All The Bigshots Love Me[Quick Transmigration]

All The Bigshots Love Me: Chapter 13

TRANSLATOR: even-beyondDeath



Jiang Rui had finished washing and intended to take the water out to dump, when she pulled the door of the room it didn’t open, it was locked from the outside by Zhao Nan, and she amusingly snapped the door panel from the inside.

Zhao Nan immediately opened the door. Inside the room was a faint fragrance of warmth, like the smell of soap, but not quite the same. As he walked into the room and got closer to Jiang Rui, the smell became more pronounced, as if it was coming from her body, the clean and warm body scent of a cleaned body.

After washing the makeup off her face, she was as beautiful and seductive as a water lily, “Where should I pour the water?”

“I’ll do it.” Zhao Nan dared not look at her more than once, saw the bucket on the floor, lifted it and headed out.

He was willing to do it for her, and Jiang Rui didn’t bother to argue, turning back to sit at the table and undoing her hair.

Not long afterwards, Zhao Nan returned with another bucket of water to wash himself.

Jiang Rui finished tidying up and looked around, the room was still stacked with the dowry, so it was a bit of a mess, but it was late now, so she would tidy up tomorrow and go make the bed first.

She bent over to make her bed, and could feel a gaze falling on her, but simply ignored it, made her bed and began to unbutton her clothes.

There was a loud noise behind her and someone nearly kicked the bucket over.

Jiang Rui snickered inside and turned around, only to frown slightly and say to him, “Move gently, don’t get water all over the floor.”

Zhao Nan pursed his lips and said nothing as he finished washing quickly and walked out again with a bucket in his arms.

The tables, chairs and dishes for today’s banquet were mostly borrowed from other families in the brigade and had to be returned in the morning. After taking an inventory in the courtyard, Zhang Li Yun went into the hall and found her second son, who should be in the wedding room at the moment, still walking around outside.

She immediately gave Zhao Nan a push and lowered her voice: “Why don’t you go back to your room? I saw you standing outside the door just now, and now you’re wandering around here, what are you doing? When you weren’t married, you were thinking about it all day, but now you’re married and you’re wasting your time here, are you stupid?”

Zhao Nan was just about to carry the bucket to the kitchen when he was caught in a flurry of words from his – mother, without even having the space to retort.

Zhang Li Yun snatched the bucket out of his hand and drove the man back into the room in three or two moves, smiling at Jiang Rui as if she had transformed herself, “Bao Qin rest early, ah.” Closing the door to the room for them again.

Standing outside the door, she was still muttering in her mind, “This brat doesn’t know what he can do when he’s married, does he? He couldn’t really be an idiot though ……”

Seeing Zhao Nan standing by the door, Jiang Rui didn’t tease him anymore, she took off her coat and nestled under the covers, patting the bed beside her, “It’s time to sleep.”

Zhao Nan looked at her lying on his bed, her long hair cascading, her face glowing pale, a slender white wrist exposed beyond her sleeve, framed by a large crimson backside as translucent as jade. He could not yet believe that he had married her and his eyes had just fallen on her when they wandered and evaded.

Seeing that he seemed ready to stand until the end of time, Jiang Rui puffed out her cheeks and said, “If you’re not going to sleep, then I’ll sleep by myself first.” With that, she turned over and buried her face in the covers.

After hearing this, Zhao Nan did not bother with anything else and went to the bed with a few steps, cleanly taking off his outer clothes and lying down in it. When he saw that she was ignoring him, he paused for a moment and reached out his hand to land on her rounded shoulder.

Only then did Jiang Rui turn back to look at him, muttering, “Were you this dawdling in the army?”

Zhao Nan didn’t answer, but instead that hand moved slowly down the arm with a tentative touch.

He opened his mouth to speak, but found a slight itch in his throat and coughed before saying, “Is it cold?”

“It’s a bit cold when you first lie in, it’ll be fine after a while.”

Zhao Nan then stretched out his hand again and drew her whole body towards him, his tone very upright, “Lie closer and you won’t be cold.”

It was indeed close enough that Jiang Rui’s whole body was nearly on top of him and she simply rested her head on his chest.

With another person in his arms, Zhao Nan felt amazing; it was a body completely different from his own, smaller, slimmer, and …… softer and more attractive.

The faint warm scent of her body was on the tip of his nose, his lips could touch her forehead when he looked down, his broad palms unconsciously caressed her back, and Zhao Nan felt his throat tickle even more.


Perhaps it was never the throat that itches.

“Are you sleepy?” He asked Jiang Rui.

Jiang Rui shook her head, “It’s okay.”

” Then we will sleep later …… ” He lifted Jiang Rui’s chin and lowered his head to kiss the red lips that had called him to hold for so long.

“Well ……,” Jiang Rui stretched her neck and supported her hands on his chest. She had thought he was going to sleep in a cuddle at best tonight, but she hadn’t expected him to start getting restless just after she put her arms around him.

It was just a shallow kiss, lips against lips, until somehow someone snuck out a tongue and licked at the other man’s lips and the situation immediately spiralled out of control.


Or was it only the male instinct to lose control over scenes like this?



Zhao Nan had been in the army for over ten years and had a regular routine, no matter how late he slept the night before, he automatically woke up on time the next morning.

He opened his eyes, not staying in the warmth of the bed, lifted the covers and rose sharply, expertly pulling on his coat and trousers, tying his belt and putting on his shoes, turning back to fold the covers, when he suddenly noticed that there was someone else in the bed.

Jiang Rui hugged the blanket and watched him quietly.

It seemed that time had been paused by somebody and all movement had stopped. The two stared at each other with wide eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhao Nan reacted and took a sharp step back, all the blood in his body rushing to his head, his face flushed red at a rate visible to the naked eye, his eyes fluttering, “You, you’re awake.”

“Did you forget that there is still me?” Jiang Rui patted down the quilted surface softly.

He looked like he had been a bachelor for so long that he hadn’t realised there was a beautiful woman in his bed.

Her whole white, delicate-looking arm was exposed, her long, slender neck was still branded with several red marks, and her lips were slightly swollen.

All of this in Zhao Nan’s eyes, is evidence of the previous night’s ridiculousness, his eyes even more afraid to fall on her, but the mind can not restrain the memory of last night and all kinds of ……

He shook his head so hard his whole body was about to catch fire and took two more steps back, forcing himself to calm down, “Do you want to sleep some more?”


“The God of Sleep got chased away by you.” Jiang Rui complained softly, sitting up with her blanket in her arms, her long dark hair cascading down her back, faintly revealing a hint of glistening skin.

Zhao Nan’s eyes then unwittingly glanced over there, and only after glancing several times did he realize what he was doing, cursing himself in his heart for being so frivolous, but while reviling, he couldn’t help but drop his full attention on her.

When Jiang Rui reached for her clothes, he stared intently; when Jiang Rui put on her clothes, he looked away; when Jiang Rui lifted the covers to reveal her two long legs, his eyes wandered, but he was still looking.


“You’re thick-skinned.” Jiang Rui finally said as she brushed her hair at the table and saw him still staring at her.

Zhao Nan coughed out dryly and averted his eyes to stare at the shuangxi on the cabinet; he felt like a long time had passed, but in reality it was only a few seconds, and he couldn’t help but stare back at her again.

After brushing her hair and walking over to him, Jiang Rui stretched out her finger to poke his chest, “I thought you were a decent man yesterday, but it’s all a lie, but you’ve revealed your original form in one night.”

Zhao Nan only looked at her lips, the sweet red and delicate lips opened and closed, and he did not hear any of the words that came out of them.

Jiang Rui shook her head and suddenly moved over and touched him on the lips, saying slightly helplessly, ” Is that okay?”


“…… what?”

“I said it’s okay to kiss you always, don’t keep staring at me, you’re getting burnt looking at me.”

Zhao Nan had another violent coughing fit.

Jiang Rui didn’t care, taking his hand and heading out, “Come with me to the kitchen and tell me where the rice, flour, grain and oil are kept.”

When he left the room, the cold morning breeze blew in his face. Zhao Nan’s muddled brain cleared up a little, “You want to cook? Let Mum do it later.”

“You’re so filial.” Jiang Rui turned around and gave him a gentle kick, “There’s no rule that says you have to wait for Mum to do the chores, and since we’re up so early and have nothing else to do, why don’t we make some breakfast? We’ll have to wait for the others to get up before we can eat.”

Zhao Nan explained, “I was worried that you were too tired and last night ……”

The tips of his ears were red again.

Jiang Rui looked amused, and rubbing her waist with one hand, she said in a delicate voice, “I was really tired last night, did you plan to use all your strength on me? You’re really a bad man, you bastard.”

Zhao Nan was so red in the face from her interruption that he couldn’t even cough, and only after a long delay did he stammer, “…… don’t talk nonsense.”

Jiang Rui just covered her mouth and laughed.

The previous night’s banquet left a lot of leftovers, Zhang Li Yun put away all the clean ones, partly for the guests to take away, partly for the nearby neighbours, the family still had a lot left, in the next two days, the whole family would have to eat this for dinner.

Jiang Rui had thought on her way to the kitchen that the family would like to eat something light today since they had eaten so much yesterday, so she was going to make a big pot of rice porridge, in addition to boiling a pot of hot water for washing their faces.

Zhang Li Yun woke up, followed the noise and went to the kitchen, saw her new daughter-in-law and son busy inside, at first she felt relieved, then looked carefully at her daughter-in-law, saw that she looked as normal, moved smoothly and did not show any signs of discomfort, her heart thumped: could it be that the two of them just slept purely under a quilt last night? The two of them were just sleeping under a blanket, weren’t they!


shuangxi 双喜: double happiness / the combined symmetric character 囍

decent man 正人君子 (zhèngrénjūnzi): upright gentleman / man of honor

original form 原形毕露 (yuánxíngbìlù): original identity fully revealed (idiom); fig. to unmask and expose the whole truth



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