Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 24

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Martial God’s Warrior Tournament Victor

“T, this is!”

Leo was dumbstruck at the scale of my magical circle.

That’s only natural, after all, I poured 10 mana points per character, and approximately 100, 000 of them were incorporated into the magical circle.

I summoned the one who could rival Leo’s speed.

The water spirit Undine could manifest for one whole day with just a 10-character circle.

However, this guy’s mana was too ginormous, so just calling him out would already consume way more mana than Undine.

And since I had a purpose, I poured 100 times more mana than when I summoned Undine.

Of course, there’s huge merit in summoning him.

According to legend, several beastkin obeyed him, and he could also run faster than any beastkin.

Alright, show us your real worth from here on!

A colossal pillar of fire rose from the center of the arena.

After it vanished –

A small, pure white dog curled up in its place, sleeping peacefully.


It was a bit different from what I imagined.

The one I summoned was Shiro, the Divine Beast Fenrir staying with us in the House of Ernol.

Shiro was house-sitting in our mansion at Glendale since I was supposedly in Ifrus Academy of Magic.

I called him into the amphitheater of the Vestier.

I summoned Shiro properly.

Yup, that’s good.

However, his grand entrance was a problem.

Mai and Mei, the fire and water spirits I had contract with, changed their appearance when received a lot of mana from me.

That’s why I thought if I poured a lot of mana in summoning Shiro, he would return to his former figure.

Afterward, he would intimidate Leo with his heroic appearance – that’s how it was supposed to be.

However, Shiro was still in his puppy form when he popped up.

Well, puppy wolf, to be precise.

Even though I forcefully pulled him here, Shiro still slept on.

…So shameless.

As expected of a Divine Beast, he’s a bigwig.

However, that’s awkward now.

“He-y, Shiro?”

“Hmm…Already full.”

Seemed like he’s having quite an enjoyable dream.

Sorry, but I need to wake you up.

I briskly tapped Shiro’s body.

“O, ouch, ouch!! W, what!? – Ah, Halt.”


“Morning – wait, where am I!?”

Shiro looked around him.

“Don’t tell me it’s Vestier?”


Shiro already knew we were going to Vestier. He guessed that it’s Vestier when he saw the swarms of beastkin.

“Wh, what’s happening? I thought you hurriedly got Tina and the others since there were many beastkin injured during the attack of the warlock? What happened to that warlock? And what’s going on here?”

“Well, the warlock’s been defeated. We also saved the wounded beastkin. It’s the finals of the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament right now, and my opponent is over there.”

I pointed towards Leo, and he was standing there frozen solid, and his jaw dropped in shock.

“N, no way…T, that’s Divine Beast Fenrir-sama?”

The beastkin were the retainers of the Divine Beasts. They took care of them, and they also adore and worship them.

Just like how Merdie recognized Shiro as Fenrir even though he was in puppy mode, Leo also recognized his identity instantly.

“What, so your opponent is a beastkin, huh. This might be a bit difficult.”

“So please help me do something about it. That guy’s too fast, my attacks don’t hit him. When we go back to Glendale, I’ll ask Tina to make you curry.”

“………..Huge serving?”

“Yup, she’s gonna make plenty.”

“Can’t be helped then~”

After saying that, Shiro headed towards Leo, shaking his tail back and forth vigorously all the while.

A huge whirlwind formed around Shiro.

When the wind dispersed, a gigantic snow-white wolf stood there. This was Shiro’s true form.

“Beastkin over there, sorry ’bout this, but you have to lose for the sake of curry.”

Shiro suddenly disappeared after that.


Leo flew.

Shiro tackled Leo in a flash.

Leo was already clad in a magic suit infused with lightning speed, but even so, he couldn’t evade it.

Even if Leo was blown off, he managed to endure, narrowly avoiding falling off the stage.

But his movements had already stopped.

“Shiro, duck!”

Shiro reacted to my voice and instantly ducked.

My flying fist shot off above his head.

The moment Shiro tackled Leo, I already gathered mana in my fist and prepared to shot that flying fist. I was getting ready just in case Leo endured.

My attack flew towards Leo and –

Didn’t hit him.

It would take a lot of power to force Leo off the stage.

If I tried using that enormous wall just like during my match with Sally, chances were he would be able to endure.

That’s why I narrowed down the scope, and concentrated my power, but he still emerged behind that.

“Argh, n, not yet!”

Leo received quite a huge damage from Shiro’s Tackle, but he still planned to continue fighting.

But – 

“I’m still not yet done, though?”

“Wha – Ugh!!!”

I got a chance thanks to Shiro.

Of course I won’t let this pass.

He managed to evade my first attack, but I prepared eight more.

It was the same number as the hits I got from Leo.

Well, I didn’t got damage, though.

Eat that, payback time!

It was different from that time when I extinguished the flame back at the Shrine of Martial God. I solidified the magic as I released them, and the flying fists curved, leaving trails in their trajectory. I spaced their timing from eight directions, and those flying fists crashed onto Leo.

Of course, each attack had the same power as the one used to blow the Unbeatable Target off.

All eight hit Leo.

– Still, Leo endured.

He already received attacks that were enough to crush eight pieces of Unbeatable Targets, but the former beastkin king was still standing on the arena.

“Seriously, how tough is he….”

I unintentionally blurted out.

However, he was already at his limit, as expected.

Leo slowly fell back.

He fell down the arena.

I won.

It’s finally my win.

Shiro howled to the sky.

The beastkin were the retainers of the DIvine Beast.

As if led by Shiro, all the beastkin in the amphitheater roared. 

It became the large chorus celebrating my victory.

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