Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 22

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Cat Beastkin vs Former Beastkin King

I defeated Ryuushin during the sem-final round of the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament.

Ryuushin turned into a black dragon, but he easily fainted when I forcefully punched him with light magic, his weakness.

Well, served him right for getting carried away just because he did the Absolute Dragonification.

Just like how I was studying under the tutelage of Sage Luarno, even if you’re on top, there was still somebody above you. One should always bear that in mind and work harder in order to improve oneself.

Ryuushin returned to his human form after fainting.

Apparently, if the Absolute Dragonification was done at the height of one’s emotions, just like what Ryuushin did, there was a possibility that he could no longer return to his human form.

Even if it was a coincidence, I was relieved that he returned to his former appearance.

A dragonoid who took his time activating the Absolute Dragonification could return to being a ‘human’ with no problems.

If in case he did the Absolute Dragonification while being intoxicated in his emotions, as long as he managed to return to his former self even once then there would be no need to worry for the succeeding transformations.

“Halt, thanks for stopping Ryuushin. And making him return to his former appearance… I’m really thankful.”

Ryuka thanked me.

Even if Absolute Dragonization was accomplished, if he couldn’t return to his human form, then his life afterward would be very inconvenient.

Of course, he could no longer study at the Academy of Magic.

I could sense recklessness in Ryuushin when he did the Absolute Dragonization.

Ryuka thanked me for stopping that.

“No worries, before that, make him recover first. I’ll give you an elixir if you need it.”

I did not attempt to heal Ryuushin since Ryuka was there; she had a better recovery magic than me.

“Thank you very much. Spontaneous Healing also rises after Dragonification, so there’s no need to use magic that much. That’s why the elixir is unnecessary.”

Ryuka slightly bowed her head towards me, then she accompanied Ryuushin as he was carried out of the venue in a stretcher.

“Halt, when it’s my turn, Hakoku and anything other than the flaming knights are not allowed, please, meow.”

Merdie called out to me as she looked at Ryuushin being carried away.

“Fine with me but…Merdie should win against Leo in the next match first.”

The second match of the semifinals was the battle between Merdie and her father, Leo the former beastkin king.

“Daddy’s too prejudiced with magic, so I’m gonna let him experience how useful magic is, meow! I’m gonna let him see the limits of physical work, meow!”

“Ah, no, Leo is – “

I stopped mid sentence.

Merdie’s a comrade, but that didn’t mean I should give excessive advice.

It’s also important to lose so she could see it for herself.

Merdie started to climb up the arena.


Merdie and Leo’s battle began.

As soon as it started, both of them charged towards each other with ultrahigh speed, and they fiercely started to beat each other at the center of the stage.

A gust of wind would well up with each swing of their fists.

They exchanged blows with that level.

Merdie dodged all of Leo’s fierce attacks with overwhelming speed.

On the other hand, Leo resisted all of Merdie’s attacks head on with his marvellous defense power.

It should have been a simple parent-child quarrel, but the level was too high.

After a few seconds, Leo already received around a hundred blows from Merdie, then he smoothly pulled back.

“T, too tough, meow.”

“You’re fast. As expected of my daughter. However, Merdie, you won’t be able to do any damage with me with your power, you know?”

Leo was right.

Merdie’s blows didn’t work against Leo.

On the other hand, only one attack from Leo and Merdie could be knocked out.

“I already knew that, meow. The real deal starts Neow!

Merdie put on her magic suit.

She then incorporated the fire attribute into it.

Thanks to the additional magic suit and magical power, Merdie’s attack power dramatically improved.

“Are you ready, meow? I’ll make you eat dust for underestimating magic, meow!”

Merdie charged towards Leo at the blink of an eye.

Her movement speed also increased dramatically.

If her attack tempered by magic hit Leo, it would surely cause damage.

On the other hand, because Merdie’s speed upped, Leo’s attacks didn’t hit her.

The match was starting to turn in Merdie’s favor.

– Or not.


Leo parried her blows earlier, but now, he firmly grasped Merdie’s fist. 

Wind and electricity coiled around him.

He was injecting wind and thunder attributes into the magic suit.

Leo then swung a punch towards Merdie, who was frozen in shock.


Merdie rolled around, but she managed to right herself just in time so she avoided falling from the stage.

“W, what’s happening, meow? Why is magic coiling round Dad, meow!?”

Leo sauntered towards the stupefied Merdie.

“Merdie, I ‘don’t understand the usefulness of magic’, ‘underestimating magic’ – you told me so, right? That’s not true. In this country, there’s no one else more expert in magic than me, a Sage.”


Merdie solidified.

The entire venue was in an uproar.

“Wh, what are you talking about, meow? Dad, a Sage? I, impossible meow!!”

“Let me prove it to you.”

Leo raised his hand, and a colossal magic circle appeared.

Ultimate Thunder!!”

“ –!?”

The narrow-ranged ultimate thunderbolt magic attacked Merdie.

Merdie strengthened her magic suit and managed to avoid Leo’s attack by a hair’s breadth.

Seemed like it’s the end for Merdie.

Leo purposely missed his ultimate magic so Merdie could escape.

He stood waiting with his fist balled at the place where Merdie ran to. That fist was wrapped in a perfect magic suit.

“It was fun, Merdie.”

Merdie was his own daughter, yet Leo dealt an unforgiving punch towards her. She was blown away below the bleachers.

I rushed between Merdie and the wall and caught her body.

Merdie already fainted.

Even if she had been blasted away splendidly, she didn’t seem to be injured. I still casted Heal just in case.

– With this, the winner of this match was Leo, the former beastkin king.

How about it, this finale turned into a sage vs sage face-off when it was the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament.

Well, would it become a revenge match for Merdie?

I should do my best.

His attack power was already strong by virtue of his race, his speed was turbo fast to boot, plus he already mastered his magic.

Leo could also swiftly activate his magic.

Alright, how should I fight?

I started to come up with my strategy for the finals.

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