All The Bigshots Love Me[Quick Transmigration]

All The Bigshots Love Me (QT): Chapter 11

Translator: even-beyondDeath

Luo Qing Han pounded at the boundary with great force, the original transparent boundary under his attack rippled circle after circle, but there was not the slightest breakage, it was very hard.

“Master, look into my eyes ……”

A soft female voice was heard, Luo Qing Han had a moment of lost concentration, subconsciously met Qing Ran’s eyes, the storm hidden inside turned into a vortex, as if at any time a person would be sucked in, and then a picture appeared in front of him.

“Iris, you’re embroidering a handkerchief for the God King again, huh?”

“I saw the God-King carry your handkerchief in his arms today.”

“I think ah, the God King is definitely interested in Iris.”

A few distinguished-looking Flower Immortals gathered around a blue-clad woman called Iris, chattering and discussing, with excitement written all over their delicate little faces.

” What nonsense are you talking about!” Iris was teased by a few little sisters and her face was burning up, holding the half embroidered handkerchief in her hand and waving her pink fist as if to hit a few people, “See if I don’t rip your mouths off.”

” Aiya I’m so scared, Iris is going to hit someone!” Several fairies were laughing and making a mess, someone sneaked out of the battle and hid in the corner, pretending to speak like Iris: “Lord God King is not something that we small fairies can think about, I am interested in him ……”

” How are you treating him?” A different fairy picked up on the conversation.

“Oh, how can I say it -” One fairy twisted her handkerchief, deliberately made a shy look, “I can only worship and admire him, not daring to blaspheme against the God King. “




Iris’ face cannot stand, her face is red, she is quiet and gentle in nature, this kind of teasing also has some acute concern.

” You guys don’t want to talk about this everywhere.”


“It’s a shame.”

The sound of the fairies’ laughter was heard out of the palace door, like a breeze blowing out, so that people passing by could hear the mood much better. The fairies in the hall were chasing after each other, playing very happily, no one noticed that the God King with the purple and gold jade crown, stayed outside the door for a long time.

Luo Qing Han gradually returned to his senses, Qing Ran’s face overlapped with that of the shy Iris Fairy.


“Iris.” He felt that his voice must have been trembling when he called out this name.


For some reason, Luo Qing Han’s heart suddenly surged with a burst of panic, the name of Iris, like a seed buried in the deepest part of his heart, when it was asleep, he could treat it as non-existent, but when it suddenly began to sprout, the dry land of his heart, suddenly produced a small crack.


The fissure seemed insignificant, but as the seed sprouted and grew, it widened and lengthened little by little.

Until, it tore through his entire heart.




When Qing Ran heard Luo Qing Han call out Iris’s name, she knew she had gambled correctly.


In Lin Qing Ran’s memory, all of Luo Qing Han’s belongings will have the presence of the iris flower on top, if the clothes and accessories above these items appeared an iris pattern is not strange, but his own refinement of the original magic treasure Ruthless Sword above, are entwined with the pattern of an iris flower.

The God King in his previous life was perhaps not unmoved, but unaware of it, and even chose to be reincarnated as a mortal in order to break the so-called Love Calamity. Otherwise he is a man, why would he be so obsessed with the iris.

When activating the Eye of Time, Qing Ran was also able to invade Luo Qing Han’s memories and follow him to see some images from his previous life. Although Luo Qing Han did not explicitly say so and never admitted it, Qing Ran was able to read his eyes when he looked at the Iris Fairy.

If there was not love growing in his heart, how could his eyes be so tender and loving.

Unfortunately, the two fools, who refused to be the first one to pick a sentence, eventually caused a tragedy.


Qing Ran felt that the demon seed in her heart was somewhat active again. With Luo Qing Han’s current cultivation level, it was very easy to pull out the demon seed from her body, but what would happen after it was pulled out? After twelve hours, Qing Ran would automatically be drawn out of this world, while the real Iris Fairy would have already completed her one life, and would have died out in this world. After Qing Ran is gone, this body will be nothing more than an empty shell.

“Qing Ran you come out, Master doesn’t blame you for being naughty, whatever you want, talk to Master properly, okay?” Luo Qing Han forced down the huge panic in his heart and coaxed in a calm manner, but the fists hammering on the boundary with white knuckles gave away his uneasy mood.


Qing Ran’s gaze kept looking at the sky, as if she was watching something. It was only when he heard his voice that she turned her head languidly.


“Master, do you know that this patch of irises is all made from the blood of the Iris Fairy of the Divine Realm.”


“When she jumped off the Execution Platform, the astral wind tore her body apart, and the blood from the sky fell to this place, turning it into this blue iris.”


“The memories of the Fairy of the Iris are hidden in these flowers.”

Luo Qing Han’s memories were coming back little by little, the part about the God King, the part about Iris, was becoming clearer little by little. Now he was no longer the high and mighty God King of the Divine Realm, and although today he had an extraordinary cultivation in the human realm and had not yet experienced love, there were far fewer people who cared for him and he had seen far more than in his last life.




“Are you going into battle, My Lord?”



There was a silence from behind him as the hands sharpening the ink were without method and splashes of ink fell onto the God King’s body. He turned his head, only to find Iris, standing next to him, in secret tears.


“What are you crying for?” He asked, puzzled.

“My lord will be gone for an unknown number of years.” Iris wiped her tears with her handkerchief and said in a small voice, “When we go to battle, my lord will be injured, but there is nothing Iris can do.”

“You were meant to be a Flower Fairy, good at nurturing plants, not fighting.” The always superior God King said dryly, comfortingly.


“But ……” Iris’ face had worry written all over it.


“I’m a God King, I won’t get hurt that easily.” The God King thought for a moment and pulled out a communication jade pendant from his pocket, “This jade pendant will be able to contact me even if I go to the Demon Realm, so if you are worried, you can just send me a message.”


He pursed his lips and surveyed Iris with some concern, his fingers squeezing the jade pendant tightened when she hesitated to take it.


“For me?” Iris’ eyes blossomed with surprise, and although she asked this, she unceremoniously grabbed the jade pendant in her hand, “My lord, Iris will cherish it.”

Her delicate fingertips traced across the Divine King’s palm, and he felt as if a stone had been cast into his calm heart lake, sending a ripple through it.


“That’s good to know.”


No one can actually say how old the God King is, because it seems that he has been a God King since the day the God Realm was established. In fact, the God King is actually equivalent to being a companion product of the Divine Realm, living and dying with it. While he enjoyed supreme honour in the Divine Realm, he also bore the responsibility of defending the Divine Realm.

But the seemingly glorious God King was in fact lonely on the inside. Because of his high level of cultivation, it was clear that he was not of a temperamental nature, but when people in the divine realm got along with him, they were all cautious for fear of offending him and descending into punishment, and all those women who said they liked him were not looking at his power and status.


Although he could not see through Iris’s sincerity, he could tell who was being false to him. So of all the people who rushed to his door to serve him, he left Iris alone.

Although Iris was just an ordinary Iris Flower in the divine realm, he was tainted with a drop of his blood when he was transformed, and there was a connection between them. Perhaps it was because of his blood that when Iris faced him, although she was in awe and adored him, she did not have the innate fear of the ordinary gods, making him happy and having the feeling that he had finally found a companion.


Later, he also used his blood to transform more flower fairies, but they were all different from Iris, and even though they had his blood, they were still afraid of him.


Surely, Iris was different.


The God-King thought this, and his own heart sank deeper and deeper with each passing day.




“Someone told Immortal Iris that the God King would meet someone who would entangle him for life in this life.”


“She was resigned to the fact that she had just missed the God King, but she was only a small Flower Fairy, so how could she go down to the world.”


“So she chose to jump off the Execution Platform, cut off her immortal bones and reincarnated as a mortal, just to be able to love the God King for one lifetime.”


Qing Ran’s tone remained unchanged, as if she was just stating a fact in a very calm manner. But Luo Qing Han clearly saw that her black pupils had turned red, and blood crept into her eyes.


“I know that the Master is the reincarnated God-King.”

“Sister Lin Ruo is that Iris Fairy.”

Qing Ran said suddenly, Luo Qing Han was abruptly shocked.

“But Master, I don’t like Sister Lin Ruo at all now.”

“She has betrayed me.”


“Look-” Qing Ran pointed to her chest, where demonic energy had begun to emerge after she released the inhibition of her aura, “Sister Lin Ruo has planted a demonic seed on me.”


Lin Ruo and Lin Qing Ran are biological sisters, their looks if you look closely, have six or seven points of similarity. Compared to the lively, naive and lovely Lin Qing Ran, Lin Ruo’s calm and steady character is closer to the Iris Fairy in her memory.

But for some reason, Luo Qing Han was convinced that the person in front of him was the Iris Fairy who jumped off the Execution Platform for his own sake.

“Qing Ran, Lin Ruo is not the Iris Fairy ……”


“She’s actually not?” Qing Ran’s expression looked a little surprised, then she smiled again, “That’s right, how could a woman as vicious as Sister Lin Ruo be a Fairy of the Divine Realm.”


When she said that, she never associated the identity of Iris Fairy, to herself.


“Qing Ran …… you should not be capricious ……” Luo Qing Han advised, “I know you are angry with Master, you can come out first ……”

“Master will remove the demon seed for you.”

” There is no Lin Ruo, nor is there anyone else, you are the Iris Immortal ……”


“Master, you don’t need to tell lies to deceive me.” Qing Ran lowered her eyes, ” This disciple is guilty of doing an unforgivable wrong for Master’s teaching ……”


“The demon seed will bring disaster to the entire cultivation world, even if it is forcibly pulled out, it will still damage Master’s foundation.”


Pretending  装模作样 (zhuāngmózuòyàng): to put on an act (idiom). to indulge in histrionics

died 灰飞烟灭 (huīfēiyānmiè): lit. scattered ashes and dispersed smoke (idiom) / fig. to be annihilated / to vanish in a puff of smoke

high and mighty 高高在上 (gāogāozàishàng): set up on high (idiom); not in touch with reality / aloof and remote

cautious  小心翼翼 (xiǎoxīnyìyì): cautious and solemn (idiom); very carefully / prudent / gently and cautiously


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