The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 40

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Katariona Decides to Fight with the Fluffy Gods

It is very likely that Charlotte will awaken “forbidden magic”. And after a result of discussions at a meeting of gods, Leon explained that they have decided to end “forbidden magic” with her generation.

However, it is dangerous for the gods to deal with the issue directly. If Charlotte’s magical power is extremely high, even a god’s ability could be plundered. Therefore, the cooperation of humans is essential. 

“It would be nice if there was someone with the same “forbidden magic” and “magic nullification”, but as of now, there isn’t.”

“Is “magic nullification” an inherited magic?”

Leon shook his head.

“It’s not hereditary. It’s a reincarnation. You could say that the God of Creation was the one to nullify the forbidden magic. As it is forbidden for a god to kill a human, the God of Creation turned himself into a human in order to invalidate and nullify forbidden magic. 

“Transformed into a human? How is that even possible?”

“There aren’t many gods that are willing to transform into a human, but the god of the earth has turned into a human. Thanks to him, I also possess the earth attribute as well.”

I sighed. Is that so! So Leon also has the earth attribute. Is it because it’s deeply interconnected to the forest?

“Even though you’re a hermit who withdrew into the forest, you sure have done your job well. It’s just like you to be so diligent.” 

Laura said smiling wickedly. 

“That’s natural. If I neglect the situation, I won’t be able to control the magical power of humans with the earth attributes.”

“So, Fluffy-kun serves as the god of earth, too. That means that Fluffy-kun gave me my magical power, hm?”

It is the gods’ job is to give humans magical power. 

“I didn’t personally give it to you. The magical power given to humans at their moment of birth is entirely random.”

Huh, I didn’t know that. Well, I mean I was given “light magic”. 

“Eh? But, I thought that light and dark magic was rare since not many people possess them?”

“That’s because Flare and Daaku are lazy. The only attributes they have are light and dark, so they go and give them out themselves.”

Laura glared at Flare and Daaku.

“Mu! It can’t be helped. In the past, some people abused by attributes, so I naturally became distrustful of humans!” 

“I hated the people who hurt my sis. But now I’ve found someone I like now.”

The person Daaku-sama’s talking about must be Marie, as she’s his favorite. Even so, I can’t forgive those people who abused Flare-sama’s power. 

“Yes! I have a question. I have never heard of the attributes of the God of Time>”

Chris raised her hand and asked a question.

“My magic is special. Up till now, there has only ever been one person with a magical capacity that transcends dimensions-pinpororin.”

“What kind of magic is it?”

“It’s similar to ‘transference magic’-pinpororin.” 

Transference magic? Isn’t that Marion-san!?!? If she had such a huge amount of magical power, she would’ve been targeted by neighboring countries, who probably wanted to use her for military purposes. 

“Tranference magic? That’s…mfhh!”

Tojurou-san covered Chris’s mouth. 


“Nothing. There was a bug on the princess’s mouth.” 

Tojurou-san quickly came up with an excuse. Could he have figured out that I wanted to keep Marion a secret? If he did, he has a sharp intuition. 

“Anway, in order to avoid repeating the same thing as in my previous life, I need to have people I can trust to be my allies.”

“Aside from the Tojurou, who is related to the Marquis de Grandeur, I’m the sister of the Crown Prince. How can you trust me?”

Leon pondered before raising his paw and pointing at Chris.

“Let’s say, for example, that…… Rio and the Crown Prince kid are about to fall off a cliff. They are at the edge desperately trying to hold on. Which one would you save first?”

“Rio, of course.”

It was an immediate answer. I didn’t expect that to happen. 

“Oi, hold up. Does that mean you’re abandoning your brother? You’re such a cold sister.”

Tojurou-san said, shocked. 

“If I could save both of them, I would. But if I could only help one of them, I’d help my own people. My people who make this country.”

Tojruou-san whittled. This seems to be a habit of his when he is impressed. It’s the same as in my previous life. 

“My brother is royalty, and he is the Crown Prince. As a part of the royal family, we must always put our people first! This is our family motto as the royal family of Findalia.”

Was there such a family motto in the royal family? I didn’t know about that. 

“I knew it. You’re the most suitable candidate for the throne, Princess Christina of Findalia. If that Crown Prince does anything as stupid as he did in the previous life… “

“I know. I will disinherit my brother, and I’ll become queen.”

In response to Leon’s question, Chris announced in a very lofty voice that she would become the queen. Leon nodded, apparently satisfied with Chris’s answer.

“Marquis de Grander, Princess Christina, and nHikoshirou Toojuuin. Please lend us your strength.”

“Of course! I’ll save Rio!”

“You can’t say no to the gods, can you?”

Chris and Tojurou-san were the first to agree. 

“We can’t argue with that. What parents would we be if we, who now know the truth, allowed our daughter to follow the same path as in her previous life? Gods, we will try our best.”

Mother, Brother, the head butler, and Marie nod in agreement to Father’s words. 

“Well said! As soon as we return to the Grandeur territory, you all shall be tested by the gods.”

“Leon, what trials by the gods?”

“You’ll find out when you get there.”

I’m scared just thinking about it….and Leon, you’re making a wicked face.

Can I assume that we have reached a conclusion?

“Now that that’s settled, let’s have some tea. I’ve made some Hinoshima sweets. I hope you’ll enjoy them.” 

“Ohh! Did you make dangos? Let me eat them, quickly!” 

Tojurou-san became restless a the mention of Hinoshima sweets. 

“I will go prepare the tea. Marie, let’s go.”

“Yes, head butler.”

After Tojurou-san lifted the barrier, the butler and Marie headed to the kitchen. 

Leon returned to his small beast form and jumped into my lap. The other gods also took on the form of a beast of sorts. Chris was very happy to be able to go and fluff. My mother’s hands were also restless. 

“Rio, you said you didn’t want revenge, but what would you do if the same thing happened to you?”

“I will fight!”

“That’s good.”

Narrowing his eyes in satisfaction, Leon rubbed my cheeks. His body temperature is comfortable and calming. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have brought the tea and dango.”

The head butler and Marie returned from the kitchen carrying Hionomoto tea and dangos in their hands. 

(*I believe Hinomoto tea is simply a green tea / green matcha tea. Or something very similar.) 

Hinomoto tea is apparently roasted differently from black tea. It’s green in color, but it smells good. Tojurou-san allowed me to use the tea leaves he had brought.

Everyone started crowding around the table as if they were waiting for us. Tojurou-san heartily sunk his teeth into some dangos, gobbling them up. 

“It’s delicious! Yurie is good at cooking. How about becoming my wife?”

“ “ You can’t have Rio!” ”

In sync, Leon and Father both refuted Tojurou-san’s unexpected proposal. 

“Oh? This is really good. Rio, you’re such a good cook. Even though you have a very poor sense of embroidery.”

“Mother, Laura taught me how to embroider, so I’ve improved recently.”

I showed her the handkerchief, to which she commented, “Not bad.”

“Un~! It’s delicious. I’d like to try eating a bento made by Rio.” 

I’ll make it for Brother for when he is practicing with Tojurou-san. 

“Mm. Great! Rio, you have to teach me how to make sweets, too.”

“Sure! I’m going to try making Hinomoto sweets in order. You can help me, too, Chris.”

It seems that the gods enjoyed eating the dangos. Everyone was smiling. 

Halfway through the party, the dango party changed to a fluffing party. The women, who couldn’t stand the fluffy eye candy before them, starting fondling the cat-like gods for some reason. 

Is this now a cat cafe? 

All in all, I’m glad that I told them about my previous life. I’ve met such wonderful people and gods. And above all, meeting Leon is probably the greatest treasure I’ve received in my life. 

Three days later, we set off for our territory. I don’t know how she managed to convince my uncle, but it was decided that Chris would accompany us. 

“I guess it won’t be until another two years later that I’ll have to come back to the royal capital for our magic attribute assessment.”

On the day I returned to the territory, I looked back at the townhouse and muttered to no one in particular. Oh yeah. On our way back, let’s look for some magic tools within the Magic Department. 

TL: Hope y’all enjoyed the chapter~! 😛


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