When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 63

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Happy birthday

Standing in the room, Kong Wuying feels that the room is warm, but his heart is like the cold winter and snow. 

A tall, handsome young man points at the woman on the bed and says, “Come, heal my wife.”

The woman on the bed, to be more precise, her grey hair and cloudy eyes, struggling to breathe in a failing body and endless wrinkles… an ancient granny.

And this tall young man… doesn’t look like a husband and wife, but looks like an ancestor and grandson. However, physical cultivators like this martial artist have a long life and with proper maintenance, their appearance is generally much younger than their actual age.

As for why Kong Wuying is here, in fact, not long ago, everything should start from an hour before.

Kong Wuying just went to the Alchemy Association after completing the assessment of sixth division pill master, and was going back to the palace.

Then he was kidnapped!


The man was very strong, and even the Shadow Guard sent by Xuan Wang was not an opponent for him, so Kong Wuying was taken back to this place.

Faced with an infatuated man seeking medical treatment for his seriously ill wife, the answer was: “Fix her yourself.”

The man first froze, then became furious, his face darkening. “If you let her die, I’ll smash your Alchemy Association!”

Kong Wuying: “… what?” How did the Alchemy Association suddenly become his?

“Don’t pretend,” the youth says fiercely. “I saw the vice president respectfully send you out. You are the president! I waited for you for two months, but you still want to stay in closed door cultivation? Hurry up and get my wife cured, otherwise I’ll destroy your Alchemy Association!”

Kong Wuying yawns and turns to leave. “You caught me just to say this? It’s too late, I’ll go back to sleep first.”

“Where are you going!” the young man is furious and yells out, a black light flashing towards Kong Wuying. 

A small flying sword abruptly zoomed out and stabbed towards the black light. 

And was torn apart!

Anyway, the young man is strong enough to ignore Xuan Wang’s Shadow Guards guards and kidnap Kong Wuying, why would he be afraid of this little flying sword?

With an angry scowl on his face, the martial artist summoned the black light to rise, not only shattering the flying sword instantly, but also turning into a large net, covering the entire body of Kong Wuying.

The martial artist sneers. “If you don’t care about the Alchemy Association, you should still care about your own life! Believe it or not, I’ll slaughter you!”

Even caught by the net and completely reduced to a prisoner, Kong Wuying is still very calm, but his heart is slightly unhappy. When will the strength of his previous life be restored? 

Unfortunately, it takes time.

Kong Wuying sneers right back. “Turn around.”

The martial artist looks back and tenses. A seven or eight-year-old boy with an innocent face, holding a sharp knife in hand.

Holding it to the neck of his beloved wife on the bed.

“Stop!” cries the martial artist. He hurriedly looks back at Kong Wuying. “What do you want?”

“Untie me,” Kong Wuying orders. 

With a thought, the black net falls away. 

“I’ll be going home then,” Kong Wuying says easily, brushing himself off.

“Don’t go!” the martial artist rushes to say, but he dared not use his strength. Looking at the cold face, his tears flow. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to do this either… but Xiuer has run out of time. I really don’t know what to do. It’s all my uselessness. I didn’t take good care of her before, and she got sick with such a disease. It’s all my fault…” The martial artist is an old man but with such a young face and hiccuping sobs he looks very young.

Seeing him cry like this, Kong Wuying couldn’t bear it, so reached out and touched his head. “Okay, don’t cry.”

The tall youth collapsed, unconscious.

Kong Wuying pats the poisonous powder off his hand, his face indifferent.

When the martial artist wakes up, he suddenly finds that he’s hanging down from a ceiling beam in the room. He doesn’t know what kind of rope is tying him but he can’t move at all, and his strength seems to be firmly blocked.

His first reaction is to find his wife in the bed. After discovering that Xiuer is safe and sound, he is slightly relieved.

Then he looks at Kong Wuying with vigilance. “What do you want?”

Why is it like this? Isn’t the martial artist the one who brought this man in? How come he was actually hung up in the end?! Is this man a pill master or a hidden serial killer?

Kong Wuying says, in a good mood, “You don’t have to worry. Rest assured, I didn’t do anything to you.”

Then why is the young man’s cheek so hot like someone slapped him a few times? But he doesn’t dare to say bad words to Kong Wuying, after all, him and his wife’s lives are still in this man’s hand.

Kong Wuying continues. “Not only that, but I will also help your wife to heal up.”

The young man is excited when he hears this. “Really? Are you really willing?”

“Of course, but…” Kong Wuying smiles softly. “I looked at your wife’s illness just now, it’s a little tricky. So let’s talk about the consultation fee.”


A quarter of an hour later, Kong Wuying negotiates the fee with the now released man (so he can hand over the money), and then takes out a pill from the space ring and feeds it to the granny in bed.

Then he wipes his hands off. “Okay, done.”

The martial artist hesitates. “… Why do I think the cure was actually very simple for you?”

“That is an illusion,” Kong Wuying says solemnly, thinking about the consultation fee.

However, at this time, the grandmother in bed suddenly wakes up and, looking at her ruddy complexion, the man can no longer question and rushes up to hug his wife.

Ah Xiuer!” the man cries, weeping with joy.

Money in hand, Kong Wuying disappears happily. Although he doesn’t need to worry about eating and drinking, since he now has an empire, in the end it is not as fulfilling as the money you earn.

What Kong Wuying doesn’t know is that he just walks out when an old man rushes into the room frantically. “Jingtian! I researched for three months and finally, this elixir can treat your wife!”

Jing Tian and his wife look at him quietly. “Lao Qin, you are late. Xiuer’s illness is already well.”

(^ lao = old)

“How is this possible! Who is it? How long did it take him?”

“It’s the chairman of the Alchemy Association. For the time, about a quarter of an hour?”

“H-how can that be.” Lao Qin’s face drops. “How could the surname Wang be so powerful! I don’t believe it,” he mumbles to himself.

Jing Tian comforts, “Maybe he has access to more pill recipes?”

Lao Qin is the president of the Danta branch in Daqing, and was the first one Jing Tian asked. After learning that Lao Qin was powerless in front of Xiuer’s illness, he turned to the chairman of the Alchemy Association.

The two are in Daqing, and the strength of their alchemy has always been parallel.

It’s just… one painstakingly researched for three months, and the other threw out a pill and disappeared. Why is there such a big gap?

“No! I don’t believe it, I’m going to him.” Lao Qin came and went as fast as he could, leaving like smoke.

Kong Wuying calmed down the frantic Shadow Guards and went to sleep. However, Kong Wuying has just stepped into the palace, and suddenly hesitates. 

On the table are countless Yeying food that he likes to eat, and most importantly, in the air, the faint scent of the fragrance permeates, and it freezes in the nose.

What the hell is Kongbao doing? Seduction? Asking forgiveness? Either way, he cannot accept it.

Kong Wuying… sits down to eat. He was so busy today, he’s starving. The craft of Kongbao is even better than before. After eating half the food on the table, Kong Wuying sees Kongbao slink into the room.

Yep, turns out it’s seduction.

Kongbao is silver-haired and purple-eyed today. It is a bit more domineering than the usual softness. He is in a pure black robe. It is even more clear that his skin is white and transparent, and his hair is slightly wet.

“Master, you are back.” Kongbao walks up slowly. “Open your hands,” he says with a soft smile.

Kong Wuying neither offers up his hand nor answers.

Kongbao is a little disappointed, but with a wave of his hand, the indoor scene changes suddenly. Actually, there are fine snowflakes floating across the air. 

You know this is spring right now!

Snowflakes fall on Kong Wuying’s hair and almost melt on his skin, but surprisingly, he doesn’t feel the cold at all, only the coolness.

Under the white snowflakes, Kongbao kneels on one knee and gently kisses Kong Wuying’s fingertips. A small gift box appears in Kong Wuying’s palm.

“Happy birthday, Ah Wuying.”

Kong Wuying is stunned. Today is… his birthday? He is so forgetful. To be honest, he was an emperor’s child and then the monarch himself, and lived countless birthdays, each one unimaginably grander than the last.

But after rebirth, in a lonely and foreign land, he only gets this kind of birthday. Although a bit humble compared to his other celebrations… it’s not bad.

Kong Wuying’s expression softens. “Thanks.”

T/N: Still kinda cute despite how ridiculous they are sometimes. But then again, everyone in this story is ridiculous and that’s why I love it so much!

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