The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 46


Deep within the castle

I was bound by a red thread inside the prison of Rashomon, a Japanese-style castle.

My consciousness had been hazy ever since I woke up and could barely put my thoughts together. My instincts were telling me that it’d be the end for me if I lost consciousness now that the existence known as Grey had been blown away and I was reborn as another existence.

Normally I’d have been able to dissolve this type of spell in an instant, but regrettably I couldn’t manipulate magic very well right now. Anything that required delicate control would inevitably blow up in my face, and even if it didn’t, it was sure to activate this red thread around my neck. Right now, I needed to persevere and look for an opportunity.

Looks like I really messed up this time.

Martha had gone haywire; I wonder if it would have been better to stall the interrogation until I could lift the restrictions on his body?

No, if I let that heretic move as he pleased, then Satella, Judo, and my other comrades could have been demonified. Doing it wasn’t a mistake by itself. Besides, that kind of weak attitude didn’t suit me.

Basically, my mistake was not preparing a solution for this crisis. That was it.

I needed some swift aid, and the best way to get it was……

“Geez, you’re a tough one. This is the first time that I’ve seen anyone who could endure my Blood Soul Cloth inside Rashomon for this long,” said Blue-Beard in a provoking manner as Riemann’s face distorted. What could I even say to that?

“Is that so? If this is all it amounts to, then you’ll never be able to dominate me no matter how long you keep at it.”

“You’re just putting on airs. How patheetiic.” He placed his hands on his hips and sneered.

“If that’s what you think, then hurry up and demonify me.”

“……” He quickly shut up.

“What’s wrong, you can’t? As you said, I’m powerless right now. If you want to win, then make me yield.”

If he succeeded, then that was all I amounted to as a human. I’ll burn this fool and everything around us.

However, that doesn’t seem possible.

“What a monster. You sure are getting carried away aren’t youuu!” exclaimed Blue-Beard as he began punching my face.

In order for him to create a strong demon, he started with his usual torture until the victim broke down in despair.

His techniques were even sloppier than the torturer at Thermax, so I couldn’t help myself.

In the end, his face became red and he ended the farce, opting to use force instead.

“It’s quite a fresh feeling to be treated like a monster by a monster himself” I commented.

“What a poor loooooser. Give me a few more hours, and you’ll be demonified into my greatest masterpiece!”

“I hope you succeed” I angrily ground my teeth but gave him a wry smile.

“Then I’ll capture that white-haired bitch and—”

“Hey brat! I wouldn’t say any more. It’ll be good for you to keep silent you know.” I spat out with such intense hatred that it sent chills down even my spine.

I was finding it hard to control my emotions in this situation.


Blue-Beard scratched his face while making a sound with this throat. Then, a woman’s voice reverberated inside my head.

“You have met the requirements to release the Title—’Human Realm.’ Reconstruction of Grey Ines Navarro’s body and mind will now begin.

The passive effect, ‘Perfectly Enlightened One,’ is now active.  Those who have attached their souls to Grey Ines Navarro will be given the effect, ‘Enlightened One.’

—84% until ‘Human Realm’ is unleashed.”

The timing was so bad that it seemed like someone was aiming for it. My mind and his Blood Soul Cloth had been in a tug-of-war, but since my body and mind were getting reconstructed, I began to lose my grip.

Why of all times does “Human Realm” activate now? It sapped my magic power and strength. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold on much longer.

“Looks like you’re about to reach your limit” Blue-Beard exclaimed, noting that sweat was now pouring out of my body.

I’ll leave this idiot aside for now. I needed to focus on getting past this awful situation.

I poured magic power below my navel and began to cycle it around. I could do this for about an hour or two.

As my consciousness began to fade, I heard an explosion that slightly shook the room.

“What is happening!?” Blue-Beard asked his demons. However, his expression quickly turned sour as he produced several images. There, I saw some familiar faces.



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