When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 65

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There is a weird silence.

The person who first suggested that Kong Wuying go to Nanhai, speaks first. “General Niu, it is just a proposal. Besides, if a war starts, I don’t know how many lives will be ruined. His Majesty is the emperor of Daqing, he won’t be lesser just because of an apology. His Majesty would be willing to make this sacrifice for his people, right?” 

The man puffs himself up with such hollow morals that the hall falls silent again. Kong Wuying doesn’t know if these people agree, or do they have no opinion?

General Niu scoffs. “His Majesty is our country’s pride, why does he need to apologise for a foreign princess? Where on earth do you put the face of our Daqing Empire?! I heard that General Pan was the uncle of the late third prince. Perhaps it’s your dissatisfaction with His Majesty taking the throne instead that makes you speak up?”

General Pan turns to Kong Wuying now. “The past three generations of my family were all royal officials, my late father even died in battle for Daqing. There is absolutely no selfishness in my heart. Please, Your Majesty!”

“Oh, you’re right,” Kong Wuying muses.

The man froze, apparently not expecting that Kong Wuying would agree with him on the matter.

“Since you want to apologize so much, I’ve decided to send you with an apology to Nanhai as a special envoy. I believe that your family, with three generations of loyalty, and since your father died in battle for Daqing, this apology will be very sincere. I’m sure it will be successful. Right?”

General Pan: “…”

After the meeting, the crowd dispersed and Kong Wuying stretches, ready to leave.

General Niu stays behind and kneels, bowing his head. “This minister has not yet thanked His Majesty!”

“Who are you?”

General Niu wipes his tears and says, “Before, the minister was accidentally careless and could not stand the temptation of money and committed the crime of corruption. I was meant to be hanged, but as soon as your Majesty returned to your palace, the regent was in a good mood and cancelled the execution. This is all thanks to Your Majesty!”

Kong Wuying rubs his temples. This loyalty was earned so cheaply. 

At the same time, in the distant Yeying, inside a dark cave, two brothers crowd together, eyes dull.

Kong Er says, “That… San-ge, you are so fragrant. Can I eat you?”

Kong San: “… !!!”

Kong Er sighs. “I know it’s wrong to eat my brother, but… I’m so hungry.”


“Ah, and you got tricked into that marriage too. How did you offend that bitch?”


“That bastard just then is your wife’s adultery… as a husband, you must be very upset, no?”

“… !!!!”

“It seems like you don’t know. Pitiful! You are nothing but pitiful, is father’s body really hidden by you? I know that from the past, you would look at father strangely. How dare you take on a wife and yet also covet father!”

“Enough,” Kong San rasps with a grimace. Apparently the potency of the poison has not yet retreated.

“Yo! You didn’t respond when I mentioned your wife cheating, but you can’t let father go by without talking? Indeed, father is your true love,” Kong Er laughs.

“No! The person I hate most is him!” Kong San is decisive.

Kong Er doesn’t believe it at all. “I said, Xiao San, you’ve been hypocritical since you were a kid. You don’t have to say something you like, do you even have to talk about hate to someone you like now? Such hypocrisy that you’ve even deceived yourself!”

“You’re so annoying! Can you shut up?” Kong San now feels like it’s nothing to be fed with poison, and it was nothing to be kept in such a place. But being locked in a place with this guy is called real torture!

“If I don’t talk, I feel like I’ll suffocate in this stuffy place,” Kong Er complains.

Kong San grits his teeth. “When will your men be here?” To drag this soul away.

Kong Er comforts him, “Be calm, my men are looking for me along the mountain, and I believe they will save us soon.”

“It’s been a month.”

“Your men haven’t come either.”


Just as the brothers fall back into silence, finally, the gospel of salvation comes from next door. “Your Highness! Your Highness! Where are you?”

“Here we are!” Kong Er shouts. “Come and save us!” Then he turns to Kong San. “Turns out your subordinates are really better than mine.”

Kong San’s expression can’t be seen in the darkness. “That’s not one of mine.”

Kong Er pauses. “It’s not mine either. Who is that then?”

A familiar voice, closer this time, laughs. “Look at who it is – aren’t you the second and third child? Why were you locked in the hole? It’s really pathetic.”

When he hears this voice, Kong Er’s face changes and he grits out. “Kong Si!” 

The person he hates most in his life. No, the person he hates most in his life has become that bastard called Ning Zhao!

Kong Er really can’t figure it out. “Why can you always play at this time! Is it good that you collude with that Ning Zhao?”

Kong Si points out, “I also think it’s good, I can see your downfall every time – but I’m actually not talking to that odd guy. Instead, let’s talk about the price you need to pay for me to save you two.”

As soon as Kong Er thinks of the city that was worth so much, he feels dizzy. ‘Dream on! I will never let you take advantage even if I am trapped here forever!”

“I’m willing!” Kong San says impatiently. “Name the price, just save me!” 

Kong Er snaps, “You’re crazy! He’s a bloodsucking vampire who won’t even spit out bones! He’ll bleed you dry.”

“It’s better than staying with you!”

Kong Er doesn’t want to stay trapped down here alone though so he shouts, “Kong Si, don’t just let him go! Father’s body was stolen by him!”

Kong Si hums. “Oh?”

Kong Wuying at this time is sleeping soundly in the palace. A white fur cat next to him stretches out his paws and pats Kong Wuying’s chin.

Oh no. The Kongbao with long silver hair reaches out his paw and touches Kong Wuying’s face, then his eyes narrow with enjoyment.

Master’s skin is fine and smooth.

Touch again!

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