy Merry Christmas!

Author-san: This is the SS for the Christmas project. It’s in chronological order from when Rio was a child. It is a parallel SS to the last SS. 

Flare-sama, who had been quietly reading a book about another world, suddenly stood up.

“I want to have a Christmas party!”

“Eh? What’s Christmas?”

I, who had been playing around with Leon, stopped my hand and asked her.

“Christmas is a day to decorate the Christmas tree and eat and drink! At night, a saint named Santa Claus gives presents to the children!”

Flare-sama proudly explained, giggling with her hand on her hips. 

“And, this…another strange story from another world, isn’t it?”

Leon said with a paw on his forehead.

The title of the book Flare-sama is holding is “Santa Claus’s Merry Christmas Present”. On the cover was an illustration of an old man in red clothes with a red hat riding a reindeer-drawn sleigh while throwing presents into the stary sky. 

“I don’t know what Christmas is, but I agree that we should have a party.”

Daaku-sama peeked out from Flare-sama’s shadow. His aim is probably Marie’s food.


Christmas in another world is said to be on December 25th.

Although their calendar isn’t the same as the Kingdom of Findalia’s calendar, it seems to be a winter season event before the beginning of the year. It’s currently before New Year, so it’s probably around Christmas time in another world.

“You don’t have to go along with Flare’s suggestion, Rio.”

“But, Christmas sounds like fun.”

Leon and I were decorating a fir tree, which is to be used as a Christmas tree. It is a fir tree near the treehouse. The tree is inhabited by a dryad, the spirit of the tree, so we decided against cutting it down, and instead, letting it live in its natural state. 

The fir tree is still a young tree, so the spirit dwelling in the tree is a dryad girl. The dryad girl is helping me decorate the tree. She was very enthusiastic about it and felt like she was dressing up.  

The decorations were created by Leon and me based on Flare-sama’s book. We decorated the tree with round colorful balls here and there and wrapped golden ribbons around the tree, and last but not least, we topped the tree with a star-shaped ornament. 

“Does this look like the one in the book?”

I opened the book to the page with the Christmas tree illustration from “Santa Claus’s Merry Christmas Present”.

“Umu. Isn’t this good?”

I was very pleased with the way our Christmas tree came out similar to the book’s illustration.


The Christmas party venue is being held in the treehouse.

Snow is flickering outside, adding some color to the Christmas tree, which I found quite charming.

“Rio, isn’t it cold?”

“I’m okay because Leon’s fluff is warm.”

Leon wrapped me up in his lion form. In addition to that, Marie made me wear thick clothes so that I wouldn’t catch a cold. So, it’s not cold. Maire is also wearing warm winter clothes. And, with a fluffy black wolf wrapped around her, I’m sure she’ll be fine with all her cold gear protection.

Flare-sama doesn’t seem to be cold even though she is in her usual light clothes.

Toruka-sama is a turtle and seems to be vulnerable to the cold. But, I guess he isn’t that cold because he is a turtle god?

According to Leon, gods can regulate their body temperature. So, it wouldn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside. 

“Then, let’s start this Christmas party!”

A happy Flare-sama signaled the start of the party. The gods naturally toasted with alcohol, while Marie and I toasted with hot tea. 

The participants of the party are Flare-sama, Daaku-sama, Toruka-sama, the God of Time, Marie, and me. (*She forgot Leon!*)

“I’ll serve the food-pinpororin”

The God of Time brought out the Christmas dishes that Marie made from out of his space.

The party went on happily with hors d’oeuvres, salads, and a whole roasted chicken (which seems to be called a turkey, a rather unusual bird, I hear).

All of sudden, I noticed that Leon and Flare-sama were nowhere to be seen. Is Flare-sama drunk, so Leon went to take care of her outside?

“Rio, you must be cold. You can come with me.”

Daaku-sama, a black wolf, beckons to me with his paw. Marie, who was wrapped up in Daaku-sama, was taking care of Toruka-sama.

Alright! Let’s dive into black fluffiness!

“Daaku-sama. Where did Flare-sama and Leon go?”

“Are you curious? They’ll be back soon. Let me have some of the food on that plate.”

I gave Daaku-sama a plate full of food. Leon’s “Ah-n” is cute, but Daaku-sama’s “Ah-n” is pretty cute, too.

Suddenly, I hear the clear sound of a bell jingling from outside. I opened the door of the treehouse to check what’s going on and saw Leon running through the air with Flare-sama dressed in red clothes. If you look closely, on Leon’s head are some reindeer antlers. 

“Merry Christmas~!

“Why am I the reindeer?”

Landing on the treehouse, a red-face Flare, who seems to be tipsy, and a disgruntled Leon walked in.

“Here’s gifts for the good girls Rio and Marie!”

Taking out what looks to be a present from a white bag on her back, she hands it to Marie and me.

“Wah! Thank you, Flare-sama.”

Proudly puffing up her chest in triumph, Flare-sama snorts. Her gestures are so cute.

“Today you have Santa Flare! And Leon the Reindeer!”

Leon, who is playing the reindeer, looked unhappy. But, when he turns to look at me, his odd-eyed eyes narrowed and his expression melted into a gentle one.

“Thank you for your consideration, Flare-sama.”

Marei curties to Flare-sama.

“Umu. You should open it, both of you!”

Flare-sama prompted. Opening up the present, a red flower brooch was revealed.

“It’s beautiful. What type of flower is it?”

“It’s called a poinsettia. It’s not really a flower, but a plant whose leaves turn red, which makes it look like a flower. It’s also known as the Christmas flower.”

I didn’t know such a plant existed. Shall I try creating it next time?

“Is the brooch made of a jewel? Is this a pigeon’s blood!?”

Marie was so surprised that she nearly screamed. Pigeon’s blood is the highest grade of ruby. I was also surprised.

“I’m just a personal maid. I can’t take such an expensive item!”

“Don’t worry. It’s my creation.”

Leon’s creation? So this is a gift from Leon!?

My face loosened up because I’m so happy. 

“If Leon created it, there’s no problem. Say thank you, Marie.”

“…….If you say so, miss. Thank you, Leon-sama.”

Marie kept murmuring that she would keep it as a treasure. 

Should I use it to top off my scarf? Or maybe I’ll use it with my red dress? No, no. I don’t want to lose a present from Leon. I’ll keep it as a treasure. 

“Fufu. I love you, Leon!” 

I said, hugging Leon’s neck.

“You. You’re truly a smart child, you know?”

While fondling Leon, Christmas night went by in a lively fashion.

TL: This is the end of Volume 1~! Yippee~! Also, random fact, poinsettia plants only need to be watered every ~1 or 2 weeks or so, yet I managed to kill one. T.T 


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