Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 20

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

Sniper Receives Email For The Official Event

One day I logged in and found that I had received an email from the administration.

No, I get mail from the administration every once in a while.

It could be a maintenance notice, or a notice of a gacha update.

I guess for those who frequently spin gacha, the mail is an important thing to check, but I honestly don’t care.

I’m still wearing cloth clothes. 

But today’s mail is a little different.

“Official Event Announcement”.

Official events, huh?

Well, every online game has official events.

This game is no exception, and it seems that they are holding general events.

I read through the mail.

『Let’s collect Penta-kun badges!』

Penta-kun is the official character of the game, an adorable penguin.

I don’t know why he’s a penguin.

As I read through the email, I find out that this is how it works.

If I defeat a monster or a player during the event, there’s a certain chance that I will get a Penta-kun badge.

It seems that the ranking is based on the number of badges I collect.

To be honest, I don’t care about the ranking.

What I’m interested in is the part about defeating players.

This means that PKing is recommended.

But wouldn’t this be a problem for general players who don’t like PKing?

That’s what I thought, but as I read further, it seems that’s not the case.

It seems that once I’ve collected a Penta-kun badge, even if I die, the number of badges I have won’t decrease.

So even if a PK player kills me, I’m safe.

Furthermore, during the event period, there seems to be no item drops even if I’m PKed.

This means that general players can go about their business collecting Penta-kuns without worrying about dropping their items when PKed.

But since there are no item drops, it’s not as good for the PKers…

Well, as long as I can kill both monsters and players and collect Penta-kun badges, an advantage is the advantage.

Um. I think it’s a good event that takes into consideration both general players and PKers, since the ratio of general players is higher than PKers, and holding an event that neglects the general players will decrease the profit.

Since this is my first event for me.

I’m gonna enjoy it a lot!


I open the friends section.

I make sure that Rikocchi’s status is online and send her a message.

“Rikocchi, is this a good time?”

A notification right away! I get a reply.

“Oh, it’s Senpai! What is it?”

“I need a new sniper rifle for an event. Do you know any blacksmiths?”


There’s a short pause, and then the reply comes back.

“I’m on my way there. Please accept.”

“Eh? Accept what?”

A notification!

[Do you want to accept the ‘Friend Jump’?]

What is this…

I choose to accept for now.

Then, particles of light dance in the air, and Rikocchi appears in a flash.

Woah, I’m surprised!

Rikocchi flutters her fluffy skirt and lands on the ground.

“Hi, Senpai!”

“Wh-what was that?”

“Ahaha… Are you surprised?”

“Pretty much.”


Rikocchi smiles broadly.

It seems to be a feature called the ‘Friend Jump’.

It costs an item, and there’s a limit to the number of times you can do it per day, but it seems it can instantly warp you to a friend’s location.

That’s pretty convenient.

“I want to use it too, but what item do I need?”

“You need a blacksmithing skill called a Jumpstone.”

“Ah, that’s impossible.”

My blacksmithing skills are at zero.

And then there’s another notification! 

「Rikocchi has requested a trade.」

「Jumpstone: 1 pc.」

“Are you sure?”

“Yea. It’s fine. I can just have the guild’s blacksmith make it for me.”

“I see. Thanks.”

「Trade accepted.」

I’m indebted to her, Rikocchi.

I’d like to be able to return the favor in the game sooner or later.

By the way, trading weapons and armor is not allowed in this game.

It’s forbidden to give a novice a bunch of powerful equipment and training at high speed.

When you request equipment from the blacksmith, you’ll be asked to make it in exchange for materials, which is a different system from trading.

“So, did you want a new sniper rifle?”

“Yeah. I’m very attached to my current rifle.”

“Well, it’s the novice equipment. Even without the event, it’s time to get something a little more powerful.”

Rikocchi nods her head in agreement.

She ponders for a while and then claps her hands.

“There is! I know a blacksmith.”

“Really? That would be great.”

“He has a store in the city, so let’s go into the city first.”

That’s right.

I’m using the starting point outside the town as my base.

It’s the most convenient place after all.

“Wait a minute if I want to enter the town. I have to go around the outer walls and look for NPCs.”

“Ah, that’s fine. I’ll enter the town first, after that please follow me with a ‘Friend Jump’.”

I see… So that’s how you use it.

‘Friend Jump’ is very useful.

However, since it can be used in such a convenient way, I guess this jumpstone is a rare item.

With that in mind, I look at Rikocchi.

“You can pay me back someday, Senpai!” With that said, Rikocchi laughs.

Oh man, all I owe is more and more.



“Thank you.”

Rikocchi is puzzled for a moment, then says happily, “No problem! No problem!”

Now, let’s go see the blacksmith.


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