Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 25

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

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Victor’s Reward and Appointment of King

I won the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament.

In the end, I used magic aplenty, I even summoned Shiro and did a 2 vs 1 battle with Leo, but the entire venue erupted in pandemonium.

I heard beastkin would rejoice just seeing a fierce battle, but now I was forced to accept that as fact.

Well, Leo made eight clones to fight me. In that case Shiro and I won against Leo in a 2 vs 8 match. So I didn’t cheat – I decided to think that way.

Suddenly, a whirlwind appeared next to me, and the Martial God appeared. 

The entire place hushed at the appearance of the Martial God.

“Foreigner, you did well. You are the strongest person in the truest sense, and you have proven that prowess here..”

The ‘truest sense’ the Martial God referred to was being strong by using everything in my disposal, be it magic or anything else.

“I, this Martial God, have properly watched over your valour. You are now recognized as the strongest in Vestier, this kingdom of beastkin, hereafter until the day you lose to someone else.”

The whole amphitheater almost shook from the deafening cheers that arose at the Martial God’s declaration.

The Martial God the beastkin worshipped acknowledged me, so all of them also recognized that I was the strongest.

“Still, for Fenrir-sama to follow you…”

The Martial God muttered.

The whole area was still in an uproar, so I was the only one who heard it since I was beside him.

Even if the Martial God was now one of the deities now, he was also just a beastkin long ago, and had been one of the retainers of Divine Beast Fenrir. 

That’s why he was dumbfounded that I held Shiro.

Turned a deaf ear, though.

That Shiro promptly turned back to his small size as soon as Leo fell off the stage. He returned back to his usual position – atop my shoulders.

“Halt, it’s a promise. You’ll request Tina to make me curry.”

“Yeah, got it.”

While talking with Shiro, a small commotion broke out below the stage. Leo already woke up, it seemed.

The medic team were in a fluster, trying to stop him, but Leo ignored them all, and he climbed up the stage.

“Master Halt…I was utterly defeated. That last attack was outrageously powerful.”

No, you, who received that outrageously powerful attacks – eight of them, at that – yet stood up right after that, are way more outrageous, though….

“No, I was also shocked by your bunshin. “

I extended my hand to Leo as I said that.

Leo complied with my handshake.

I casted Heal the moment our hands made contact.

“Ohh, I’m indebted.”

Leo’s damage completely vanished.

“I had been entrusted the position of beastkin king, yet I let you see such a disgrace. I apologize.”

“Nah, you shouldn’t worry about it, you know. Your opponent was a monster who can tame Fenrir-sama. Honestly, I doubt I’ll win against him. You did great, it was a marvelous battle.”

“T, that’s…more than I deserve.”

Leo’s face twitched as he glanced at me.

No, no, I haven’t won against this deity yet!!!

Martial God should also stopped calling people as monsters right to their face.

“All right, time to end this now.”

So saying, the Martial God took a deep breath.

“Listen, all of you!”

The boisterous venue became silent because of the Martial God’s booming voice. I was also startled.

“Now, Halt, the winner in this tournament, will speak out his desires! Everyone, fulfill his wishes as much as you can.”


I, I’m gonna say it myself?

Hey, I can’t say “I want to touch Merdie’s paw pads all I can as my reward” in front of so many people….

“Alright, Halt. Go on and say what you desire. You also obtained the right to become the king of this country, so it’s good to address that, too.”

The Martial God urged me on.

…Can’t be helped, then.

I strengthened my resolve.

Afterward, I used magic to amplify my voice with wind magic so my words can be heard throughout the arena. I wasn’t confident I’d be able to use a loud voice just like what the Martial God did.

“All of the beastkin, thank you for your magnificent cheers. I did win the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament, but since I am still a child, I do not think I can govern a kingdom. That is why, I cannot become this country’s king.”

Boos echoed when I said that.

“I can’t be the king, but let me claim dominion over this country. In return, from now on, I will repel all the disasters that may befell this kingdom!!”

The reason I wanted to claim ownership of this kingdom was because if I happened to encounter a beastkin who seemed very fluffy here in Vestier, I wanted to pat them.

Of course, I won’t force them.

That would be unreasonable, even if I say so myself.

But the beastkin here seemed to be ecstatic.

“Regarding the king of this country, I would like to entrust it to Leo. Leo, can I ask you to do this.”

“Please leave it to me.”

Leo genuflected before me.

Almost at the same time, deafening cheers rose once again.

As I thought, Leo was beloved by the people as king.

From now on, beastkin who could use magic would also increase, so Vestier would become a stronger country.

That’s only natural, since the top guy (king) is a Sage.

“There’s one more thing I want to tell you all.”

The venue hushed once again.

“Merdie, come.”

“Y, yes, meow!”

Merdie fainted due to the damage she received during her battle with Leo, but she already recovered and was watching Leo’s battle with me.

That Merdie jumped out from the audience seats, and hurried towards me.

“As prize for winning the Martial God’s Tournament, I request to have Merdie, this country’s princess. If anyone of you have any complaints, come up here.”

Silence blanketed the whole arena.

Nobody wanted to go forward.

I looked at Merdie beside me.

She turned her beet-red face down, but her tail was straight as a pin.

I also glanced at her father Leo, but he was full of happiness and satisfaction as he nodded his head.

“Seems like no one has any complaints?”

I asked once again.

The entire venue was still.

“Is it alright with you, Merdie?”

“I, I’m an incompetent person, but please take care of me, meow.”

 Merdie seemed okay with it.

I put my arm across Merdie.

“Alright, then I will have Merdie.”

For the third time, loud cheers echoed throughout the venue.

This might be the loudest this day.

And this was how I got a beastkin princess and a country when I was twelve years old.


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