Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 6 – Chapter 1

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

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Luna’s Diary

Hello, I’m Luna Dilette.

I’m writing in my diary right now.

I started writing a diary since the day I came to this world, so I have already completed five volumes.

In other words, 5 years have already passed since the day I was reincarnated in this world.

Well, let’s leave it at that. Besides, I should start recording what happened today.

For today’s noteworthy event, my classmate Halt became the owner of Vestier, the land of the beastkin.

You don’t get what I’m saying, right?

What does it mean to own a country?

Is it even possible to possess one?

That’s – 

Totally possible.

If it’s Halt.

In reality, two countries were under Halt’s dominion already – the Elf Kingdom of Alheim, and Halt’s and my home country, the Human Kingdom of Glendale.

Halt married Leaffa, the princess of Alheim. It was a very happy event! However, marrying into royalty doesn’t make you a king, so he doesn’t have the right to  rule  that country.

As for how Alheim fell under Halts dominion –

It’s because Halt is Sylph-sama’s contractor. Sylph-sama, the Wind Spirit King, is the personification of Yggdrasil, which grows in the center of the kingdom, and she bestows her protection and blessings to Alheim.

Thus, Sylph-sama has a higher status than the king, and her words are absolute. That Sylph-sama listens to Halt.

And because Halt can make Sylph-sama follow him, we can also say that Alheim is under his dominion.

As for Glendale, it’s the same. Halt also formed a contract with the protector of Glendale – Undine-sama, the Water Spirit King. 

He has contracts with two Spirit Kings, you know?

– No, actually, it’s not limited to them. Halt also has a contract with Ifrit-sama, the Fire Spirit King.

Three out of the four Spirit Kings already have  a contract with Halt.  That’s cheating, Halt. He’s too  overpowered.

Well, it’s no longer surprising if he also forms a contract with the remaining Spirit King – Gnome, the Earth Spirit King. But that’s impossible.

That’s because Gnome had never formed a contract with a person, not even once. That’s why –

No, it’s not good to assume things.

The possibility isn’t nil.

It’s because it’s Halt.

Alright, let’s return to the story of Glendale. The former king of Glendale obtained the protection of Undine-sama, so our country flourished as an agricultural country.

At present, Glendale is being protected by Undine-sama, as well as the Celestial Spirit King. The Celestial Spirit King is  the king of all the Spirit Kings – in short, he is  the king of all the spirits on this planet, an extremely important person.

So why did such a person bestow his blessing on Glendale?

Well, the answer is still Halt.

Halt also formed a contract with the Celestial Spirit King. By the way, he is also the father of Mai and Mei, my classmates.

His daughters, Mai and Mei, were in Glendale together with Halt, so he blessed this country, in exchange for the kingdom’s protection of Halt and his daughters.

If you turn it around, it meant that Glendale becoming the enemy of Halt would be tantamount to being the enemy of all the spirits.

Well, Glendale didn’t have a choice but to offer its kingdom and protection to Halt, then.

Glendale received the blessing of the Celestial Spirit King, and at the same time, it fell under the dominion of Halt as the Celestial Spirit King also listens to Halt.

Halt’s intentions influenced the trends in this country called Glendale. It’s no longer an exaggeration to say that Halt controlled this kingdom, then. 

Today, too…

Halt obtained the third country.

He emerged as the champion of the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament and became the owner of Vestier, the kingdom of the beastkin.

He is not the king. He’s the owner.

His status is way above that of a king.

In fact, I also witnessed how Halt appointed a king to reign on his behalf.

He wouldn’t be acknowledged like that just by winning the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament, right?

However, Halt also defeated the warlock who attacked Vestier, and even broke the curse casted on the king, thereby saving him.

And he won in the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament.

Halt demonstrated his power.

He then entrusted the management of the country to the king, and just requested that he possess the country, with the condition that he will become its protector.

Surprisingly, all the beastkin accepted his proposal wholeheartedly.

And so, Halt obtained the country called Vestier, and at the same time, he also got Merdie.

Merdie is  an adorable cat beastkin girl,  our classmate, and also the princess of Vestier.

After Halt won the tournament, he called Merdie from the stage and declared these words in front of the tens of thousands of beastkin present.

‘I’ll have Merdie. If any of you have any complaints, come up here’

– like that.

In front of tens of thousands of beastkin, you know?

He’s too cool!

If I were in Merdie’s shoes…

I probably fainted in joy.

How nice. I really think that. He is so  admirable.

It was also like that with Leaffa.

Halt also saved Alheim from a war of aggression, so he became a hero devoted to saving the  country and welcomed Leaffa as his wife.

I also –

But, I’m nobody’s princess.

I don’t  even have a family in this world.

Somebody like me won’t possibly become part of Halt’s family.

My tears fell on their own.

I am currently all alone in one of the guest rooms of the royal palace, so I’m feeling a little too lonely.

 Usually, I sleep  with everyone in a large room or with Merdie in a single room every time we travel as a class.

However, Merdie went to Halt’s place, so I’m all alone. My chest  keeps getting stuffy whenever I think about how  I’m going to be all alone from now  on.

I’m a terrible person , huh.

I should be wishing for Merdie’s happiness and yet…

I should sleep earlier on this  kind of day!

I wrote,  ‘Halt won in the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament, became the owner of Vestier, and obtained Merdie! Congratulations.’ – in my diary, just like that.

Good night.

I hope tomorrow will be another great day.


T/N: Totally didn’t expect Luna to be a reincarnator. No foreshadowing nor any clues, right? Am I the only one who’s surprised? So many possibilities, like maybe she’s a hero, too? Coz heroes are the ones getting reincarnated all the time, right? Not spoilers, just pure speculation. And Luna, don’t be sad, Luke is also strong, he’s not taken yet, has a great personality, you could be his princess instead! Lololol. So not happening. 

E/N: He is a side character. The protagonist would get all the girls.

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