When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 62

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The baby is dead?

System: “…!!”

The rumored demon was so pure? He has lived for so many years… actually hasn’t done that?

If the system had a mouth, it would be gaping. “Host, have you never been impulsive for so many years? Didn’t you try it once?”

“Never had such an impulse.”

System: “…!!”

“Otherwise why do you think I didn’t get married and adopted my sons? Yes, the rumours in Yeying are true. I really can’t, but this is also normal, the gods are fair after all. I was given wisdom, talent, family background, which makes me almost omnipotent, I can’t even die like normal people. Even if I didn’t feel it, a woman is an annoyance to my plans.”

What else can the System say to that?

Kong Wuying continues to search but soon realizes that he’s in the royal office and there’s no way to find that kind of thing even with all the tall shelves of books and scrolls. So he asks the system: “Are there any books or atlases about that?”

“I’m the Pill Emperor system! Not a lewd… messy system, how could there be such a thing!”

“You have.”

“I do not have one!”

“Don’t take it out and I’ll kill you.”

“Okay, I do.”

Under the intimidation of the host, the system reluctantly hands over its own little yellow book. Each stream of information broke into Kong Wuying’s spiritual world.

Kong Wuying is slightly surprised. “So much?”

The system is a little embarrassed, “Don’t say it.” You have to know that when the system is not being used, it’s boring, how can it be without a hobby?

So the diligent and eager learner closes his eyes and learns for half a day. After he  successfully mastered all the knowledge, he opened his eyes and went to Kongbao to experiment.

On the way back, he meets the doctor, who salutes the emperor. “Your Majesty, is that little brother buried?”

“Buried? How can he die so soon?”

The imperial doctor says helplessly: “Your Majesty, that’s a yin lotus seed, which is extremely poisonous. Most people can’t afford to live for more than an hour.”

“He is not an ordinary person, and you said yesterday that his pulse is extraordinary.”

The doctor shakes his head and sighs. “The little brother does have a special constitution, but it will not be more than eight hours. Because the poison can only remain in the human body for eight hours at most, the lotus seed will lose its activity and the poison will self-dissolve. Therefore, the toxicity of the lotus seed is so violent. Every hour, its toxicity is doubled. Don’t say eight hours, four hours is absolutely the limit, no one can survive it.”

Kong Wuying: “…!!!”

What time is it now? Kong Wuying’s face changes drastically, and he can no longer attend the imperial doctor, and hurries back.

This is the only thought in his mind; Kongbao, nothing can happen! Otherwise, didn’t he learn all this for nothing?

However, when he returns to the bedroom, he finds Kongbao who perks up excitedly. “Master?” Kongbao was annoyed waiting in bed. After seeing the master who had been gone for so long, Kongbao’s eyes were full of sorrow and he sighs. “Where have you been?”

To run at such a critical moment! Or find a place to boost himself up psychologically? Hehe, his master is so cute.

Gracelessly, Kong Wuying pats Kongbao’s head a little harshly. “Oh, so good aren’t you? Huh? Turn to kneel on the bed, your ass facing me.”

This pose is a bit…

Kongbao pauses. “Master…”

Kong Wuying smiles. “Why? Don’t want to do it?” It’s a gentle smile but with the chill of the harsh winter.

Kongbao shivers slightly and immediately, obediently says, “Do it! Do it now!” Kongbao flips over, chin against the soft quilt, waiting for Kong Wuying. 

However, Kongbao waited, waited, waited, and waited but nothing happened.

Kongbao says, hesitantly. “Master… don’t you want to start?”

Kong Wuying says lightly: “Wait a while…”

Oh. Now that the master says to wait, he should wait. Wait for a long time, until Kongbao hears the sound of ‘kacha’ behind.

Kongbao looks back, disbelieving. “Master, are you… eating melon seeds?”

“Yeah.” Kong Wuying is cuddled up with melon seeds and drinking some nice hot tea. “I want to wait and see.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“Wait to see when the poison kills you.”


At this time, Kongbao realises that he was found out. 

But Kongbao will struggle until all hope is lost. “Master, it’s so painful, this poison. I’ve been holding on for so long now. Come and touch me.”

Kong Wuying tsks and eats a melon seed. “It’s too fake, put some more emotion into it. Try crying again.”

Kongbao, who was criticised for his bad acting: “… Master, I was wrong.”

Kongbao sits up, looking with sincere eyes. From the point of view of Kong Wuying, he can still see a messy blanket shoved down with slender white legs overlapping, and the posture is seductive. The pretty black hair falls a bit messily over a shoulder, and the moist black eyes look pitiful. 

Perhaps Kong Wuying is influenced by the little yellow books but he feels that these looks are a bit offensive. He throws a melon seed at Kongbao. “Dare to lie to your master again!”

Kongbao immediately rolls away.

(^ rolls away = gets lost/fucks off)

Kong Wuying stands in a huff. Kongbao was sleeping so comfortably in bed while Kong Wuying was studying all night to help, and he’s really tired now. 

However, as soon as he pulls up the quilt, he feels the baby’s temperature warming the bed. He frowns, wraps himself in the quilt and falls asleep.

Kongbao peeks his head into the room and stares at his master. He knew the master still loved him. The baby who is used to self-consolation thinks this with joy.

Kong Wuying wakes up the next day and criticizes the paperwork daily. Since the ministers were struck by the two-page reform, the writings sent are very worry-free. Kong Wuying is very satisfied. 

In the afternoon, Kong Wuying leaves to check the pill division level. He’s annoyed by that damn system and decides to unlock all the strange levels of the system today.

Naturally, the travelling emperor is followed by a brigade. There are men and women sent by Xuan Wang, who is worried about him, and a little boy at seven or eight years old, who is Kongjian after being upgraded again.

The system is very disapproving of Kong Wuying’s intention to assess all the levels in one go, and also boldly laughed at it. “I am definitely not doubting your ability, host. I am a bit worried about the host’s character… ah, your luck. You see, every time you go to the assessment, you don’t get anything done.”

Kong Wuying: “…” 

Kong Wuying huffs and storms into the Alchemy Association. The reason why he doesn’t go to Danta is because he lost money after Danta collapsed last time. It is an unbearable memory. 

The Daqing Empire is a large empire. The Alchemy Association here is naturally not comparable to the Mohe Kingdom. In fact, it is still unexpectedly fast.

Third division.

Fourth division.

Fifth division.

Sixth division.

When he passes the seventh division, everyone present in the guild is clustered around watching. 

The vice president of the Alchemy Association smiles brightly. “The assessment of the seventh division can only be conducted by an eighth division pill master, and our association has only one chairman of that level. However, the president is now in closed door colutivation. Perhaps it’s better to leave your address, and I’ll let you know when the president emerges.”

“Okay,” says Kong Wuying. “Send someone to the palace and ask for me.”

The vice president’s face changes as soon as he hears it. Why did he forget that Ning was the surname of the country’s emperor?

Ning Zhao… hey, isn’t that the name of the new emperor? The attitude of the vice chairman becomes respectful immediately, bowing quickly and gushing in professional excitement.

After that… the system is a well-deserved crow’s mouth.

(^ crow’s mouth = jinxed)

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